Genealogy of the island Texel - Emigration - Surnames A to D - Miriam Klaassen
Surnames A to D

The family Aleman are descendants of Willem III, duke of Holland and Henegovia (1304-1337). This is proved in a very interesting article of Mr. T.N. Schelhaas in "CBG jaarboek 1980". The ancestors of Pieter Aleman lived for centuries in Ouddorp, in the province Zuid-Holland.


I. Pieter Aleman * 15-9-1811 Ouddorp, son of Krijn Aleman and Niesje Leenders van Kadsand, 11-5-1850 Texel, workman, x 22-9-1842 Texel Jannetje den Bleijker, * 5-8-1820 Ouddorp, daughter of Maarten Jansz den Bleijker and Baaltje van Dam.
1. Niesje * 5-11-1842 Texel, 10-8-1868 De Koog, Texel, x 27-9-1866 Jacob Stark
2. Johannes * 18-1-1844 Texel, see IIa
3. Maarten * 4-9-1846 Texel, see IIb
4. Krijn * 8-4-1849 Texel, 22-11-1851 Texel
5. Pieter * 25-6-1850 Texel, see IIc

When their youngest son was born, Pieter Aleman was already dead. So Jannetje den Bleijker decided to give the baby his father's first name. Jannetje moved to the Haarlemmermeer in December 1853 and remarried with Theunis Roest. She got one daughter from her second husband, named Baaltje Roest. At the end of 1855 she returned to Texel, where she decided lived in the village of De Koog. Although she was not married anymore, she gave birth to another daughter. Her youngest child Maartje den Bleijker was born on the 22th of June 1857, without any obstetric assistance at all. The lack of a midwife was so unusual, that it was written down in the birth certificate. But not a word about the father of the child.

In 1867 Jannetje went with five of her children to the US. The family arrived 11-6-1867 with the bark "Arnold Boninger of Prussia" in the port of New York from Rotterdam. They settled down in Michigan. The illegimate child Maartje den Bleijker changed her name to Martha Aleman and married the widower Leonard Somers originally from Vianen, whose surname in the Netherlands was Van Zomeren.


IIa. Johannes Aleman, * 18-1-1844 Texel, 6-2-1918 Kalamazoo, Michigan, farmer, x 1870/71 Michigan, Martina M. Having, 13-1-1939 Kalamazoo Michigan

Johannes was called John in the USA. His wife was also a native of the Netherlands, but had emigrated to the United States in 1852, at 6 months of age. This couple had no children.

IIb. Maarten Aleman, * 4-9-1846 Texel, 8-5-1928 Kalamazoo, Michigan, x(1) 4-8-1870 Kalamazoo, Michigan Jacoba Baas, * 1-7-1849 Kruiningen, Zeeland, the Netherlands, daughter of Paul and Nellicia Baas, 8-6-1907 Kalamazoo, Michigan, x(2) 1-9-1910 Wilhelmina Veenma Cramer.

They got nine children, three of them died at an early age. Maarten was called Martin, and the first name of his wife Jacoba was Americanized to Jennie. Martin Aleman worked as a laborer, as a peddler of groceries, and as a grocery wagon driver.

IIc. Pieter Aleman, * 25-6-1850 Texel, 22-8-1922 Dorr Township, Michigan, railroad worker, farmer, construction worker, x 1874 Martha Kane, 23-6-1951 Grand Rapids, Michigan

They had three children: Jennie, John and Otis. Martha was a native of the state of Indiana. She died at the age of 95.

Sources: CBG jaarboek 1980, Civil registration Texel, Doopsgezind lidmatenboek, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880". With thanks to Gerrit de Groot and Sue Studabaker for their information.


Like many others, the Bakelaar-family came from Goeree to Texel after the reclamation of Eierland in 1835. Their place of origin was Goedereede. Aart Pietersz Bakelaar was born in 1730. All Bakelaar's of Texel are descendants of him.

