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 Welcome - Vítáme Vás

TexasCzechs is a Texas Czech genealogy web site devoted to helping others with ancestors from Moravia, Bohemia, Silesia & Slovakia discover more of their roots. Outside Texas, very little is known of this special breed, the Texas Czechs, whose immigrant ancestors left the Czech Crown Lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and settled the fertile Black-land soils of Texas. Here we celebrate our precious Czech heritage!

If you're looking for genealogical information, such as family trees and surname lists, these we provide here. If you are a beginning genealogist and need help locating ships' passenger lists or genealogy software for your computer, we hope our resource lists are of benefit to you. Our resources will also point the way to web sites with information on the culture, customs, language and music of the Czechs.

If you need something specific or have any questions, please feel free to contact me with an e-mail. Be sure to add your surnames in our guest book, further down this page, so other genealogical researchers may contact you.

Sharing. It's what it's all about!
Richard Garza

NOTE: Some of our links still point to our old website at Homestead.com as we continue to upgrade our web pages for the Rootsweb.com site

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