Sackett Lines

Sacket/Sackett Lines

Most of the Sacket/Sacketts in America descend from two Colonists; Simon Sackett of Newtowne (Cambridge), Massachusetts and John Sackett of New Haven, Connecticut.  Although Charles Weygant says in his book "The Sacketts of America" that Simon Sackett had a brother John Sackett who migrated with him to New England; recent research has discounted the relationship.  And, indeed, the existence of this John Sackett has been said to be "an imaginary construct" of Weygant's imagination.  John Sackett, Jr. given by Weygant as the son, of his colonist, John Sackett, appears to be the first of the Sackett line in New Haven. Connecticut.

At this time I do not have a single index constructed which contains all of the names of the different Sacket/Sackett lines on this site. Therefore, if you are not sure of which Sacket/Sackett line your ancestor belongs to, it will be necessary to search the index of each of the lines given below.

The Sackett Family Lines in America
Descendants of Simon Sackett
This line begins with Simon Sackett's grandfather Thomas Sackett 1530-1595/96. The earliest documentation of this family line is in St. Peter, Isle of Thanet, County of Kent, England. This includes the descendants of 3-Simon Jr. of Springfield, MA and 4-John of Westfield, MA.
Descendants of John Sackett 
c. 1623-1684
This line begins with the person that Weygant has as (5) John Sackett, Jr.  It has not yet been determined who the parents of "John Jr." were. Nor has it been determined if/how he is connected to the line of Simon Sackett of Newtowne, MA.
Sackett Orphans
This is for family lines with no established connection to either of the Sackett Colonists. 

Later Arrivals
So far there is only one. Henry Sackett, b. 1806 migrated from England to New York City about 1836.

Disputed Ancestry
These are some of the lines for which various researchers have proposed different ancestors. 

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