Journal of Laura Adelle Miller


Mr. Elbert Hugh Hopkins, Jr. found and salvaged some pages of an old journal/diary in a dumpster in Pensacola, FL. He organized and transcribed the pages. It was determined that the journal was written by Laura Adelle Miller. Before he was murdered in August, 2009, Mr. Hopkins gave the pages and his transcription to his daughter, Jessica, hoping she would be able to contact someone connected with the Miller family.

Jessica contacted me through the website of The Sackett Family Association where the Sackett Database is posted. Although I am not directly connected to Laura's family, Laura A. Miller is a Sackett descendant. Therefore, Jessica sent me her father's transcription along with the journal pages and a couple of books that belonged to two of Laura's siblings.

The diary/journal entries begin with January 1, 1899 and the last entry was made on March 26, 1900. The entries were written on one side of the page in an unlined tablet. Each month was entered on the first day of the month. Each page has four days and each entry has the day of the week and the day of the month. When the last page of the tablet was reached, the tablet was turned over and entries were written on the back side of the pages. Those entries proceeded back toward the front of the tablet. Several pages were not found. Most of the missing pages had entries on both sides. Therefore, most of the missing pages represent the loss of entries for 8 days.

Some of the family and relatives mentioned:
Pa = Louis S. Miller
Ma = Mary A. (Forsythe) Miller
writer = Laura Adela
Frank = Laura's brother
Oliver = Laura's brother
Bess = Elizabeth, Laura's sister
William "Will" = Laura's brother

There appears to be no mention of Laura's sister, Jennie Forsythe Miller even though Jennie 
is listed as single in the 1900 and 1910 census for the Miller household. She is possibly  
mentioned as Tourena/Fourena, which could be a nickname based on her middle name, Forsythe. 
Laura did not always write the letter "F" the same way, as seen in the way she wrote that 
letter when writing Fri. and Frank. The main problem is that there is an entry which indicates 
that Tourena/Fourena got married 10 May 1899. However, Janie F. Miller is listed as single in 
the 1900 census. The mentions of Tourena/Fourena seem to indicate that she lived some place 
other than the home of Laura and her parents.

Blanche = Blanche O. Park, wife of Frank Miller.
Willie = William P., son of Frank and Blanche. It appears that he is also referred to in some 
entries as babe and baby.

Uncle Lucius = Lucius Marchand
Aunt Nerve = Minerva (Van Druff) Marchand, wife of Lucius.
Gertrude "Gert" = Gertrude E. Marchand, daughter of Lucius and Minerva

I am still in the process of identifying others who are mentioned in the journal.

Thurmon King
Sackett Historian for TSFA


Sun.; 1  [Jan, 1899]
Clear and cold. 2° below zero. Mrs. O'Niel burried. William went over to office at 11:30 A. M. 
but it was closed. Claude Butler was at funeral.

Mon.; 2  [Jan, 1899]
Cold. 13° below zero. Very warm and fair in the P. M. Sewed and read in the P. M. 
Bess did not go to school today.

Tue.; 3 [Jan, 1899]
Cold and windy. Washed and churned in the A. M. ---
[Remainder of Jan. 3 and all of Jan. 4 lost to the elements.]

Wed.; 4 1899-01-05; Thursday to 1899-01-16; Monday [lost to the elements]

The pages of diary with entries for 1899-01-05; Thursday to 1899-01-16; Monday were not found. 
Entries would have been on only one side of each page.
[Note by Mr. Hopkins: Activity: Rendering lard; staking off ice; hauling ice 4” to 5”]

Tue.; 17  [Jan, 1899]
Clear & pleasant. I am some better. Dr. here and gave me some medicine. 
Tourena/Fourena washed and stayed here until evening.

Wed.; 18 [Jan, 1899]
Cold and snowing all day. I was sick and sneezing. I baked pies in P. M. Pa better. 
Tourena/Fourena washed her ownself. The clothes line broke. Tourena/Fourena went to Marks.

Thur.; 19 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. I ironed in forenoon. I rendered lard in the afternoon. 
Blanche and babe came up. Tourena here all day.

Fri.; 20 [Jan, 1899] [part of this entry lost to the elements]
Fair and pleasant. Mell-- | … k all day. Frank hauled | from the other | ch  Betty

Sat.; 21 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Frank and Eli hauled hay with riggon and four horses. 
Baked bread, rusk and pies. Scrubbed in afternoon.

Sun.; 22 [Jan, 1899]
Cloudy and disagreeable. I stayed in house all day. Mr. Dixon came down. Informed us about 
Uncle Frank Hough's death. 6:00 A. M.

Mon.; 23 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. I cleand the sitting room and parlor. I scrubbed the porch and cleaned 
the pie safe. Blanche and Babe here for supper.

Tue.; 24 [Jan, 1899]
Cold and windy. Snowed all day. went to Uncle Frank's funeral. GB. CH. R. T.  
Got home at 1:00 o'clock Nell, R. C. and Uncle Ike. Tourena had dinner waiting when we came 
home. Fitz came home.

Wed.; 25 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. I sewed in the fornoon baked a cake and washed in afternoon. Uncle Jim, 
E.M., T. T., E.M. and Mr. J. here in the eve, Mary J. went home 11:45 P. M.

Thur.; 26 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and warm. I washed. Uncle Jim here until 2:30, went down on Mason. 
Blanche and Babe came up and was storm, stayed.

Fri.; 27 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and cold. 8° 6 A. M.  I ironed all morning and sewed in afternoon. Ma made wrapper. 
Took Babe sled ride. 
[written in left margin] Sallbaughs moved.

Sat.; 28 [Jan, 1899]
Clear and cold. Baked bread and pies in forenoon, read afternoon. Hot fight 10:30 A. M. 
Will went to town
[rest of page lost to the elements]

Sun.; 29 [Jan, 1899]
Cold and fair. Did not go to church, too cold. Frank went to Lilleys in the afternoon. 
Fair and warm in afternoon.

Mon.; 30 [Jan, 1899]
Fair and cold.  Pa went to Roscoe. 
Groceries from Roscoe.  Weaned Baby

Tue.; 31 [Jan, 1899]
Very cold all day. Mr. Sackett here from 10:00 A . M. to 3 P.M. I went to Marchands in 
aftermoom Nele, Lucius had the grip. Very cold in evening down to 6° at 9 P.M.


Wed.; 1 [Feb, 1899]
Very cold all day 10° below zero. Bess did not go to school. Fred Davis walked river 8 A.M.. 
Wyhe did not come over. Mr. Sackett here from 1:30 til 3:30. I washed in afternoon.

Thur.; 2 [Feb, 1899]
Had a very pleasant time. 10 A.M. “hoot mon” lucky had on our plads when we took header. 
Dinner 12:00. Warm time in afternoon, very pleasant & warm. Frank and Swany got in the ice.

Fri.; 3 [Feb, 1899]
Cloudy and disagreeable. Ironed and baked pies scrubbed back porch and pantry and prepared 
supper – discussion 8:00 P.M. – Retired 9:00 P.M.

Sat.; 4 [Feb, 1899]
Cold and cloudy, baked and scrubbed back steps and washed windows. Bess churned. 
Will and Frank went after mail. River high and icy. Received letter from Oliver.

Sun.; 5 [Feb, 1899]
Cold and snow 6 in. Frank and Babe came up 11:30 A. M. nearly frozen. Blanche 12:30. 
Willie Jr. cried all the time. Frank took them home in sleigh. New shirt waist.

Mon.; 6 [Feb, 1899]
Cold and snowed. Frank took Ma to Aunt Nana's in sleigh. I sew my buff skirt. 
Snowed from 2:00 P.M. til 8:50 P.M.  Bess came home 2:30. Dr. Ehrenfeld sick. 
Also Mrs. Chubb. 5:00 P.M.

Tue.; 7 [Feb, 1899]
Cold and snow 7 in. sick all day did not do anything but churn and clean ditchen in 
morning, some better in afternoon. Able to be about 3:00 P.M.

Wed.; 8 [Feb, 1899]
Cold 10 in. of snow, 8° above zero, at 6:A.M. Blew and drifted, zero at 7:30 P.M.  
Frank and Ellis went to sale. Pa took sleigh ride with Bill. I wrote Oliver.

Thur.; 9 [Feb, 1899]
Cold 13° below zero, did not get above 5° all day. I sewed in afternoon and evening. 
Pa sick, went to bed at 4:00 P.M. 17° below zero at 8:30 P.M.

Fri.; 10 [Feb, 1899]
26° below zero 5:00 A.M. “Hoot mon” lucky we had on our plads – I baked bread. River frozen 
over. Pa and Will walked ice and went to town.

Sat.; 11 [Feb, 1899]
24° below zero. Will went to town alone. Pa went to the river to stake off ice. I sewed my dress. 
Ellis and Frank 6:30 P.M. (bring on your liquor)

Sun.; 12 [Feb, 1899]
Snowed all day 4° below zero 6:00 A.M.  Had turkey for dinner, intended going to church but it 
was too snowy, 6° above at 2:00 P.M.  W. E. and son here in afternoon.

Mon.; 13 [Feb, 1899]
8° below zero, hauled ice in forenoon, too cold in afternoon. Bess and I washed, she ironed 
in the eve and I washed dishes.  Party at Maude's.

Tue.; 14 [Feb, 1899]
8° below zero. Hauled ice all day. Mother, Bess & I went to town, Had a warm time. 
Came home 4:30 P.M  Bess and I ironed in eve. Will and Roy Elliott here helping to haul. 
[written in left margin] Hammond went to hospital.

Wed.; 15 [Feb, 1899]
Hot time, went skating in afternoon, seen lots of pretty things. Went to coal centre to see 
them skate. Will Luker and Gus Haney. Lucker is all right.

Thur.; 16 [Feb, 1899]
15° degree, rained all day. Blanche and babe here. We went skating in afternoon but was 
disapointed. Mr. West here.

Fri.; 17 [Feb, 1899]
Rained in forenoon and fair after dinner we washed. Bess and I baked cakes in afternoon. 
Mother sewed. Aunt Nerve and Uncle here a calling. 4:00 P.M. 
[bottom line mostly lost to the elements]

Sat.; 18 [Feb, 1899]
Cloudy all day. Scrubbed, baked, swept, churned, and ironed. Frank went after the mail 1:00 P.M. 
Boat up at 9:00 A.M. Walking ice at the warf them 40°.  Moved folding bed.

Sun.; 19 [Feb, 1899]
Clear and cold, ice went out started at 2:00 P.M.  Tommy and I went down to the river. 
M. C. M. there. Str. Mason went down with flat 9:00 P.M.

Mon.; 20 [Feb, 1899]
Pleasant day, 59°. Ironed, washed, churned, scrubbed and cooked. Hoot mon, had pot pie for 
supper.  Treddle after straw. Clear day. Got new pup.  Rec'd letter from Pearl.

Tue.; 21 [Feb, 1899]
Warm and pleasant and election day. Ironed and sewed. 2 negroes here, wagon load of coons 
went down 5 P.M. Frank F. here for vinegar. Mother swept dining room.

Wed.; 22 [Feb, 1899]
Warm time at dance. 11:00 P.M. Phillips very angry. Hoot mon, lucky had my life insured. 
T. W., E. M. warm time 8:00. Started for home 12:45.

Thur.; 23 [Feb, 1899]
Cold and windy, did not do much of anything all day but gossip.  Sewed a little in afternoon. 
Ma washed in afternoon.

Fri.; 24 [Feb, 1899]
Cold and snowy. Baked bread and read in forenoon. Bird came down in afternoon. Bess went 
over after the mail.

Sat.; 25 [Feb, 1899]
Fair all day. I washed and baked rusk, babe here all day. Blanche came up in evening, had 
chicken for supper. Bess and I ironed in evening.

Sun.; 26 [Feb, 1899]
Rained in forenoon. I read Ethelyn, wrote to Oliver in afternoon and went out on hill. Talked over 
party in eve. Planted nasturtium seed.