I. Aart Pietersz Bakelaar, baptized 10-7-1730 Dutch Reformed Church Goedereede, son of Pieter Aartsz Bakelaar and Johanna Domisse Prol, x(1) 13-6-1751 Ouddorp with Jannetje Hendriks Comtebedde, x(2) 13-8-1775 Goedereede with Pieternel Wouters Aleman
Children from the first marriage:
1. Pieter ~ 3-12-1752 Goedereede
2. Pieter ~ 28-9-1755 Goedereede
3. Geertrui ~ 7-5-1758 Goedereede
4. Hendrik ~ 9-2-1766 Goedereede, see IIa

Children from the second marriage:
5. Wouter ~ 5-11-1775 Goedereede, see IIb
6. Gerrit ~ 15-6-1777 Goedereede, see IIc

IIa. Hendrik Aartsz Bakelaar, ~ 9-2-1766 Goedereede, x 8-8-1790 Goedereede with Magteltje van der Schoor
1. Cornelis ~ 10-4-1791 Goedereede
2. Aart ~ 30-12-1792 Goedereede
3. Jannetje ~ 1-6-1794 Goedereede
4. Jaapje * 19-2-1797, ~ 19-3 Goedereede
5. Aart * 29-8-1798, ~ 16-9 Goedereede
6. Johanna * 21-11-1801, ~ 6-12 Goedereede
7. Geertje * 18-5-1804, ~ 20-5 Goedereede

IIb. Wouter Aarsz Bakelaar, ~ 5-11-1775 Goedereede, x 1-10-1801 Goedereede with Maria van Eck, born in Ouddorp
1. Aart * 3-7-1802, ~ 18-2 Goedereede
2. Pieternella * 8-2-1810, ~ 4-3 Goedereede
3. Philip * 14-4-1814 Goedereede, see IIIa

IIc. Gerrit Aarsz Bakelaar, ~ 15-6-1777 Goedereede, † 20-5-1847 Ouddorp, x 19-11-1799 Ouddorp with Martijntje Leenderts Vogelzang from Ouddorp, † 7-11-1851 Ouddorp
1. Pieter * 8-9-1800, ~ 27-9 Ouddorp, see IIIb
2. Leentje * 11-6-1803, ~ 19-6 Ouddorp
3. Johanna * 11-12-1806 Ouddorp
4. Johanna * 29-3-1809, ~ 23-4 Ouddorp
5. Johanna * 25-9-1810, ~ 14-10 Ouddorp

IIIa. Philip Woutersz Bakelaar, * 14-4-1814 Goedereede, x Neeltje Leenderts van Es, * 29-6-1820 Stellendam
1. Wouter * 1841 Texel, see IVa
2. Pieter * 1845 Texel, x 1869 Texel with Grietje den Braven
3. Leendert * 1846 Texel
4. Marinus * 1847 Texel, see IVb
5. Adrianus * 1850 Texel, see IVc
6. Philip * 1853 Texel, see IVd
7. Maria * 1857 Texel, x 1876 with Pieter Stark, * 25-12-1852 Texel, son of Gerrit Stark and Guurtje Dros

Philip and Neeltje emigrated 16-3-1880 to the US to join their children. Only their son Pieter stayed on the island Texel.

IIIb. Pieter Gerrits Bakelaar, * 8-9-1800 Ouddorp, † 23-2-1860 Texel, x 3-6-1825 Ouddorp with Neeltje Breen, * 30-10-1805 Ouddorp, daughter of Poulus Poulusz Breen and Cornelia Goverts Rademaker, † 12-4-1853 Texel
1. Paulus * about 1833 Ouddorp, see IVe
1. Kaatje * about 1840, x 28-2-1861 Willem Renjes Blik, see the heading Blik

IVa. Wouter Philipsz Bakelaar, * 1841 Texel, x 7-9-1865 Texel with Rigtje Visser, * 1844 Harlingen, daughter of Reijer Reijersz Visser and Antje Klaas Overdijk
1. Neeltje * 1866 Texel, † 1866
2. Leendert * 1867 Texel
3. Antje * 1869 Texel
4. Antje * 1871 Texel, &30134; 1872
5. Cornelis * 1872 Texel, † 1872
6. Neeltje Martha * 1873 Texel
7. Philip * 1875 Texel, † 1875
8. Antje Maria * 1876 Texel, &0134; 1876
9. Philippus * 6-5-1878 Texel

They emigrated 9-5-1881 to the USA.

