Weygant Request Letter

Charles Weygant Request Letter

Recently, I was contacted by Glenna Hertzler <[email protected]> concerning the information I have for 1049-James Sacket.  In the material Glenna sent to me is a copy of a handwritten letter from Charles Weygant to 2595-James Sacket,  son of 1049-James Sacket.

The letter requested confirmation or corrections to the information Weygant had for 1049-James Sacket and his family.  It also requested information from 2595-James Sacket for him and his family.  Insofar as Weygant did not include information for 2595-James Sacket's family in the book "The Sacketts of America" and the uncompleted form that Weygant sent to James was found in the family papers; it is assumed that James never responded to Weygant.

This serves to shed some light on how Weygant gathered some of his information for the book.  It also serves to answer those who complain that Weygant did not have information on their line included in his book ... If the information wasn't sent to him; he couldn't include it in the book.

When we consider the fact that much of the information in the book appears to have been submitted to him by others and that he could not double check all the information submitted to him, should cause us to be less critical of his omissions and some of the errors and found in the book.

When I consider the large number of these letters Weygant must have sent out and that the letters were probably all handwritten; I come to a deeper appreciation for what he accomplished in compiling the book.
- Thurmon King

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