Mon.; 27 [Feb, 1899]
Rained in morning and cloudy. Washed in forenoon, ironed some in afternoon and read some. 
Uncle Sam and Mr. Baker here in afternoon. Hot fight 8:00 A.M.

Tue.; 28 [Feb, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Bess and I dryed washing. Mother swept dining room. Pa went to Fayette 
City.  Frank brought babe up and went to Brownsville, got banjo. May Steele babe. I went to 
town 3:15

MARCH, 1899

Wed.; 1 [Mar, 1899]
Clear. Hot time at 7:00 A.M.  Pa went to town. Bess & I ironed, Ma sewed. We moved stove 
in afternoon. Rained in evening. Pa went to California [PA]. Katie Bunnet's babe.

Thur.; 2 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Blacked stove, went to Van's after meat. Bess went to Cal. In afternoon. 
Ma made soap, we spent the evening at Lilley's. Hoot mon.

Fri.; 3 [Mar, 1899]
Pleasant day. Cleaned and swept all day, Ma room and one over kitchen. I washed 9 panes 
of glass and baked bread also. (Ball 6:00 A.M. up.)

Sat., 4 [Mar, 1899]
Clear in forenoon and rained in afternoon.  Mr. Springer and Mr. Hill spouted house & here 
for dinner.  Frank and Will went to Brownsville and bought the Mandolin Banjo.

Sun., 5 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and cloudy all day. River high up to _______[looks like “culprit”] 7 P.M.  Read in fornoon 
and Bess & I made pop corn balls, read in evening.

Mon., 6 [Mar, 1899]
Clear in fornoon and snowed in evening. Ma sick all day with headache. I cleaned up the house, 
scrubbed the cupboard, got dinner and supper, churned. Frank and Will at Marchands. Not in Jr.

Tue., 7 [Mar, 1899]
Deep snow, 5 in. Cut out dress and sewed in afternoon. Ma made pillow cases and Bess 
patched. We read in the evening.

Wed., 8 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and warm all day. We sewed all day, finished my dress all but sleeves. 
Rec'd Willie present from Oliver. Supper 5:30 P.M.(4.00)

Thur., 9 [Mar, 1899]
Sick all day. Babe here Tourena/Fourena here all day. Very cloudy and drizzling. 
Ellis L here riding new horse. 1:00 A.M.[P.M.?] Blanche came up 2:30 P.M.

Fri., 10 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Pa went to Roscoe on Dewey. Ma went to Brownsville on Dewey 12;00 A.M. 
I washed in afternoon. Uncle Lucius here. Mrs. Theda Graham buried.

Sat, 11 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Mr. Carter here for dinner, babe here all afternoon. Bess and I went to 
town in afternoon, rec'd letter from Oliver, went to Marchands in eve. Wild goose chase.

Sun., 12 [Mar, 1899]
Rained in morning and cleared off in afternoon. We all took walk down to factory, saw Dency 
and Turlight, came home 3:30 P.M.; 4:00 P.M.; 7:30 P.M. read.

Mon., 13 [Mar, 1899]
Clear. Washed and churned. Bess went to Dixons. Annie took her by surprise and kept her all 
night. Walter D.  I read in evening. Will got boots drawn.

Tue., 14 [Mar, 1899]
Clear. Ironed. Sad news 12:30, Switzer died 1:00 A.M. I went to town for oranges and the 
string music here in evening. B. L., E. L., M. M., V. M., E. M.  I retired 12:30

Wed., 15 [Mar, 1899]
Cold & windy. I sewed and read in morning, went to office in afternoon and got garters. 
Supper 5:15 P.M. First thundrstorm of “99”

Thur., 16 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and cold. Switzer's funeral. Tourena/Fourena and Ped came up and got breakfast. 
“W G” O.K.  I went down and fired up Switzer's. [?fire place?] Came home 3:00 P.M.

Fri., 17 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Baked bread and scrubbed, babe here in afternoon. Ma went over to see 
Susie Wells, G. Moyers. Blanche here in eve.

Sun., 18 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and rained. Hot fight 9:00 A.M.  Baked pies and quilted in fornoon, sewed my buff dress in 
afternoon. Pa went to Brownsville. Rec'd letter from Oliver.

Sun., 19 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and snowy all day. I read in fornoon and afternoon sewed. Wasn't that a big sin? 
Big thunderstorm 8:00 A.M.

Mon., 20 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and rainy. I had sore face all day. Ma went to Switzers in afternoon. Rec'd Oliver's picture.

Tue., 21 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and cloudy. Cleaned cupboard, churned, prepared dinner & supper. Went to town, Will and I.
Ma and Pa went to Pittsburgh.  Got new waist.

Although this page has entries which fit the Wednesday, March 22 through Saturday, March 25, 1899 dates 
and was placed here by Mr Hopkins, who found the pages, it does not seem to fit here.  The entries on the 
back side of the page should be for Thursday, March 22 through Sunday, March 25, 1900. However, the entries 
on the back side of this page are for Thursday, 19 through Sunday, 22. Mr. Hopkins listed the entries on 
the back side as Tuesday, September 19 through Friday, September 22, 1899. I have been unable to find any 
place where the front and back side entries would fit. Therefore, his placement has been used.

Wed., 22 [Mar, 1899]
Rich time, went to town in afternoon. Bess baked cake for party. Warm time 7:00. Carnation 
candy, warm time 12: P.M. Retired 1:00 A.M.

Thur., 23 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and cloudy. I cleaned closed and swept room. Blanche here for  supper. 
Babe came up 4:30. Went to Switzers in eve.

Fri., 24 [Mar, 1899]
Warm time. Went to town, hot time 1:30 Bob and Jip coming down warf. Hoot mon, fan me. 
Glass house and when we got off, Ta – Ta, gondola.  Mack and kid glove (Luny)

Sat., 25 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and snow. We washed and finished 10:00 A.M.  Bess churned, we quilted in afternoon. 
I dressed turkey in eve for the Sabbath dinner.

The pages containing the following entries are known to be in proper order.

Sun., 26 [Mar, 1899]
Cold and cloudy. We went to church. Read in afternoon. Elis and Nan here in the afternoon.

Mon., 27 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Torena/Forena and I scrubbed carpet. We all cleaned kitchen in afternoon. 
Ma went to town in the evening. Horse race 7:00 P.M.

Tue., 28 [Mar, 1899]
Rained all day. I churned, ironed and washed in afternoon. Sadie Lilley here from 10:30-11:30. 
Will sick, Dr. here in eve.

Wed., 29 [Mar, 1899]
Very cold. Cleaned cupboard. Bess did not go to school. I ironed and sewed. Dr. here 4:00 P.M. 
Mr. with soap, perfumery and extracts etc. ___________

Thur., 30 [Mar, 1899]
Clear and cold. Went after beef. Hung washing out. Ma and I went to town, at school also. 
Went to fair at 4:30 P.M. Blanche and babe here.

Fri., 31 [Mar, 1899]
Went to Abells after wall paper. Seen _____.  Came home 8:30 and ironed. Tourena/Fourena 
helped. Went on hill in afternoon to look at funeral.


Sat., 1 [Apr, 1899]
Mr West moved. Cold and disagreeable. Bess and I washed. Bess went to  town. Gert here in 

Sun., 2 [Apr, 1899]
Clear and disagreeable.  Bess and I went to Catholic services. W. T., & F. L. got home 1:30 A.M. 
Blanche came up 2:00 P.M., stayed until 7:00 P.M. We carried Babe home. Ma called on 
Marchands and we also stopped for her.

Mon., 3 [Apr, 1899]
Mr. Guiser & Mell here papering. I went to Lilleys and too beef shop. Hoot mon  - Mr. West and 
the fire. Ma went to town in eve. I heard about the young Ruth Don first visit to Cal.[California, 
PA]  Burks     Mazes 

Tue., 4 [Apr, 1899]
Very pleasant day. Papered Oliver's room, churned, washed, scrubbed, cleaned hall. 
I wrote letter to Lill in eve. Tourena here all day. Pete after eggs in the evening.

Wed., 5 [Apr, 1899]
Fair and cool. Cleaned back stairs, laid carpet also hall carpet. Finished papering 2:00 P.M. 
Aunt Nerve here calling. Rec'd letter from Oliver, Pa went to board meeting.  Mrs. West after milk.

Thur., 6 [Apr, 1899]
Fair and pleasant. Brick layers here. We cleaned hall stairs, upper and lower hall. Blanche and 
babe came up 3:15. I went as far as ?hun? Colton and carried babe. Bess received pictures.

Fri., 7 [Apr, 1899]
Rained all day. Cleaned parlor. Bess did not go to school. Frank came up 4 P.M. Peet here 
after eggs.

Sat., 8 [Apr, 1899]
Very disagreeable all day. Men finished one chimney, built furnace in afternoon. Mr. Merk and 
carpet. We washed, scrubbed, baked pies, bread, and biscuit[s]. Cleaned our room. Hoot mon, 
fast workers.

Sun., 9 [Apr, 1899]
Rotten Sunday, snowy and windy. Bess took milk down to Wests. Mother not well. I wrote letter to Pearl.  
Auntie and Bird here also Blanche and baby. Warm time. 2:30 P.M.

Mon., 10 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. Dr. here to see mother. I swept sitting room, called on Wests and churned in evening. 
People here to rent house. Ghrists finished chimneys. Will took eggs to market.

Tue., 11 [Apr, 1899]
I laid front stair carpet, scrubbed porch, washed and help to get dinner. Aunt and Uncle here all 
day. I went to Lilleys in afternoon. Migleys here to call. I ironed in evening. Mother went to 
Wests and Bess baked cake.

Wed., 12 [Apr, 1899]
Pleasant day. Washed and ironed, swept in the yard some but it was most to windy. 
76° all day. Looked for Oliver in the eve but was left.  Set chicken hen with turkey eggs.

Thur., 13 [Apr, 1899]
Clear. Ma went to Brownsville. I scrubbed, raked yard and swept. Pa and Mr. West went after 
hay.  Uncle Sam here in afternoon. Will went to shop. Took walk in orchard in evening.

Fri., 14 [Apr, 1899]
Rained, 9:00 A.M. Clear in afternoon. Cleaned coal house, swept some in yard and sewed. 
Mrs. Brewer here 11:00 A.M.  Took walk in afternoon and sewed also had a very good pig[?jug?] 
rare. 7:00 P.M.

Sat., 15 [Apr, 1899]
Pleasant. Oliver returned home 11:00 A.M.  All went to sale 1:45. Hoot mon, (H. T.) (H.) (J. F.) 
(W. C.). Came home 4:45. Charles D. here 1:00 P.M. ?Nick? Cleaned yard. L. G. M. came  home 6:20 P.M.

Sun., 16 [Apr, 1899]
Snowed and rained all day. Frank and babe here, babe went to sleep.  5:30 Ma and I went as 
far as line fence with them. I carried babe.  Mrs. West here for first time.

Mon., 17 [Apr, 1899]
Warm & pleasant. Washed large wash. Ma went to Park's, I went as far as ?gurny?. Churned 
4:00 P.M. Took walk in evening. Oliver visited Cal. In afternoon. Uncle Jim here all night. Uncle 
Lucius here in eve.

Tue., 18 [Apr, 1899]
Fair and warm. Did a three hours ironing. Went to Coal Centre in afternoon. Saw Mr. J., Alice, 
Kate C. fellow at Ball ground. Cleaned yard in eve. Mrs. Guiser and Gregg here.

Wed., 19 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. I baked pies and scrubbed. Babe here all day. Called on Mrs. West in afternoon. Warm 
time 7:45, Phillips, John, Clyde, Clarence, Stubby, Eli, John, Lee, Joe, Ness, Roy and Cupped 
11 A.M. (no this is Nesley) Thick eyes.  Hoot mon, lucky we had on our plads.