IVb. Marinus Philipsz Bakelaar, * 1847 Texel, x 29-5-1873 Texel with Wilhelmina de Graaf, * 1851 Texel, daughter of Michiel de Graaf and Pieternella Martinusse
1. Neeltje * 1873 Texel
2. Michiel William * 1875 Passaic
3. Petronella * 1877 Passaic
4. Maria Martha * 1879 Texel

Marinus, his wife Wilhelmina and their oldest daughter went in 23-3-1874 to Passaic in the USA. They returned after a couple of years in Eierland. On the 16th of March 1880 they emigrated again, accompanied by the parents of Marinus. This group of eight persons arrived in New York on the 15th of April 1880 with the "Amsterdam".

IVc. Adrianus Philipsz Bakelaar, * 1850 Texel, x 30-5-1878 Texel with Leentje Koenraad, * 1857 Texel, daughter of Pieter Koenraad and Jacoba Dekker
1. Philip * 1879 Texel
2. Jacoba * 1880 Texel, † 1880

They emigrated 21-2-1881 to America.

IVd. Philip Philipsz Bakelaar, * 1853 Texel, x 6-3-1879 Texel with Antje Stark, * 1859 Texel, daughter of Jan Stark and Jantje Buis
1. Neeltje * 1879 Texel
2. Jan * 1880 Texel
3. Philip * 1884 Texel
4. Willem * 1891 Texel

This family left Texel 19-4-1899. They sailed with the "Amsterdam" to New York, accompanied by her mother Jantje Stark-Buis, her brother Daniel Stark and his family, and a few other Texel residents. The ship arrived 10-5-1899 in New York.

IVe. Paulus Pietersz Bakelaar * around 1833 Ouddorp, x 29-12-1860 Texel with Benjamintje Mulder, daughter of Albert Mulder and Marijtje Schouten
1. Albert * 2-3-1863 Texel
2. Arie (Orrie) * 10-9-1868 Texel

Albert emigrated 12-4-1888 on his own to the US. His brother Arie followed 25-3-1890. In Passaic, New Jersey, Arie married 16-2-1894 Passaic, New Jersey, Martje Aukes Vlaming. She was born in De Cocksdorp 5-11-1873, as a daughter of the sailor Auke Klaasz Vlaming and Trijntje Gerrits Stark. The family Vlaming originally came from the village of Oosterend on the island Texel. In 1876 or 1877 the household of Auke Vlaming and Trijntje Stark emigrated to Passaic, New Jersey. Arie Bakelaar and Martje Vlaming had two sons: Paul and Oker. Arie disappeared on the 18th of November 1920. His drowned body was found December, 27 of the same year.

Sources: Church registers of Goedereede and Ouddorp, Civil Registration Goedereede, Ouddorp and Texel, "Hijijij... is naar Amerika", "Werkers uit Goeree-Overflakkee en hun nakomelingen in de Eierlandse polder", online Ellis Island records, online Castle Garden Index. With thanks to Carole Bolard for her information.

Bakker is a frequent surname in the Netherlands. So it is not a surprise several Bakker's emigrated from Texel between 1850 and 1920. They are not all related. So far I only managed to find some information about one family. In 1903 the painter Jacob Bakker left Den Burg, Texel with his wife and three children. Their destination was Haledon, New York, where his sister Trijntje Bakker lived with her husband Johannes van Grouw.
Sources: "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", Online Ellis Island records.

Johan Arnold Tobiasz Barhorst was born in Damme in Oldenburg, Germany. In 1835 he moved to Texel with his wife Anna Maria Catharina Geerts Schene. They had already five children, and two more were born on the island. Johan Arnold was a farmer, and he owned a farm with the name "Pomona" in Walenburg.

His son Willem Barhorst was only 18 years old when he married Jannetje Cornelis Kranenburg in December 1854. They emigrated in 1866 to the US, with their eight children: Maria Catharina, Cornelis, Gerrit, Dirk, Jannetje, Johan A., Pieter and Willem. The family Barhorst arrived on the 16th of May in New York with the "Southampton". They went to Newark, New Jersey. Cornelis, the second oldest child, married Annie Prall on 12 April 1879 in Paterson, and died 15 June 1904 in Totowa, New Jersey.
(see also the chapter Kranenburg)
Sources: Civil Registration Texel, "Texelse geslachten", "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Boerderijenboek", "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880". With thanks to Thomas F. Harding.