Thur., 20 [Apr, 1899]
Fair, exquisite day. Cleaned out side pantry. Mother scrubbed stones and porches. Pa & Oliver 
went to Uniontown. Raked in evening. Eva here 7:00 A.M. Miss Linton went to Lilleys.

Fri., 21 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. Cleaned outside yard. Ma and I churned, mowed yard and scrubbed in afternoon. I went 
after meat and went 2 Blanches. Bess and I went to concert. 10 A.M. Hoot mon, lucky a 
d[?devil?] didn't get us.

Sat., 22 [Apr, 1899]
Very warm. Baked bread and pies, cleaned dining room. Will F. here 8:00 A.M. Miss Buckbee here 
after box to plant her flowers. Bess washed in afternoon. I washed aprons. Bess and Will went after flowers.

Sun., 23 [Apr, 1899]
Fair and hot. We took walk 10 A.M. to grave yard, came back home, then started, 2:30, went to lower river. 
Hoot mon, pretty boys on bike. Had a good wave.

Mon., 24 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. I ironed and scrubbed.  Ma and Pa went to Browns on Dewey and came back 2:30.  Hard rain 4:00 P.M.  
Cleared off in eve (eclipse wagon)

Tue., 25 [Apr, 1899]
Fair in fornoon cloudy and sprinkled in afternoon. Pa went after seed corn at Houghs. Ma went to Lilleys. 
Gert and Aunt here in eve. Blanche came after chickens.

Wed., 26 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. Pa went over river. Ma hemmed table cloth. I sewed. Frank came up on afternoon. 
Tourena here in afternoon. Ma planted seeds in eve. Pa went ??????? ????.

Thur., 27 [Apr, 1899]
Warm. Mick spaded flower beds. I went to market. Will & I 8:00 A.M.. I swept my room and 
mother's in fornoon. Planted seeds in afternoon. Went on the hill 3:15. W. G. in skiff 7:00 A.M. 

Fri., 28 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. Ma and I washed, finished 11:00 A.M. I ironed in afternoon. Ma sewed on quilts. 
Bess churned in evening. Miss West 7:00 A.M.

Sat., 29 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. Scrubbed and baked. Bess ironed in afternoon. Ma went to town got shirt waists. 
Salvation Army at Marchand 5:00 P.M.

Sun., 30 [Apr, 1899]
Fair. Hoot mon, lucky we went to church. See pretty fellow, he was a lu lu. Orchard seen 
Tourena/Fourena and ban. Blanche and babe here in eve.


Mon., 1 [May, 1899]
Fair in fornoon.  Rose 5: A.M. Begun to wash 6:45, finished 9:30.  Churned 11:00 am.  Went 
out on hill to see corner stone laid. Rained 3:10.  See band, lu lu – Kate Slvan,  Will home.

Tue., 2 [May, 1899]
Fair in fornoon. Ironed. Lew M. here 9:30. Ma went to Browns[ville] on 12:05, returned on Dewey. 
Pa went to Uniontown. Took walk in eve. ?Tchar card?

Wed., 3 [May, 1899]
Cloudy.  Planted corn, cleaned sitting room, baked pies and bread. Bess did not go to school. 
Mary West churned and helped wash dishes. Pa went to board meeting.

Thur., 4 [May, 1899]
Fair.  Cleaned hall and laid carpet in fornoon. Mary W. and Tourena/Fourena here in fornoon, 
got wedding news.  Ma and I went to town in afternoon. Hoot mon, went to frog town in evening 
and see pretty fellow. Salvation Army.

Fri., 5 [May, 1899]
Cloudy. Washed in fornoon. Ma scrubbed wash house and made soap. I went to Cal. In 
afternoon (bank). Ma, Bess and I went to see Switzers in eve, had a good time coming home.

Sat., 6 [May, 1899]
Cloudy. Sick, took ache all day. Women cleaned garret in fornoon. Ma cleaned hall in 
afternoon. I was laid up.

Sun., 7 [May, 1899]
Clear and pleasant. Staid home and prepared dinner. Ma and Oliver went out to church. 
Babe here all day. Arch Wall and Long on hill 2:30. John A. went down 5:00 am.

Mon., 8 [May, 1899]
Rained hard 12:00 A.M. Churned and scrubbed, cleaned parlor carpet in evening. Mrs. West 
here 7:00 P.M. Finished dishes 7:45.

Tue., 9 [May, 1899]
Clear. Went to town 8:15 A.M. Scrubbed porch and cleaned front room. Ma went to Cal. in 
afternoon. I went as far as river with her. P. D. on Dewey (house keeping)

Wed., 10 [May, 1899]
Magnificent day. Washed large wash. Ma and I washed curtains, 2 comforts, and blanket. I 
ironed in afternoon. Ma went to field. Tourena/Fourena married 10: A.M. Bess and I went to 
Smits, seen Charlie.
[written in left margin] Called at Mch???

Thur., 11 [May, 1899]
Showery. Scrubbed porch and outside buildings. Negley here for dinner. I went after greens in 
afternoon, 2:00 P.M. Blanche came up in eve, we went home with her.

Fri., 12 [May, 1899]
Fair, light frost. Scrubbed porch and stones. Ma and I took walk to cherry tree. I also called on 
Tourena/Fourena. Dewey 2:30 marker. I broke china plate in eve. Bess last day at school. 
Aunt Nerve here.

Sat., 13 [May, 1899]
Cloudy. Bess washed, I baked bread, pies and cakes. Ma works in flowers. Bess and I went 
for greens 3:00 P.M. k-g-under shade tree. Supper 6:30. Went to Piers in eve to hear Salvation 
Army. Returned 8:30.

Sun., 14 [May, 1899]
Pleasant day. Had work all done by 8:00 A.M., read until 9:30, then got ready for church.  
Sat with Arch Mason.12:00 A.M. Jip) went on hill in afternoon. Blanche here.

Mon., 15 [May, 1899]
Clouds in fornoon, cleared of afternoon. Washed large washing. Bess and I washed curtains. 
Ma made aprons and churned in eve. New carpets came on Mason. Took short ride on wheel, 
ran in eve. (Morgan and old man) Harris here.

Tue., 16 [May, 1899]
Fair in fornoon. We ironed and finished drying curtains. Sensation at Roscoe, heavy storm, 5:00 
P.M., blew tops from cherry trees and fences over. Bess and I took walk to hotel in eve.

Wed., 17 [May, 1899]
Terrific storm 4:00 A.M., rain all day. I cleaned room in garret. Ma and Bess baked and cleaned 
porches.  Heavy storm 2:00 P.M. I made cushin in Eve. Will went to town got posies. Rec'd 
letter from Pearl.

Thur., 18 [May, 1899]
Showery in fornoon, clear in afternoon. Sh[o]w pole sensation at Coal Centre. I went after cash. 
Gert (2) boys with (some not in it) girls at show. Jobes Store, hot fight. 9: A.M.

Fri., 19 [May, 1899]
Cold and disagreeable. Swept hall and stairs and made soap. Bess and I went to 
Tourena's/Fourena's in afternoon and also went to town in eve. Show at Grandville.

Sat., 20 [May, 1899]
Cold but clear. Cleaned kitchen and baked cake. Pa and Will at ball game. I rec'd birthday gift. 
Mr Ailes killed by train. Read in eve. I got groceries that eve.

Sun., 21 [May, 1899]
Clear and cold. Staid at home in fornoon. Went on hill in afternoon. Seen pretty show boys 
(Jim) & (Sam) Jobes and fellows. Went to Blanche's at 4:00 P.M. Went on hill in eve. (Marion)

Mon., 22 [May, 1899]
Fair. Mr. Ailes buried, Pa went to funeral. Babe came up 11:00 A.M. Went out on hill in 
afternoon, watched show boat. Blanche here 6:00 P.M. Pa and Will went to show, “New 
California Spat”, 7:00 P.M. Retired 9:15.

Tue., 23 [May, 1899]
Fair. I baked bread and churned, took walk to cherry tree, 12:30. Went to Pin town in evening 
to hear the calipoe. W. W. A.M. Annie returned 8:30.

Wed., 24 [May, 1899]
Fair and cool. Went to Aunt Naney's. Ada, Mable, Mrs. Will Elliott, Stella and Eva, 
returned home 5:00 P.M. Took skiff ride in evening, returned 8:30 P.M.

Thur., 25 [May, 1899]
Fair & pleasant. Washed, scrubbed porch and ironed in afternoon, also sewed. Vaccinated 
10:30 (Luker). Ma went to Marchands in afternoon. Will went to glass ?boat?

Fri., 26 [May, 1899]
Fair. Scrubbed back porch and pantry & sewed.  Took nap in afternoon. Blanche came up in 
eve. Went as far as Smidts with her. Will bought candy and treated us.

Sat., 27 [May, 1899]
Showery all day. Ma went to Mrs. Carrols in fornoon, came back 12:30. Scrubbed and swept, 
went out on hill and seen show, had ice cream for supper. Election. Ma went to Lilley[s]. 
Marion up in eve. Bruce Turman.

Sun., 28 [May, 1899]
Fair and very warm. Went to church. Went to hill in afternoon. (Will and Oliver went to Mrs. 
Burns). Cousin John here in evening. Ma went to see Marion, (scratched up) he seemed some 
better. Jip ?sureping? The brad on top. 3:00.

Mon., 29 [May, 1899]
Fair.  Washed and scrubbed wash house, finished 11:00. Willie here all day. I churned in 
afternoon, also ironed. Bess baked cake. Ma swept. Babe took nap. Pa went to Uniontown. 
Hard storm 4:00 P.M.

Tue., 30 [May, 1899]
Fair & pleasant. Aunt Kate here for dinner.  Sadie and Ella here in afternoon. Went on hill 2:30. 
Supper 4:45. Went to graveyard. Washed dishes 9:00 P.M.  Retired 9:45.

Wed., 31 [May, 1899]
Fair in fornoon, rained 2:00 P.M. Bess & I ironed and swept, washed heads in afternoon. 
Will went to glass boat, got candy, went to piers in eve to see sensation.


Thur., 1 [Jun, 1899]
Fair in fornoon, rained in afternoon. Ma went to town, got umbrella. Bess, myself and Oliver 
went over in afternoon, got dresses and almost got a dose of rain. Loman waited on us mkt.

Fri., 2 [Jun, 1899]
Fair.  Will, Bess & myself picked cherries, made cherry butter I afternoon and made brown apron. 
Bess went to Blanche's. Will & Ma went to Lilley's in eve, we served.

Sat., 3 [Jun, 1899]
Fair and warm. Scrubbed. Ma went to Brownsville, 12:05, came back on Mason (Whitney). 
Jess and Mr. Walker here for dinner. Jess here all night. I went to town, 3:00 P.M. Dewey and 
Press Jelly glass, & qt. jar vinegar. I guess peep. Jess went to town in eve. We went out on hill 
most of the eve.

Sun., 4 [Jun, 1899]
Fair and warm.  Jess started for home 8: A.M. Did not go to church, made cream for dinner. 
Kate E. here in eve. Pa, Bess and Will took buggy ride. Students here for drink 7:30, pretty 
good looking, they were. Babe & Blanche here.

Mon., 5 [Jun, 1899]
Warm, fan me. Putting up cherries. Pa went to Fairchance, 3:15, excuse me. I churned, Bess 
made ice cream. John A. down. Mr. West picked cherries in the evening.

Tue., 6 [Jun, 1899]
Hot, rained in afternoon & eve. Made cherry butter. Ma went to town. Babe up in afternoon. 
Bess and I sewed at my waist. Rained in evening, good shower.

Wed., 7 [Jun, 1899]
Fair, very warm all day. Ma went to Elliotts, Pa came home from Sacketts. I sewed in afternoon. 
Bess and I went to Blanche's. Charlie, Will and Maryone, Bob, 5: P.M. We stopped at 
Marchands and back, eve 6: P.M.