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Den Bleijker

Three brothers of the Den Bleijker-family from Ouddorp moved to the new polder Eierland on the island Texel. The youngest one, Paulus, was the most successful. He emigrated in 1850 as a wealthy person. The other family members followed his example and went also to the US.

I. Jan Jansz den Bleijker, living in Ouddorp, province Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands, x 2-5-1793 Ouddorp with Maartje Maartens Bosland, daughter of Maarten Paulusz Bosland and Catharina Jans Goeree
1. Jan * 4-4-1794 Ouddorp, see IIa
2. Kaatje * 9-2-1796 Ouddorp
3. Maarten * 4-12-1799 Ouddorp, † 6-1-1800 Ouddorp
4. Maarten * 13-11-1800 1800 Ouddorp, see IIb
5. Fransijntje * 4-5-1803 Ouddorp
6. Paulus * 23-12-1804 Ouddorp, see IIc
7. Maartje * 24-9-1806 Ouddorp, † 5-12-1806 Ouddorp

The birth dates of the children are found in a little book with notes about the children of the mennonites of Goedereede and Ouddorp.

IIa. Jan Jansz den Bleijker, * 4-4-1794 Ouddorp, x with Maartje Leenderts Bakker.
1. Maartje * 5-9-1819 Ouddorp, x 1842 Texel Pieter Immerzeel, son of Gerrit Immerzeel and Stijntje Storm
2. Leendert * 22-5-1821 Ouddorp, see IIIa
3. Jan * 5-6-1823 Ouddorp, see IIIb
4. Ariaantje * 12-12-1828 Ouddorp, x Klaas Krijger
5. Dimmen * 4-11-1831 Ouddorp, see IIIc
6. Neeltje * 23-3-1835 Ouddorp
7. Kaatje * 21-10-1837 Eierland
8. Klaas * 3-6-1842 Eierland
Jan Jansz den Bleijker and his wife Maartje Leenderts Bakker both came from Ouddorp in the province Zuid-Holland. They lived in at least three farms on Texel, before they left in 1853 with their two oldest and three youngest children Neeltje, Kaatje and Klaas. This family settled down in Lodi, New Jersey.

IIb. Maarten Jansz den Bleijker, * 13-11-1800 Ouddorp, † 8-6-1886 Fillmore, Allegan, Michigan, cause of death lung fever, farmer, x(1) 21-4-1820 Ouddorp with Baaltje van Dam, daughter of Jan van Dam and Jannetje ....., x(2) Riske Visser.
Children from the first marriage:
1. Jannetje * 5-8-1820 Ouddorp, x(1) Pieter Aleman, x(2)Theunis Roest
2. Johannes * 1824 Ouddorp
3. Martijntje * 1829 Ouddorp, x Krijn Ihrman
4. Maartje/Naatje * 10-7-1832 Ouddorp, x with Gundert Steinman
5. Francijntje * 8-9-1833 Ouddorp, x Dirk de Ridder
6. Jan * 17-4-1836 Ouddorp
7. Maarten * 5-6-1838 Texel, see IIId
8. Paulus * 1839 Texel
Children from the second marriage:
9. Jan * 1856 Texel
10. Olvert * 1857 Texel
11. Kate * Michigan about 1861
12. Deena * Michigan about 1862
Skipper Jan Troost Jansz moved Maarten Jansz den Bleijker and his family in 1836 to Texel. Maarten was a member of the mennonite church, but in 1853 he decided to transfer to the "afgescheiden" church of Oosterend. In 1859 he followed his brother Paulus to Michigan. His prosperity was described as "mingegoed" (class between well-to-do and needy). Maarten traveled with the ship Alice Tainter from Amsterdam to New York, accompanied by his second wife Riske Visser and their two youngest sons Jan and Olvert. They arrived on the fourth of June 1859 in New York. Only two days later his daughter Naatje Steinman-den Bleijker arrived in the same city with her family (see Steinman). In Allegan, Michigan Maarten and his wife Riske got another two children, Kate and Deena.

IIc. Paulus Jansz den Bleijker, * 23-12-1804 Ouddorp, † 8-4-1872 Kalamazoo Michigan, cause of death pneumonia, x(1) with Gooltje Pijl, * 13-6-1813 Ouddorp, † 10-9-1841 Texel, daughter of Cornelis Pijl and Jannetje van der Hoe.., x(2) 17-6-1847 Texel with Neeltje Dogger, * 1811 Texel, † 13-2-1855 Kalamazoo Michigan, daughter of Pieter Dogger and Dieuwertje Dogger, x(3) 16-6-1856 Michigan with Jane Ann Bunce, * 1820 Michigan, † 30-4-1869 Kalamazoo City Michigan, x(4) with Sarah W Lyle, * 1818 Plymouth Devonshire Great Britain
Children from the first marriage:
1. Jan * 1839 Texel
2. Maartje * 1840 Texel
Children from the second marriage:
3. Pieter * 1848 Texel
4. Dimmen * 1849 Texel
Paulus Jansz den Bleijker married fourth times: twice in the Netherlands and twice in the United States. He lived in the farm "Padang" in the polder Eierland, but was also involved in the reclamation of the little polder De Eendracht. In 1850 he left the island with the "Catherine" as a cabin passenger, with his wife Neeltje Dogger, four children and two maid-servants. He was 46 years at that time, Dutch reformed and well-to-do.
In the "Staat van landverhuizers" is written down a remark in the margin about Paulus den Bleijker: This person collected in the recent few years a relative considerable fortune by the practising of his farm on the island Texel. The other persons are hired by him, to follow him to North America. These other ones were Geert Klaassen Bouwman, Jacob Dogger, Sacom Dogger, Teunis Venhuizen, Jan Hoek and Albert Sietsema and their families.
In Michigan Paulus den Bleijker bought a farm in the city Kalamazoo, where several Netherlanders settled. He wrote hundreds of letters in Dutch, to various people, mostly his brothers in the US and others in the Netherlands like P. Langeveld in Texel. There are also letters concerning business in Michigan. The University of Michigan has the original letters, which give a lot of information. His journey to the US is described, the life in the city of Kalamazoo and so on. An interesting chapter of the book "Netherlanders in America", Henry S. Lucas, 1955 is called "Paulus den Bleyker, first capitalist in the settlement".
Paulus died in 1872 of pneumonia. His fourth wife Sarah Lyle remarried Edward Chapman. Her unmarried stepdaughter Maartje was part of their household in 1880.

IIIa. Leendert Jansz den Bleijker, * 22-5-1821 Ouddorp, x 8-5-1845 Texel with Maartje Verduin, daughter of Klaas Bouwensz Verduin and Jannetje Kloosterman.
1. Maartje * 11-4-1846 Texel
2. Klaas * 1-7-1848 Texel
3. Jan * 9-3-1851 Texel, twinbrother of Bouwe
4. Bouwe * 9-3-1851 Texel, twinbrother of Jan, died before 1860
5. Andrew * about 1854 New Jersey
6. Barney * about 1856 New Jersey
7. Jane * about 1860 New Jersey
8. Daniel * about 1864 New Jersey
9. Marinus * about 1866 New Jersey
10. Adrianna * about 1868 New Jersey
They lived in Eierland, Den Burg and De Cocksdorp. Leendert worked as laborer. He was mennonite, but his wife Maartje Verduin was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church. They decided to baptize the girls in the church of the mother, and the boys were supposed to follow the religion of their father. This was usual practice in "mixed" families.
The family left Texel in 1853, together with his parents. The given name Leendert was changed in Lane. They lived in a two-family dwelling in Lodi, Bergen, New Jersey. The children first did not go to school. Nicholas worked already at the age of 10 in a factory, and did not learn to read or write. At the time of the 1870 Census things were a little better. The family owned real estate and were "in print works". The younger children went to school.