Thur., 8 [Jun, 1899]
Fair in fornoon. Double wedding at Boyd's, (surprise). We swept and sewed, went on hill in 
evening. Made cream in fornoon, had strawberries & cream for dinner and cul????? and berries 
for supper.

Fri., 9 [Jun, 1899]
Cloudy in fornoon, sprinkled in afternoon, very cool in eve. I washed and ironed in afternoon. 
Bess baked spongue cake for supper. We went to hear sensation in evening. ???? - town. 
(purple cap)(Smiley)(Welington)(Big).

Sat., 10 [Jun, 1899]
Rained in fornoon, cleared off afternoon. I baked, Bess churned. We all cleaned flower beds. 
2:30, Mrs. Reed buried, 3:00 P.M. Ma went to Marchands in eve. Bess & I made cream for 
supper. Read in eve, ate cream and retired. 9:30 P.M.

Sun., 11 [Jun, 1899]
Cool and pleasant. I did not go to church. Blanche and babe came up 2:00, went as far as 
Simpson's with her, 8:00 P.M. Bine and Frank R. (Interesting stories told afternoon)  Mazes 

Mon., 12 [Jun, 1899]
Cloudy.  Churned 7:30 A.M. Bess and I washed, sewed in afternoon. Oliver received Camera. 
Ma went to town in evening. We kids went out on hill, 8:00 P.M. Mary S. and Buddy, 8:30 P.M. 
John Lewises babe.

Tue., 13 [Jun, 1899]
Fair in fornoon. We ironed. Showers in afternoon. Sewed all afternoon, went on hill in eve. 
Tom Ett Maze with glass waved, Gert and Yorty passed by to Lilleys, 8:00 P.M.

Wed., 14 [Jun, 1899]
Showery all day. Scrubbed back porch and pantry, sewed in fornoon and also in afternoon. 
Pa and Ma went out [in] country to Brewers, also Aunt Ruth. Ate strawberries and lemonade 
at 9:00 P.M.

Thur., 15 [Jun, 1899]
Cloudy.  Ma sick all day. Babe here (from (9:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M.). Swept and scrubbed in 
fornoon. Laid off in afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Brewer's here in eve, we went on hill, seen Dewey.

Fri., 16 [Jun, 1899]
Fair part of the time, windy and cold 62°. I think on these things in June. Washed in afternoon. 
Ma made Bess's skirt. I ironed in evening. Frank cut his leg.  Van here 6:30. Very cold, had 
fire in room all day.

Sat., 17 [Jun, 1899]
Cold in morning, 49° 6:00 A.M. Ma begun to make my junk dress. Willie here all day. I baked 
rusk & pretty things they were. I went on hill in afternoon, went to town in eve. Gert here. Hoot 
mon on (Warf boat).

Sun., 18 [Jun, 1899]
Very Pleasant all day. We went to church. Ma went to Blanche's. Oak tree 2:30, pretty 
Lu – Lu – boats and P. D. in Dewey (sly glance) but quick one. Went on hill in eve.  
Gert, John, Bine, Frank, Willits, dago on wheele.  Elis , Lill Powell and friend.

Mon., 19 [Jun, 1899]
Washed great large wash and 5 comforts. Churned, Mary died. Mother swept 2 rooms. 
Bess & I went after yeast. Mary Swagger and Floie Merchy's babe died.

Tue., 20 [Jun, 1899]
Fair in fornoon. Ironed colored clothes. Ma went to Merchand's. We all went to funeral in 
afternoon. Bess and I went to town, 3:00 P.M., returned 5:00 P.M. Dresses fitted. Rained in 

Wed., 21 [Jun, 1899]
Fair. Ironed white clothes. Babe here all day. Ma went to town in afternoon. Blanche here in 
eve. Ma went over to country with the Marchand folks. Bess & I went to Simpson's with Blanche 
and babe.

Thur., 22 [Jun, 1899]
Fair. Ma sewed at my lawn dress. Mr. Hileman burried. Oliver went to shop. I went to town in 
evening, came home 7:30. Bess Carroll and ?novel? Swept and scrubbed in forenoon. Hart and 

Fri., 23 [Jun, 1899]
Fair. Loafed all day. Made ice cream for supper, went out on hill, 8:30, and viewed moonlight 
excursion. Mary and Flo donned in white. Ahem.

Sat., 24 [Jun, 1899]
Fair in morning. Scrubbed porches, gave kitchen over hauling. Miss West and Ma cleaned 
under grape arbor. I baked cake in afternoon. 1:00 P.M. 7 girl students here, 5: P.M. they ate 
supper in lane. Rained 7: P.M.  Mable Fisher. Willie Bagshaw birthday, age 21.

Sun., 25 [Jun, 1899]
Rained, began Sat eve. At 10: A.M. Continued until 10: A.M. Sun., cleared off in afternoon. 
Read after dinner. Pa & Ma went to college in eve. We went on hill, John down, Mary S. Toot 
and his girl taking skiff ride. Hot stuff.

Mon., 26 [Jun, 1899]
Fair. Ma went to Cal. got waists. I did house work, got dinner. I sewed in afternoon. 
Bess & Ma went to Lilley's. Soap fellow powedered Bess [chin]. Bess and I went to 
Marchand's I eve. Bert Hertzog. Will and Maude married, age 21 – she, I mean. 
Hot fight 9:30 P.M., warm time.

Tue., 27 [Jun, 1899]
Fair. Babe here all day. I baked pies, washed in afternoon, large wash. Jim D. here on wagon. 
Blanche here 6:00 to 8:00, went as far as G. Talley, returned 9:15. Pa went to Normal.

Wed., 28 [Jun, 1899]
Cloudy & Windy. Bought 8 gal berries. Scrubbed and baked bread. Mother sewed in afternoon. 
Bess and I made berry butter. Was not in it at contest.

Thur., 29 [Jun, 1899]
Fair and pleasant. Ma went to commencement, got dinner at Aunt Kate's. Bess & I went over 
in afternoon. Kate and Mat here 7: A.M. in excursion on Dewey from Cal. to Charlie

Fri., 30 [Jun, 1899]
Fair. Loafed all day. Made cream. Babe here. Nora and Gert here for supper. Excursion on 
barge, Danntles towing her. Mr. Flinn here at 5:00 A.M.

JULY, 1899

Sat.; 1 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Pa went to Uniontown. Swept and scrubbed the stones, took nap from 1-2 – 2- 30. 
[1:00 to 2:30]. Bess & I went to Lilleys in eve. Nora and Lon – Mary and fellow – he??.

Sun.; 2 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Wrote letter, read in afternoon. Went for apples 7:00 P.M. John & Gert, Mr. & Mrs. 
Turnier took skiff ride 7:30. Bob and companion ring. Retired 9:30 P.M.

Mon.; 3 [Jul, 1899]
Fair & hot. Washed large wash, took nap in afternoon. Went to meet Will in the eve. Mason 
and Press, he waved, Bess returned it. Ha – ha, hard case. Blanche here for chicken, went 
home with her, called on Tourena on our return. 8:30.

Tue.; 4 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Aunt Nancy here, took buggy ride in afternoon. ?snots? After water. Babe here in evening. 
Fire works, baloons, music, Murray – Malory Millers. Read afternoon. 10: am Then retired.

Wed.; 5 [Jul, 1899]
Fair in fornoon, rained in afternoon. Took wheel ride 10: A.M., ironed some in afternoon. Rained 
hard 3 P.M. Ma went to Marchand's in eve. Uncle John here 6 A.M. Miserable all evening.

Thur.; 6 [Jul, 1899]
Rained all fornoon. The Miss Wests here. We ironed, sewed in afternoon. Ma fixed my laun 
over Went on hill in eve. Boys singing on the launchwarf. Mother & I built fench for swoggers.

Fri.; 7 [Jul, 1899]
Very warm. Ma fixed my green laun dress. Bess went to town in afternoon. Will Hart here for 
supper. We took bicycle ride in eve. Boys on launch way.

Sat.; 8 [Jul, 1899]
Warm. I cleaned my room and scrubbed porch, went to the orchards in afternoon to keep boys 
out. Rained in eve, very cool. Retired 8:00 P.M.

Sun., 9 [Jul, 1899]
Fair but disagreeable. Went to church. Bird and Aunty here for supper, we went out on hill in 
evening. Retired at 9:00 P.M.

Mon., 10 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Ma, Pa & Will went to Show, I did morning work. Bess went to Cal., also Slop town. 
I washed and ironed in afternoon. Bess called on Tourena. People returned 8:30 P.M.

Tue., 11 [Jul, 1899]
Fair & warm. Went to Wash[ington], old hack driver, and widower. “Fan me” Arrived at Wash. 
4:20 P.M. Lill returned 7: P.M., Natt, Jesse & Lill went to water works dam.

Wed., 12 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Lill ironed, we snapped beans. Met Mr. Smith. Hoot mon! Loafed in afternoon and 
[remainder of this entry lost to the elements]

Thur., 13 [Jul, 1899]
Cloudy all day. Went to Crouche's, returned 5:30. Mr Walker came 5:30 supper 6:00, he 
went in town, returned 8:00, Parlor, Ed, Jep, peanuts, 3 girls left parlor, boys in garden 11:30. 
Retired 12 P.M.  Good bye girls at 8:00 P.M.

Fri., 14 [Jul, 1899]
Cloudy, cloudy. Loafed until 11: A.M., ate dinner, went to show (Cal.) morning. Fan me, sat by 
Mr. Laycock and ladies. He is all right. Returned 6:00 P.M., retired at 9:00 P.M.

Sat., 15 [Jul, 1899]
Cloudy. Also returned in hack, nice driver, got left at 4:40 P.M. Charlie & Claude 5:20, rain 
pored down at 5:30. Mr. West carred grip up hill. Blanche Blackburn and Miss Staley.

Sun., 16 [Jul, 1899]
Cloudy and rained off and on all day, dreadful thunder and lightening at 2:30 P.M. 
Milked 5:00 P.M., ate supper 5:45, wrote letter to Gi___ [lost to elements] in eve.

Mon., 17 [Jul, 1899]
Rained from 3 A.M. until 3: P.M.  We washed large wash. Ma sick part of day. Gathered 
apples and beans in evening. Retired 9:00 P.M. Mrs. Master's baby.

Tue., 18 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Dryed wash and washed colored clothes. I went to Blanche's. Bess and Will made 
cream and prepared supper. Ma went to Cal., also went to Brewers. Pa and whiskers.

Wed., 19 [Jul, 1899]
Fair in fornoon, rained 4: P.M. [I] Ironed, Bess went to Blanche's. Mrs. West here 7: P.M. 
I ironed 4 shirts, retired 9:30 P.M.

Thur., 20 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Pa left for a trip, 7: A.M. Swept & put house in order. Will went to see baby Willie. 
We all went to Marchand's and got Maddies [too faint to read] Retired 9:30.

Fri., 21 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Swept and scrubbed in fornoon, went on hill in afternoon. Also made cream. Oliver went 
to town. Went on hill in eve to see excursion. Seen series in low neck. 8:30 Harry Forsythe, 
Mr. & Mrs Wells. “Dewey”

Sat., 22 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Scrubbed and churned, sewed in afternoon. Went on hill in eve. Read letter from Pa. 
Bird down on wheel, I went to river to meet Will. Carrie and Gertrude out buggy riding. 
Retired 9:30

Sun., 23 [Jul, 1899]
Fair but hazy in morning. Bess and I went to church (arch”). Ma went to Blanche's in afternoon, 
Oliver went to Sunday School, we went on hill in eve. Ma went to Merchand's.

Mon., 24 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Washed. Ma got dinner. Pa returned 3:30 P.M. Oliver rec'd pictures, we went wheel 
riding in eve. Will Forsythe and party at Lilley['s] 7:30 P.M. Mother tried to ride wheel.

Tue., 25 [Jul, 1899]
Fair and hot. Ironed, baked, and did a little of everything. Cut oats. Van here for dinner. Ma 
went to Aunty's to quilt. Begun frame work on new house. We went on hill in eve. (Excursion).