IIIb.Jan Jansz den Bleijker, * 1823 Ouddorp, x 18-4-1844 Texel with Maartje Jans Buis, daughter of Jan Buis and Aaltje Zegel.
1. Maartje * 1845 Wieringen
2. Jan * 1846 Wieringen
3. Leendert * 1848 Wieringen
4. Jacob * 1851 Texel
5. Demman * about 1853 Netherlands
6. Aletta * about 1857 Netherlands
7. Cornelius * about 1859 New Jersey
There is no trace of this family in the emigration records. All of a sudden they are listed in the 1860 Census of Lodi, Bergen, New Jersey. Jan and his three eldest children worked in a factory, but Jacob and Demman were allowed to go to school. In 1870 most children did not live anymore in the parental home. Father Jan worked as a teamster and Demman was an apprentice baker at that time. The oldest son Jan was already married and had a four-year old son named John.

IIIc. Dimmen Jansz den Bleijker, * 4-11-1831 Ouddorp, x 31-3-1853 Texel with Gerdina de Blok, daughter of Daniël de Blok and Johanna Moelaard.
1. Jan * 1854 Texel, died in the same year
2. Jan * 18-5-1855 Texel
3. Ellen * about 1856 Netherlands
4. Daniel * about 1860 New Jersey
5. Lane * about 1863 New Jersey
6. Philip * about 1865 New Jersey
7. Martin * about 1868 New Jersey
In 1859 they traveled with his uncle Maarten and his family with the "Alice Tainter" to New York. The passengerslist is a mess, but nevertheles it is strange that their daughter Ellen is not mentioned in the ship passenger manifest. Ellen worked in 1870 as a domestic servant in the house of a non-Dutch family. Dimmen was mentioned as Daniel, he was a farmer in Saddle River, Bergen, New Jersey.

IIId. Maarten Maartensz den Bleijker, * 1838 Texel, † 2-4-1861 Eierland, Texel, x 1-10-1857 Texel with Johannetta Sophia Visser, * Harlingen, daughter of Reijer Reijers Visser and Antje Klaases Overdijk.
1. Maarten
After the death of Maarten Maartensz den Bleijker, Johannetta remarried 4-7-1861 Texel with Hendrik Meijer. This couple got nine children, but five of them died at an early age. Hendrik Meijer died 17-7-1882 in Texel. His widow Johannetta emigrated with two of her children in May 1884. Her son Maarten, from her first marriage, emigrated earlier. He left Texel in 1872, only 14 years old.

Sources: Boerderijenboek, Hijijij ... is naar Amerika, Kroniek van Eijerland, online Passengerslist of the "Catherine", civil registration of Texel, Doopsgezind lidmatenboek, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses", "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880", online Genealogical Death Indexing System Michigan, online Census 1880. With thanks to Jeff Wallick for his information.

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Blik is not an original Texel-surname. Renje Blik was baptized 2-4-1797 in Eenrum in the province Groningen. He went in 1837 to the townhall of Texel to register the newborn Willem, son of himself and his wife Dijtje Geerts Wichman. According to this certificate they were "accidently" in Eierland, but their residency was Kloosterburen. A few years later they were again accidently in Texel when their daughter Trientje was born in 1841. Apparently they stayed at first temporarily in Eierland. Maybe they returned in the winter to Groningen. But their son Willem grew up on the island, and in 1861 he married the 21-year old Kaatje Bakelaar.

Kaatje was an orphan at the time of the marriage. She was born in Texel, but her family came from Ouddorp. Not only her parents Pieter Bakelaar and Neeltje Breen were already dead, but she also did not have any grandparents in 1861. The annexes of the marriage certificate are listing the death dates of all four grandparents: Gerrit Bakelaar died 20-5-1847, his wife Martijntje Vogelzang 7-11-1851, Paulus Breen died 23-4-1831, his wife Cornelia Rademaker 13-10-1840. All of them died in Ouddorp, on the island Goeree in the province Zuid-Holland.