Wed., 26 [Jul, 1899]
Cloudy in moring.  Loafed after 9: A.M., dinner 11:30.  Bess and I went to Blanche's in afternoon. 
Nell came 3: P.M. We went out on hill, 7:30 P.M. Folks at Lilley's. Fourena/Tourena

Thur., 27 [Jul, 1899]
Fair most ungodly hot, did not do much but fan and keep cool. We all went to Lilley's, G. M. 
and Aunt Nerve there also. Returned 9:00 A.M.

Fri., 28 [Jul, 1899]
Little daughter news 9: A.M. Ma went down 9:30, came back 5: P.M. We went in [lost to elements] 
lost belt buckle [lost to elements] at Marchand's 
[remainder of page lost to the elements]
[Note: Birth of Mary Margorie Miller, daughter of Frank M. Miller and Balnche (Park) Miler]

Sat., 29 [Jul, 1899]
Fair in morning, storm in eve. 7:30, Aunt Nerve and Ma went to quilt. Nell went home. 
Oliver and the fishing party returned 9:30 P.M.

Sun., 30 [Jul, 1899]
Fair. Ma sick, Dr. here, Babe and I took walk to cherry trees. I got supper, 5:30 P.M., went to 
Blanche's 8:00 P.M., Mrs. Wilson White Stevenson there. Retired 10: P.M., slept very little.

Mon., 31 [Jul, 1899]
Fair, very warm. At Blanche's, rose 5:30, built fire. Blanche [&] I got breakfast and washed, 
I ironed, tended babe, got dinner, washed dishes, returned 1:30 P.M. Jim ?Douner? here in eve.

AUGUST, 1899

Tue., 1 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. Baked pies, Aunt Nerve here, 9:00 A.M. Ma and Oliver went to town in buggy in afternoon. 
[I] went out and v[iewed] excursion in afternoon [lost to elements] Nett here in eve 
[lost to elements] chase [lost to elements]

Wed., 2 [Aug, 1899]
Fair in fornoon, rained 5: P.M. Sick all day but managed to scrub some in afternoon.  
Machine came to Marchand's, went on hill in eve. Miss Lintie, Mr Dixon, Ma and Will 
went to Lilley's, Eurena there.

Thur., 3 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. Threshed in 2 hrs., men here for dinner. I sick. Bell had twin calves. C. P. excursion 
went to Morgantown, not in it. Went out on hill 8:00 P.M., read until 9: P.M., retired 10:00 P.M. 
Cloudy in eve.

Fri., 4 [Aug, 1899]
Very warm and cloudy. Ma & I washed large wash, finished 3: P.M., [clothes] line broke but we 
got there just the same. Supper 5:30 P.M., read in eve and retired very tired at 9:00 P.M., slept 

Sat., 5 [Aug, 1899]
Cloudy. Scrubbed. Lill Nett here 11: am, dinner 12:30. Ma and I ironed in afternoon. Dr. here 
to see Bess. Supper 5: P.M. [lost to elements] took a spread ov[lost to elements]college with 
[remainder of page lost to the elements]

Sun., 6 [Aug, 1899]
Hot. Went to church. Lill and I went on hill in afternoon. Went to Marchand folks not at home. 
Supper 5:30, took skiff ride, returned 8:00 P.M., ate apples & cakes. Retired 10:30 P.M.

Mon., 7 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. Sporty time, went to Charlene's 8:30, pretty brakeman, he was a lu – lu. Gert and dusting 
cap, Mason on deck. Fan me. My shoe untied, see looking with all eyes, faint nod. 
Mack, black eyed fellow Whitey ?pig?? hustler with handkerchief when we got off.

Tue., 8 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. I washed and ironed some in afternoon. Ma and Pa ook drive. Oliver rec'd pictures.  
Ellis, Mr. Wright and the new dude here 7:30. Lill and Net started for Forsythe's 7:00 P.M. 
Folks returned 9:00 P.M.

Wed., 9 [Aug, 1899]
Fair & warm. We ironed, Lill here 8:30. Ma and she [lost to elements] had cream and water 
[rest of entry and page fragmented by the elements]

Thur., 10 [Aug, 1899]
Fair.  Sewed and patched all [a.m.], went to game in afternoon, except I [&] mother went to town. 
Bess and Jep had a chat. Ha – ha. We took bike ride in evening. Fan me from trying to get 
away from lightening.

Fri., 11 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. Lightening storm, 8:00 P.M. We all went over and had regular picnic in field. Bikes going 
down through the haggerty. Ate dinner 11:30, came home 3 P.M., took old plug over 4: P.M. 
Bucky and Brownfield.

Sat., 12 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. Fan me! Picnic, left home 6:30. 9:00 A.M. Me and the freak (this has been a beartiful eve). 
Oh my!, Never expect to see him again (?laid? [lost to elements] small wee feet)  Lill Powell 
[rest of entry lost to the elements]

Sun., 13 [Aug, 1899]
[This entry lost to the elements]

Mon., 14 [Aug, 1899]
Cloudy all day. Girls left 8:30 A.M. Lill had pain, Mother sick. I canned 3 cans of tomatoes. 
Bess went to Blanche's. Pa made ketchup. Retired 9:00 P.M.

Tue., 15 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. I swept dining room and sitting room. Ma and I made pickle jelly. Bess and I made 
cream. 3:15, Kirk and John down. 8:30 roses. Retired 9:00 P.M.

Wed., 16 [Aug, 1899]
Fair. Went to town after Ma's waist. Ma and Pa went to Mr. [Cu]ningham's funeral. Mr. 
[lost to elements] [w]e died, sewed and [rest of entry lost to the elements]

Thur., 17 [Aug, 1899]
[This entry lost to the elements]

Pages with entries for Friday, August 18 to Sunday, September 10 were not found.


Mon., 11 [Sep, 1899]
Cloudy all day. Ma sick. I churned and baked, went to Blanche's in afternoon.  
Came home 4: P.M., supper 5:30, went on hill to see Mason. Called on Fourena/Tourena.

Tue., 12 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. Ma made jelly and soap. We washed in afternoon. Bess, Will and Frank went to 
party at Wells. Ma, Pa, & I went out on hill to see parade Mason. (the freak keeping watch) 
2 A.M. when she turned in.

Wed., 13 [Sep, 1899]
Fair and cool. I ironed in fornoon, baked in afternoon. Uncle Sam here in eve after butter. 
[ I ] took walk in order to get cool. Read some in eve. Retired 9:30 P.M.

Thur., 14 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. I baked pumpkin pies. Ma and Oliver took buggy ride, returned 11:30. Ma and I cleaned
 up stairs, hall and steps in afternoon. ?Hue? Sackett and [remainder unreadable]

Fri., 15 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. Took skiff ride, 9: P.M., returned 11:30. Went to Blanche's  in afternoon. Ma went to town. 
I got supper, the[n] we went and learned to two-step (you won't have to be so careful). Washed.

Sat., 16 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. I ironed, scrubbed. Ma went to se Eastman, came home on Mason. Baby carrying 
Kate and Mat here 5: P.M. I read in evening. Hugh left 1:30 P.M. for Fairchance.

Sun., 17 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. Went to church. Fisher and wife there, Masen and freak. Blanche came up 2:30.  
John M. helped carry babe. Dr. Chub new boy. Will Elliott here 7: P.M.
[written in left margin] Edgars here.

Mon., 18 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. I did large big wash, churned, searred wash house, got supper, sprinkled clothes. 
Retired 8:30 P.M. Emma Abell's new daughter.

As stated in the notes for the entries used for Wednesday, March 22 to Saturday, March 25, 1899, 
the entries used there are on the other side of a page which has entries for Thursday 19 to Sunday 22. 
The entries on the two sides of the page do not match with any of the missing pages. However, Mr. Hopkins, 
who found the pages, transcribed these entries as Tue 19 1899 - Fri 22 1899.

Thru/Tue, 19 [Sep, 1899]
Fair all day. I washed in A.M. Dr., here at 5;30. Pa went to Uniontown. Bess went to 
Marchand's after salts. I rec'd letter.

Fri/Wed, 20 [Sep, 1899]
Cloudy and warm. Bess went and got her teeth filled. I washed dishes, got supper.  
Aunt Nerve and Aunty here.

Sat/Thur, 21 [Sep, 1899]
Fair, but cold. We scrubbed, baked cakes and Bess went to Aunty for butter milk in P.M.

Sun/Fri, 22 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. I read in P.M.  Aunt Kate here from 4:00 until 5:30. Supper 6: P.M. Gert brought Ma 
supper over. I went as far as fence with her.

The page which had entries for Tuesday, September 19 to Friday, September 22 on one side with entries on 
the other side for Saturday, September 23 to Tuesday, September 26 was not found.

From this point to the end of the diary/journal entries were written on the back of the previous pages. 
Starting with the following page, the entries go in order back toward the first page; ending with the entry 
for March 29, 1900 which was written on the back of the page with entries for March, 18-21, 1899. 

Wed,, 27 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. Gave kitchen a thorough scrubbing, washed in afternoon, gathered green tomatoes in 
evening. Read and retired 8:30 P.M.
[Note: There is a stright pin through the page at this entry which could be as old as the diary. If it is, 
it would be over 112 years old.]

Thur., 28 [Sep, 1899]
Fair. Laid hall carpet. Willie came up, 10 oclock. Blanche and babe came at 2: P.M. 
Bess & I went as far as M. Bucky, took babe in wagon.
[written in left margin] Tourena's history.

Fri., 29 [Sep, 1899]
Rainy. Baked bread, sewed and loafed. Party ad Henry Derrock's. But we were not in it.  
Party at Craft's, we had dumplins and sweet potaotes for supper.
[written in left margin] Frost.

Sat., 30 [Sep, 1899]
Fair and very cold and windy. Scrubbed, baked bread and pumpkin pies. Mr. Ailes and Baker 
here at 9:00 P.M.  Ma went to Granny's in afternoon and also called on Fourena & babe, ????.


Sun., 1 [Oct, 1899]
Fair. Eurena, Will & Frank here for dinner. We all took walk to the chestnut trees.  
Bess and I went over to see John M.

Mon., 2 [Oct, 1899]
Fair. Mother and I went to town. 9: P.M., got my hat. I washed in afternoon. Ma rested.  
Oliver went to Uniontown. Had bad spell of rheumatism in the evening, terrible at 9: P.M.  
We retired at 9:30.
[written in left margin] Murry and Mr. Stewart painting

Tue., 3 [Oct, 1899]
Fair. Stewart and Murry ?????, He, Ma and I tried tried new machine, works fine. 
Frank and Tom went to Press.  Aunt Nerve here in afternoon. I read all afternoon.  
Hot fight 7 P.M. Old pud very warm stuff.

Wed., 4 [Oct, 1899]
Fair. Oliver very bad, Dr. Letherman here 7: P.M. I ironed in afternoon, went to Aunt Nerve's. 
9:30 A.M. Went to Baker's 12: P.M. Ma sick with headache and could not go to see [the] Dr. 
Murry and Steward here painting.

Pages with entries for Thursday, October 5 to Saturday, October 28 were not found.

Sun., 29 [Oct, 1899]
Cold & drizzling all day. Did not go to church. Ma and Pa went to turkey roast at Marchand's, 
party. Mr and Mrs Forsythe, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Miss Rothwell and Lilley.  I read in afternoon 
and eve. 

Mon., 30 [Oct, 1899]
Fair. Churned and baked five pumpkin pies, sprinkled clothes in A.M.  Went to Marchand's 
for lard, got cannas. ?Stan? and Mouse here in eve. Corn[?corny?] eve but did not take part.

Tue., 31 [Oct, 1899]
Rained all day long and all night. I ironed from 9 A.M. [to] 11:00 A.M., sewed in afternoon, 
got supper, read [lost to the elements] Ma sewed [lost to the elements]


Wed., 1 [Nov, 1899]
[This entry and bottom of the page were lost to the elements]

Thur., 2 [Nov, 1899]
Fair. Scrubbed and made preperation for May; [she] came 10:30, staid until 8:00 P.M.  We 
had a very pleasant day, (May) had our fortunes told, some of it 
[remainder lost to elements]

Fri., 3 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy, cold and raining. Ma and I cleaned china closet. Millie here all day, Blanche's pig 
had six little ones. Pa went to Roscoe, Stockdale and Troy town, returned 1:00 P.M.

Sat., 4 [Nov, 1899]
Cold and rainy. Did regular work. Eve here and washed dishes. I baked 5 pies, Ma went to 
town got Bess' hat. Murrah and Uncle Sam here in P.M. Fred got in the wire 
[rest of entry lost to the elements]

Sun., 5
Fair.  Bess 
[rest of this entry lost to the elements]

Mon., 6 [Nov, 1899]
Fair. Ma and I cleaned kitchen, begun 7:30 finished 4: P.M.  May N. came 4: P.M., we had 
good time in eve, we retired 9:30 and bunked together "fat as old billy" I mean May. I churned. 

Tue., 7 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy and cold. We did nothing but talk in A.M. I baked bread in afternoon and it was not 
fit for a dog to chew at. Uncle John here after May, 4:00 P.M. Read in eve.

Wed., 8 [Nov, 1899]
Fair. Sick all fornoon, stiff and sore as a "jack mule."  Aunt Nerve here in A.M. Republicans 
not in it. Ma scrubbed porch in P.M., I shook carpet. ?Turkey? for supper and dressed chicken.

Thur., 9 [Nov, 1899]
Beartiful day. I washed large wash 
[rest of this entry fragmented by loss of the remainder of the page to the elements]

Fri., 10 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy. Mrs. Kreppe and Mrs Collier came 8:15, left 4:00 P.M. Went out on hill to see 
them off. Freak waved at us on Levtt. Bess and I ironed in eve. Mother retired 7:30 P.M. 

Sat., 11 [Nov, 1899]
Rained. Had wash out 9:30 but had to take it in before dryed. Ma made lard, Pa made 
sausage, Mary washed dishes. Bess and Ma baked pies. I ironed, finished 4: P.M. Dryed 
washing in Garrett, all nice.

Sun., 12 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy but cool. Monkeyed around all morning, read some in P.M. Blanche and babes 
came 2:30; B. & J. went to meet her. We went to Grannies in eve. ?Ade nic? size.  
Babe cryed nearly all time, she was here.

Mon., 13 [Nov, 1899]
I ironed in A.M., cleaned stair step carpet, cleaned my closet and many other things.  
Ma went [to see] Auntie B. Very dry but cold 
[rest of page and entry lost to the elements]

Tue., 14 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy. I had churning and dishes washed by 8:00 A.M. Hot fight 10: A.M. but nothing new. 
Sewed in P.M., supper as 5:30, retired 8:30.

Wed., 15 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy. I scrubbed stair steps and tinkered around all morning. Ma cleaned over parlor, her 
room and closet. Mr. Grooms here wanting to buy farm. Supper 6 P.M.

Thur., 16 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy, disagreeable day. I made an apron. Ma made soap. (Hot time 11:30) I read in 
afternoon, Mr. Grooms here 4:00 P.M. Had osyter for supper.

Fri., 17 [Nov, 1899]
Fair but foggy until noon. I cleaned lamps, kitchen and finished apron. I washed my little [lost 
to elements] washing. Ma went to town 
[remainder of entry fragmented by loss to elements]
[written left margin] Letter from Lill.

Sat., 18 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy and sun shine. I went to Smidt's, 8:00 A.M., rained while I was down there. Ma went 
to town with Minerva. I went to Marchand's at 10: A.M. Pa went to town. Had a warm supper 
ready for Mr. Grooms but he did not come.

Sun., 19 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy all day. Had turkey for dinner. I read in P.M., did not go to church on account of the 
mud. Retired 8:00 P.M.

Mon., 20 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy. I churned and sewed; intended to go to town but did not, it was so wet. Ma and I 
scrubbed. Read in the afternoon and evening. Retired 8;30

Tue., 21
Clear. Baked pies, cleaned cupboard, scrubbed cistern porch and stones, sewed in P.M. 
Ma opened sitting room chimney, did not d[raw] very good, had mu[lost to elements] evening. 
[lost to elements]ead [remainder lost to elements]

Wed., 22 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy and rain. Lilleys moved, Ma and Pa went to Lilleys. Mr. Grooms here 2:00 P.M. 
Dance at Dodgers. I read and cleaned up house. Uncle Jim and and the acident, murderous.

Thur., 23 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy and drizzling. Oliver and Pa went to Uniontown. Heard news of Uncle Jim. Fred got 
hard fall on bridge wall. Frank staid all night.

Fri., 24 [Nov, 1899]
Fair. I washed large wash. Oliver had operation performed successfully. Pa did not come home 
as he expected. Lew M. came down. Ma went to Lilleu's, Sade and ?Ett? coming to Ann's

Sat., 25 [Nov, 1899]
Cold, cloudy. Grooms here 10: A.M. Pa came home 10:30. Sad day for us all. Ma went to 
Uniontown on 3:15. Uncle Sam here for butter. Willie here all day, Ellis he[re] 8:00 P.M. 
inquiring for Oliver.
[written in left margin] deckhand [on] Dewey drowned  Frank's Mr.

Sun., 26 [Nov, 1899]
Fair. Bess and I worked until 11:00 A.M., read in P.M. Jesse F. here from 2:30 until 4:00, 
little Frank here also. Ma at Uniontown, Oliver some better. Supper at 6:00 P.M.
[written in left margin] Maggie down, Don with Ruth. Ahem

Mon., 27 [Nov, 1899]
Cloudy. I washed, got it out but not dryed. I churned at 2:00 P.M. Ma came home on 10:30. 
Pa went to Uniontown on 3:15. Manerve here in P.M. Baker brought letter from Aunt Nancey. 
Frank Staid all night.

Tue., 28 [Nov, 1899]
Fair in P.M. Killed chicken in A.M., baked bread, worked butter. Went to town. Fan me! 4:00 
P.M., (freak, what made me let him in) Oh my! He scares me; the thought of him. Received 
letter from Pa, Oliver better. Frank stayed all night.

Wed., 29 [Nov, 1899]
Clear. Ironed in A.M., cleaned lamps in P.M. I helped clean pheasants, scrubbed back steps, 
back porch. Jakes and many other turns. Pa came home on 10:30, brought game of all kinds.

Thur., 30 [Nov, 1899]
Thanksgiving, a beautiful day. Had turkey for dinner. Ma and I went to Uniontown, 
brakeman, fan me! 5:30 P.M. and 6:30 supper. Retired 10:30 but did not sleep much until 
1:00 P.M.[?A.M.?]


Fri., 1 [Dec, 1899]
Rained. At hotel all day, hoot mon, at 4:10, pretty dago! Oh fan me, them huns was very 
much scared. Willie up all day, I returned home 5:45. Fan me, the corn cakes and whiskers.

Sat., 2 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. Did general work in A.M., girls went to Uniontown on 12:25. Pa went 3:15. Ma and I 
washed our clothes, I went to Blanche's, returned 4:20, stayed alone at night, retired at 9:30 
and slept sound.

Sun., 3 [Dec, 1899]
Fair in A.M. Got ready for church but did not go. Went to meet Blanche but missed her. 
Katie's dogs very fierce, Marjorie with whooping coughs. Went home with Blanche. Tourena's 
dog tackled me.  It rained very hard, returned 5:00 P.M., retired 9:00 
[remainder of this line lost to the elements]
[written in left margin] First snow 10: P.M.

Mon., 4 [Dec, 1899]
Snow and windy all day. 28° at 6:00 A.M. (butchered) Ellis, Van, Samuel, Frank, [&] Tom cut 
Lard in eve and made sausage (nit) Van with tooth ache, poor boy. Pa home from Uniontown.

Tue., 5 [Dec, 1899]
Snowy. I had bad cold. We rendered lard, finished 6:30, had rib pie for supper. Read in eve. 
Babe sick with whooping cough. Did not get sausage stuffed.

Wed., 6 [Dec, 1899]
Cold. Lilley butchered. Ma went to Uniontown on 3:15. Pa sick, Frank stayed at Lilley's all 
night. Orville Rothwell and Bell Troy (from Brownsville) eloped. Fan me!

Thur., 7 [Dec, 1899]
Cloudy all day but mild climate. I baked raspberry pies in fornoon, took my hat over to get it 
trimmed ... 
[remainder of this entry lost to the elements]

Fri., 8 [Dec, 1899]
Fair.  Went to see Margery 9:00 A.M., returned 12 m.  Babe very sick.  Ironed some clothes 
for babe and Willie in P.M. Washed sitting room windows in P.M. Got hat but was a 
dissapointed girl.

Sat., 9 [Dec, 1899]
Fair, beautiful day. Washed windows, scrubbed cistern, porch and washed some. Ma took 
hat back and got new brimming, very well pleased. Bess went to see babe. Millie came up 
and staid until Monday eve.

Sun., 10 [Dec, 1899]
Cloudy, a miserable day for me. Hot clothes and whiskey stews but no relief, vomited from 
9 until 6. Ma went to see babe, she was very very sick. Pa sick, Dr. here 3:00 P.M. but didn't 
see me, no indeed, not for a farm.

Mon., 11 [Dec, 1899]
Cloudy and warm. Willie here. I churned and ironed some. Margery some better, Willie went home to 
stay all night. Wind blowing very hard 7:15, fear it will end in a snow storm. Ma rec'd 
letter from Oliver 
[remainder of entry lost to the elements]

Tue., 12 [Dec, 1899]
Cloudy, windy but clear in P.M. I washed, got all dryed except bed clothes. Ma helped me in 
P.M. Clarence Elliott here 2:30. I ironed in eve, retired 8:30 P.M.

Wed., 13 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. Went to Blanche's 9:00 A.M., came back 11: A.M. Willie came up. Marchands 
butchered.  Ma went to Uniontown to see Oliver. I dryed washing and ironed in P.M.  
Had chicken for supper.
[written in left margin] Granny Lutes died.

Thur., 14 [Dec, 1899]
Cloudy. Sewed and loafed. Pa and Elis went to Fairchance. Rained in P.M. I went to 
meet Bess, came in contact with Bird, first time for 4 months.Lini 6:30 P.M. Frank & John 
[written in left margin] Willie still here.

Fri., 15 [Dec, 1899]
Snow and very cold. Washed a little. Ma cleaned dining room. Frank brought fish for dinner. 
Ma went to Lilleys in P.M. Willie and I here alone all afternoon. Granny Lutes buried. 
Frank here all night.

Sat., 16 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. Cleaned house, baked bread, pies and biscuits. Willie went home. Bess and I went to 
town to hunt Christmas. Made call on Birkinsha's. Pa and Ellis came home. Frank got new suit.

Sun., 17 [Dec, 1899]
Fair, exquisite day. We went to church, had dandy preacher, Mr. Johnson. He was a lu - lu, 
looked like Ellie Gibson, fan me. Coming up steps, Nick, old devil, see[n] Leni and freak on 
plank waved and acted smart. Wrote to Lill in P.M. 
[written in left margin] Pa went to Fred Chalfant's funeral.

Mon., 18 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. Cleaned hall thoroughly, washed 32 panes of glass. Ma & Will went to Brownsville at 
10:30, returned 2:00 P.M. Lost doll babe. I churned in P.M. and cleaned kitchen.

Tue., 19 [Dec, 1899]
Rained, cleared off 12:00, clear in P.M. I sewed all P.M. Frank brought pigs and beef dogs 
here in P.M. Supper 5:30. Retired 8:30.

Wed., 20 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. I washed. Ma, Pa, Will, went to Cal. to new store. Bess came home at noon then 
went to town in P.M. Aunt Nerve here 4:00. Got bookcase.

Thur., 21 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. Ironed, cleaned dining room, sitting room, went to Uniontown. Oh, fan me, pretty 
brakeman. Coming home, packed like sardenes, Old Sam, Oh! My. Seen Mag B., 
John A. and Jesse Woodward.

Fri., 22 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. Bess & I washed. Ma swept our room in A.M. We went to town, Cal. Ma went to 
Blanche's in P.M. Willie still here. Blackburn gave Willie pair [of] stockings.

Sat., 24 [Dec, 1899]
Cloudy, foggy all day. Did ironing in A.M., baked cake in P.m.  Ma went to Brownsville on 
Mason, returned on line. J__ had good laugh. Bess & Will met Ma.  Nick, warm member 
gave Tom turkey, aren't those nich turkeys?  
[In left margin] Went to bank for drinking water.

Sun., 24 [Dec, 1899]
Rained until 10: A.M., then snowed & blowed remainder of the day. Getting much colder at 
3: P.M. Wille still here. Fearful snow storm 5: P.M., dark and stormy.

Mon., 25 [Dec, 1899]
Christmas, fan me. Got telegraph, Oliver will be home, came 10:30. Frank went after Blanche 
and babe for dinner. Frank came after her in eve (nit), Tom took her home. She got after the 
boys, and then there was a hot fight. Willie's last night here and cried most of the time.  
Retired 8:30 P.M.

Tue., 26 [Dec, 1899]
Fair but cold. I churned & worked butter. Dinner at 11:00. Blanche came up at 1:00 P.M. 
with news, they had a hot fight. Frank took Oliver to river in buggy also took Willie with him. 
Baby much better but Willie worse. We had music in eve. Retired at 9;00 P.M.

Wed., 27 [Dec, 1899]
Cold and stormy. Did not do much but loaf in the A.M. Went to Cedar Hill in P.M. had a rich 
time, fan me. The singing, Oh! Mr Wagner, I thought he would take a spell. We had a gay 
time with him. The guests were few but we had a very pleasant afternoon.

Thur., 28 [Dec, 1899]
Fair. I made bread, Ma baked it. Bess washed some towels in A.M. Bess and I went up to 
Brownsville, seen a pretty brakeman (blue eyes). Fan me! When we got in Huston's office 
(What do you want?). Oh, the walk up the hill toward Bridgeport. Brakeman on 3:15 nearly 
got his legs cut off. Wouldn't that have been a shame. I got mother's bonnet.

Fri., 29 [Dec, 1899]
Cold, 7° above zero.  Ma sewed all day. Will went after beef, 7:00 A.M. Stormy in P.M.  
Bess & I went out on hill, 1:00 P.M. Gertrude here 2:30 until 5 P.M. I lent her some music. 
Read in eve, discovered boil on ___.

Sat., 30 [Dec, 1899]
Very cold, 4° above zero at 6:00 A.M., Bess & I baked doughnuts in A.M. I washed in P.M. 
and Bess churned. Had a good pot of cabbage soup for supper. Boil pretty sore by that time.

Sun., 31 [Dec, 1899]
Cold, 2° above zero. Read in A.M. and sewed a little. Sorry to say broke Sabbath, last day 
of year.  Bess & I went to Blanche's in P.M., had a caller while we were there, returned at 4:30. 
Supper 6:30. I['m] as sore as ever and alarmed.


Mon., 1 [Jan, 1900]
Cold, snow on ground. Had chicken for dinner. I had boil in A.M., had boil on ___.  
Girls went skating down with Nick. Ma sewed in P.M. Retired 8:30 but did not sleep much.

Tue., 2 [Jan, 1900]
Cold, down to 11°. Did not do much of anything in A.M. Ma went to Blanches in P.M..  
Girls went skating. Pa and I alone, had rabbit pie for supper. It was out of sight! My boil 
still worse. Retired 9:00 P.M.

Wed., 3 [Jan, 1900]
Cold. Hauled 4 inch ice all day. I churned and washed some in A.M., went to river in P.M. 
but did not skate. Saw Will Reese, he is a peach, called on babes a while, got beef and 
returned home in time to get cake and help with supper.

Thur., 4 [Jan, 1900]
Cold. Still hauling ice, 5 inches. We all went skating in P.M. Hoot mon, what a warm time, 
fellow with curls! Hough, Burton, fan me! Couldn't skate at all with any one. Returned 4:30, 
Mother had supper nearly ready. Bess and I did sweeping.

Fri., 5 [Jan, 1900]
Cloudy 32° and sleeting at 10: A.M. Finished ice in A.M., Nick here for dinner, we intend 
going to skate but it rained. Ma and Bess went to Blanches. I baked hickory nut cake.  
Much warmer in eve.

Sat., 6 [Jan, 1900]
Cloudy. Went on hill, 8:00 A.M. to see river. Bess churned, I cleaned kitchen. Oliver 
returned on 10:20. I in misery all afternoon with boil, could not sit still, retired 8:00 P.M. 
with poltice but did not sleep much.

Sun., 7 [Jan, 1900]
Warmer. Woke up sick as a dog, vomiting, fit to kill. Boil worse. I was in bed all day. 
Oh fan me! Prayed for death but got no relief. Fan me! 7:00 P.M. Jim Downer stayed 
until 9:45. Played Southern Jollification.

Mon., 8 [Jan, 1900]
Fair, 32°, sunshine all day. I some better. Boil broke 4:00 A.M., laid in a bed until noon, 
got up, washed dishes, churned, cleaned lamps and helped with supper. Ma baked cake 
and pies. Bess & Will went to school. Mr. Dixon her for dinner.

Tue., 9 [Jan, 1900]
Fair, sunshine all day, 46° 12 P.M. I swept dining room, baked bread in A.M., washed some 
in P.M. Frank & Babes came up, 2:00 P.M. Party at Lilleys but we did not get to go. 
 We are never in it. Boil still sore.

Wed., 10 [Jan, 1900]
Drizzled all  day. Kids did not get over river, it was full of ice. Pa and Ellis went to Uniontown.  
I had hot fight in P.M. Pa returned in eve. River clear by 6: P.M. I read in evening, 
retired 9:30 P.M.

Thur., 11 [Jan, 1900]
Rained all day. I ironed in A.M., gave kitchen thorouth cleaning, sewed in P.M. at corset cover, 
read in eve. Bess and Will came home covered with mud and very angry.

Fri., 12 [Jan, 1900]
Cold. I washed in A.M. Ma went to Cal. got my shoes but did not fit. Pa went to Uniontown 
staid all night. Elis went also. Oliver went to see Dr. Miss Halles and Sadie here 4:00 P.M. 
Mr. & Mrs. Negley here for supper. Oliver returned 5:00.

Sat., 13 [Jan, 1900]
Fair. Got turkey 7:00, it weighed 14 1/2 lbs. I dressed and stuffed it. Pa returned 10:30.  
Bess & I went to Hammonds with shoes in P.M. (Ha! Mr. Dutchie says.) Aunt Kate and 
Aunt Ann here for supper, we went to Marchand's in eve.

Sun., 14 [Jan, 1900]
Cloudy & windy all day. Read in A.M. John M. up in P.M. (Barriers burned away).  
Went on hill 5: P.M., supper 6: P.M. Frank here for supper. (Smoke 3:00) ?went?.

Mon., 15 [Jan, 1900]
Cloudy. I baked, churned and ironed in A.M. Mr. Phillips here 9:30. Pa went to Roscoe.  
I sewed at corset waist in P.M. Pa returned 2:30. Fan me! At supper table, told about 
Corothers Jipsy Jip.

Tue., 16 [Jan, 1900]
Rained hard until noon. The gentleman brought message, Pa left for Uniontown on 3:45.  
Sam here in P.M. I sewed corset cover. Ma made rapper. Oliver got word to go to bank 
next day. I read in eve.

Wed., 17 [Jan, 1900]
Cloudy until 12:00. I washed, hung colored clothes out. When I found it was going to bee [a] 
nice day, I hung white clothes out, got them all dry. Ironed in eve. Short ?buried? fellow 
came and hollowed[hollered] at Nick. Frank stayed all night.

Thur., 18 [Jan, 1900]
Rained hard all day. Grooms here 9:15. I ironed and sewed in P.M. Ma cleaned hall and 
parlor. Pa returned 7:00 P.M. (Nick). I read. (Berries burned away)

Fri., 19 [Jan, 1900]
Cloudy.  I washed some in A.M., cleaned back hall and stairs.  Ma went to Cal., then at 2:00, 
Ma and I started for frog town, stopped at Marchands to see Nora but she was not there.
 Pup took our sho. Gert and Nora here in eve.

Sat., 20 [Jan, 1900]
Rained all day. Ma and Pa both sick. I baked usk and scarred kitchen, scrubbed porch and 
stones in P.M., ironed also. Bess washed in afternoon. Ma swept up stairs.

Sun., 21 [Jan, 1900]
Fair. Did not go to church, read some in A.M. We took walk in P.M., returned and read while 
longer. Blanche came up 3:00 P.M. with family, expected Frank in eve, but did not come so 
she stayed all night. (Talked talk 9:30 on different subjects). Fan me.

Mon., 22 [Jan, 1900]
Fair.  I churned at 9:00 A.M., then helped Blanche down as far as Synches[?Lynches?], 
returned 11: A.M.  Helped Ma parepare dinner.  I washed good string of flannels in P.M.  
Oliver went to Uniontown on 3:15.  Ellis here in evening.  [I] Retired 9:00.  
Willie found overshoe.

Tue., 23 [Jan, 1900]
Fair. Baked bread, pies and ironed, began cleaning kitchen 10: A.M., finished 1:30. Ma went 
to town. Shanty Jane's house burned to ground. Eve West here for buttermilk at 4:00 P.M.

Wed., 24 [Jan, 1900]
Fair. I cleaned my room and washed 32 panes of glass, made fudge in P.M. Ma and Ante 
went to coffee town to ????. (Groom bought farm) Frank in Coal bank - got new table.  
Oliver came home from bank.

Thur., 25 [Jan, 1900]
Rained all day. I sewed some in A.M.  Oliver left on 2:00 P.M. train for Georgia, raining like 
"old billy" when he started. Wind blew hard all night, I slept very little.

Fri., 26 [Jan, 1900]
Cold, 15° above zero, quite change. Sewed in A.M. and put afternoon in carrying coal and 
feeding chickens and one thing another. Charles Steele and Mr. Wakefield here at 3: P.M.  
Gas gave out in Cal.

Sat., 27 [Jan, 1900]
Fair, 12° above at 6: P.M., 21° at noon. Bess and I did large washing in cellar, fine day to dry. 
Election at Marchand. Bointon over in P.M. Ma gave him kerchief. Had ice cream, liver, and 
onions for supper. Will Luker, babe (son).

Sun., 28 [Jan, 1900]
Fair. Went to church, seen Arch (good morning). Very windy when we came home. Read in 
P.M. Made taffy and sprinkled clothes. Read in eve and retired at 9:00 P.M.

Mon., 29 [Jan, 1900]
Very cold, 3° below zero at 6: P.M. I ironed all A.M.  William Forsythe here A.M. Tom went to 
mill. Ma went to Cal. to get bonnet. Elis here.

Tue., 30 [Jan, 1900]
Cold, 10° above. I baked bread and churned. Ma made apple -. I went on hill 4 P.M. seen 
Mason (red sweater fight). Bointon came over with ceder meat. (Hot fight)

Wed., 31 [Jan, 1900]
Very cold. I went to town in a.m. Winfields - Abels - Postoffice - Jews - Vandikes - Harts - seen 
freak, went on hill to see school for people cross. Had -hot fight, the freak and me at 0 P.M.


Thur., 1 [Feb, 1900]
Cold, 6° below. Butchered 4 pigs.  Elis - Van - Tom - Frank - Pa had reumatics very bad. 
I mixed sausage, Bess washed dishes. Finished everything but rendering lard  

Fri., 2 [Feb, 1900]
Cold, 10° above. Pud tryed to get up a scrap at the breakfast table. Snowing, very fast skating 
spoiled. Ma sick all day. Went for Dr. in P.M. Washed some in A.M.

Sat., 3 [Feb, 1900]
Cold, river forzen over and walking up, Mr. Fulton and Elis here for dinner. Mrs. West here in 
P.M.  Ma no better. I went out on hill 4:00 P.M. Nora and Mr. Bointon went to Lilleys.  
Mr. Eberman died.

Sun., 4 [Feb, 1900]
Rained all day. Dr. here 5:00 P.M. John M. here in P.M., he and Frank painted log-boat, made 
Pa a crutch. Granny took very sick but was much better the next day. I read some in P.M.

Mon., 5 [Feb, 1900]
Fair. Mrs. West rendered lard. I cleaned house. Mary West came up in P.M., churned, 
scrubbed porch, paired potatoes. I cleaned butchering ting upsearred wash house, cleaned, 
churned, got night coal and got up supper. Bess sick, Pa and Ma better.

Tue., 6 [Feb, 1900]
Cloudy. Fan me. I sick as a dog all day. Bess & Will could not get over river.  Bess went to 
Blanche's in P.M. I helped to get supper, read in evening. Mother wrote to Oliver.

Wed., 7 [Feb, 1900]
Cloudy. I cleaned pantry, safe, back porch, and washed in P.M. Bointon brought mince meat 
over. I received unexpected news from the freak. Very much surprised. Sall Walker died.

Thur., 8 [Feb, 1900]
Fair, just like spring. Baked pies, ironed and cleaned my room. Ma swept her room and hall 
also. Frank brought Willie up. Gert Van Ellis and Sarah went to wedding.

Fri., 9 [Feb, 1900]
Fair. Kids went to river but could not get across, but got across by noon. I went to Blanche's. 
Seen Jim D. heard about John's return, very much surprised. Willie got burned. I wrote 2 letters.

Sat., 10 [Feb, 1900]
Fair. Bess and I washed. Ma sick all day. We went to Cal. in P.M. Hoot mon, in the station, fan me. 
George Yorty prettycoat, Nick and tale about Bob. George N. Got dates from burle fellows.

Sun., 11 [Feb, 1900]
Fair. Ma sick. I had sore throat. Dr. here gave me gargle. Will Forsythe here in P. M. 
The Frank Blaine sunk at Crescent when Eurena was at Lillys. John A. went down at 6 P.M. 
Pifer at the wheel.

Mon., 12 [Feb, 1900]
Cloudy. I ironed, churned in A.M. Ma some better. Aunt Anna here in P.M. 
I read in evening, retired 8:30 P.M.

Tue., 13 [Feb, 1900]
Very windy all day with snow flurries. I baked pies, biscuits in P.M. Had ham and shoulder 
for supper. Read in eve. Tom after apples.

Wed., 14 [Feb, 1900]
Fair. I washed, finished 1:00 P.M. Aunt Nerve and Brinton here in P.M. Mr. Elliott died. 
Received Valentine Ahem!

Thur., 15 [Feb, 1900]
Cloudy. I ironed all A.M. Went to Blanche's in P.M., nursed Marjorie all P.M. Had her first 
short frock on. Got groceries at Schmidts.

Fri., 16 [Feb, 1900]
Snowed in P.M., cloudy in A.M. Ma went to Brownsville to see Dr. Eastman; not there so 
went to Richard, came home on 4:20. Bob Elliott's funeral.

Sat., 17 [Feb, 1900]
Cold and snowy, snowed all day, 6 in. in eve. Did regular work. Ma and Pa not well.  
Tom and Frank hauled coal. Will went to Cal. and to frogtown after oysters.  
Bess, I and dog having some fun. Pa stepped in on the scene.

Sun., 18 [Feb, 1900]
Cold. 6° at 7;00 P.M. Read all fornoon. Will Forsythe, wife and son came 11:30 A.M.  
Had dinner 1:30. Think gingham is nice for kitchen.

Mon., 19 [Feb, 1900]
Cold. I churned 1 hr 30 mi. Called on Mrs. West in P.M. took them buttermilk. West got 
side meat, had supper 5:30, read in eve.

Tue., 20 [Feb, 1900]
Fair but cold, 4° below zero 4 A.M. I cleaned cupboard from top 2 bottom. Groceries received. 
Ma went to party at Forsythes. Pa went to call. I washed & ironed in P.M.

Wed., 21 [Feb, 1900]
Rained, begun at 12:00. Margaret Shearer came 11:15. Blanche came 11:30, returned 5:00.  
Granny got fall, laid from 3:15 until 4:30. I read in evening.

Thur., 22 [Feb, 1900]
Cold and blustery, snowed in the P.M.  Mary Lize's babe dead. Nick laid it out. Snowed 
until 10: P.M. Wrote a letter to __________ [blank]. Retired 9:30.

Fri., 23 [Feb, 1900]
Cloudy in A.M. Shantys burned 8:45. big whistle blew. Cleared off 1 P.M. I baked cinnamon 
rolls. ?Ose? and Eddy sick. Fair in P.M.

Sat., 24 [Feb, 1900]
Warm and cloudy in A.M., quick change 1 P.M., terrific wind storm. Damaged Cedar School 
house. Will went after rent ($12). I cleaned kitchen, scrubbed dock house. Ma sick. 8:30, 18°

Sun., 25 [Feb, 1900]
Hoot mon, coldest day of "00", 6° below zero. Terrible wind all day. 9° above at 3:30, 
wind still blowing hard. Took our meals in dining room. Frank brought fish up.

Mon., 26 [Feb, 1900]
Cold 5° below zero. Bess and Will did not go to school. River full of ice and very high.  
Pa went to Cal. Uncle John here. Lilleys 2 went to butchered. Bess churned.

Tue., 27 [Feb, 1900]
Fair & cold. I baked bread. Went to Gerts and to Blanches in P.M. Girls went to Cedar 
Hil School house. I returned 4:45, got Willie candy. River still full of ice. Seen Harry F.

Wed., 28 [Feb, 1900]
Fair. I washed colored clothes, towels & tablecloths. Miss Elliott here broke the news 
about Becky being dead. I churned in P.M.  Ma baked cakes. Pa went after rig, heard 
of Alex's death.


Thur., 1 [Mar, 1900]
Rained hard all day. Pa went to Uniontown to Alex's funeral but it did not come off. 
We went to Becca's funeral with little fellow. Hoot mon. Eli Forsythe.

Fri., 2 [Mar, 1900]
Cold. Cleaned kitchen thoroughly in A.M. Sewed dust robe in P.M. sewed until 4:30.  
Had noodles for supper. Read in evening. Retired 9:30

Sat., 3 [Mar, 1900]
Fair. Did regular Saturday work, baked doug[h]nuts & ginger bread, finished washing in P.M. 
then sewed my ruffle on. Supper 5:30. Killed a doney chicken 6:45.

Sun., 4 [Mar, 1900]
Fair A.M. Ma sick. Bess went to church. Ma & I prepared dinner, had roasted chicken.  
Cloudy in P.M. Read in P.M. Had concert 4:30 P.M.

Mon., 5 [Mar, 1900]
Cloudy and disagreeable. I baked, got dinner & supper. Hot chase after thukeys 11:15, 
Rained in eve. Kids came home very angry.

Tue., 6 [Mar, 1900]
I sewed in A.M. until 10 A.M., then churned, sewed also in P.M. Weather cloudy and 
warm & windy. Freak on Levle, his signal as usual.

Wed., 7 [Mar, 1900]
Fair. Ma & I baked cake. I washed dishes then went to Cousin Johns. Annie gave me news of Will -- window.  
Miss Wright. ?he? went to Wests in eve. I scrubbed & washed in eve.

Thur., 8 [Mar, 1900]
Fair. Worked hard until 10 A.M. Uncle John came 9:45. Had a good turkey of dinner.  
Tom sister very bad sick. I went to Blanches seen Press on Mason. I had glass. 
Babe & Blanche.

Fri., 9 [Mar, 1900]
Fair. I washed in A.M. Pa went to Uniontown. Sadie here in P.M., got invitation to dinner party.  
Work all done by 6 P.M. in eve. Hot fight while getting supper.

Sat., 10 [Mar, 1900]
Bess and I worked like slaves in A.M., got ready for party. 10:30, 18 girls in all had good play 
of checkers. Had good dinner, returned 5:30. Folks all mad at home.

Sun., 11 [Mar, 1900]
Fair in A.M. Went to church 38 converts. Seen Reese and Gerald Tom buried sister. 
Snowed in P.M. Gertrude here. Wrote letter to Oliver.

Mon., 12; [Mar, 1900]
Cold 10° but Fair. Got a terrible scolding 6:15. I washed. Willie came up in A.M.  
Pa went to Uniontown. Annie Kent here in P.M. Uncle Jim came 7 P.M.  
I washed dishes, made yeast 9:30

Tue., 13 [Mar, 1900]
Fair except for few clouds. Scrubbed and cleaned in A.M. Looking for Cronches. Fan me. 
7:20 I at Jakes. Uncle Jim nearly came in. Nell & Aunt Ruth came. 4:20 Uncle Ike walked 
Stroms home up Sp???

Wed., 14 [Mar, 1900]
Nell & Ike here all day. Blanche came up in P.M. Frank and Willie up in A.M.  
Mathews here in P.M. (artill.) Nell & Ike left 6:30 P.M. for coal centre.

Thur., 15 [Mar, 1900]
Snowed 6 in. and fretty cold. I ironed, got dinner, washed dishes, then went to bed. 
Pretty sick all afternoon. Uncle Jime came 6:30 with out his supper.

Fri., 16 [Mar, 1900]
Snowing a little. I loafed all day. Ma, Pa and Uncle Jime went to cousin John's to dinner party. 
Tom took them in sled. (flowers)

Sat., 17 [Mar, 1900]
Cold, 2° below zero. Ma sick. Bess & I made ginger cakes. Made 1 qt. of taffy. Cousin John 
here for dinner. Read in P.M. Dance at Darrvechs.

Sun., 18 [Mar, 1900]
Thawing. Good sleighing. Jesse T. up in A.M. I read all day long, Wrote letter in eve. 
Retired 9:30 P.M.

Mon., 19 [Mar, 1900]
Rainy and disagreeable. I did morning work, baked bread, biscuits, got dinner and supper. 
Read in eve. Maloys first day of ferrying.

Tue., 20 [Mar, 1900]
Fair, cold and windy. I churned, did general work of A. M. Baked cake, went to Lilleys. 
Did my chore of carrying in coal. 12:35 went to Blanches. Uncle Jim here for supper and all night.

Wed., 21 [Mar, 1900]
Snowed all day. I cleaned closet, finished at 2 P.M. Made apren in P.M. Frank Mumford's death, heard about it.

[Page with entries for Thursday, March 22 through Sunday, March 25, 1900 was not found.]

Mon., 26 [Mar, 1900]
It rained all day long. Dr. here for dinner. Did large wash. Will went to school in A. M. I had severe boil.

Tue., 27 [Mar, 1900]
Cloudy and cold. I sick with boil. Baked bread. Willie here all day. Pa went to Washington, did not come home. 
Frank stayed all night.

Wed., 28 [Mar, 1900]
Fair. Ma pretty stiff. Bess and I put out wash. Dandy drying day, all done by 11:00 A.M. 
Aunt Nerve here in P.M. Mr. and Mrs. Gray after house. I dug cabbage, heard of 
Dr. Farquar and Thorner Freeman's death. (Pa got gum hose.)

Thur., 29 [Mar, 1900]

Snowed 4 inches. Dr. here for dinner. Pa went to Uniontown. Read in eve. 
Mother pretty bad. Ades babe _______

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