The couple Willem Blik and Kaatje Bakelaar traveled accompanied by their three children in 1867 from Rotterdam to New York with the "Arnold Boninger of Prussia". On board were 80 persons from Texel. The Blik-family settled down in Ottowa County, Michigan. According to the Census of 1870 Willem owned his own farm. He was assisted by a farmhand Klaas Lusender. In the meantime two more children were born, so there were five kids in the house: Teunis, Neeltje, Deltje, Reinier and Katrina Cornelia. The girl Deltje is called Peetje in the ship manifest, and in another source she is listed as Dijtje. I suppose her real name was Dijtje, because that was the given name of her paternal grandmother. A son Pieter was born in 1871. Ten years later, there was born another daughter. She was called Antje. In 1884 John, the baby of the family, was born.

Willem Blik died in 1894 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His wife Kaatje Bakelaar died fourteen years later in the same place, in the home of her daughter Kate Veyer (that was the married name of Katrina Cornelia Blik). Their two oldest children both died before the parents. Teunis married Hendrikje Hulst in 1883, and died in 1890. He had no children. His sister Neeltje married in 1882 with Lourens Oranje. Neeltje died in 1886, only 22 years old. Her husband Lourens Oranje remarried probably with her sister Dijtje.

The two youngest siblings both did not marry. Antje or Annie died at 21 years of age. John's occupation was shoemaker. He died in 1915, without any descendants. Reinier Blik, known as "Ryan", was born in Michigan in 1868. He left home at 16 years old and apparently was not heard from again. His sister Katrina Cornelia Blik married with Rolf Veyer. This couple got 11 children.

The continuation of the familyname Blik was arranged by Pieter. He got eight sons, and no daughters! Pieter Blik married in 1895 Mary Clara Verbrugge, born in Axel in the province Zeeland in the Netherlands. She gave birth to eight sons: William, Corneilius, John, Anthony, Fred, Harry, Marvin and Paul. After the death of his first wife in 1920, Pieter remarried in 1924 the Swedish Anna Blomstrand. The family lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pieter worked as gluer in the Sligh Furniture Factory. He died in 1957, at 85 years of age. His body was interred in Grand Rapids, Washington Park Cemetery.

Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880", "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses, 1850, 1860, 1870", "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", Civil registration Texel. With thanks to Don Bryant for his information.

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De Block
The De Block-family came originally from Goeree-Overflakkee. In the early 1840's Daniel de Blok and his wife Johanna Moelaard moved from Stellendam to the new reclamation Eierland, like many others. A group of 12 members of the extended De Blok-family left Texel in the spring of 1866. They travelled with the Norwegian bark "Anna" and arrived May 30 1866 in the port of New York. In the USA the spelling of the surname changed to De Block.

I. Daniel de Blok, * 1799 Stellendam, son of Philippus de Blok and Johanna Johannes van Dam, laborer, married Johanna Moelaard, * 1809.
1. Johanna * 22-3-1829 Stellendam, † 5-9-1829
2. Philippus * 2-11-1830 Stellendam, see IIa
3. Gerdina * 16-9-1832 Stellendam, x 31-3-1853 Texel Dimmen Jansz den Bleijker, see the chapter Den Bleijker
4. Johannes * 18-8-1834 Stellendam, see IIb
5. Hendrika * 17-2-1836 Stellendam, x 6-9-1860 Texel Pieter van der Hoek, * Texel, son of Reindert van der Hoek and Hendrikje Kepaan, laborer
6. Leendert * 28-7-1838 Stellendam, see IIc
7. Jacob * 18-10-1841 Stellendam, x Kate Smits
8. Johanna * 2-4-1844 Texel
9. Daniel * 18-4-1846 Texel, x Kate Morleen Morgan
10. Cornelis * 9-3-1849 Texel, † 13-7-1850
11. Cornelis * 12-5-1851 Texel, x Adrianna Wentink
The pater familias Daniel settled down with his wife in Paterson, New York. According to the Census of 1870 their son Daniel lived in the same house with his newly wedded wife Katie Morgan. The oldest son Philippus lived with his family in the northern part of New Jersey, in Lodi.

IIa. Philippus de Blok * 2-11-1830 Stellendam, son of Daniel de Blok and Johanna Moelaard, laborer x 24-1-1856 Texel Teuntje Bakker, * Ouddorp, daughter of Klaas Bakker and Cornelia Visbeen.
1. Daniel * 9-2-1857 Texel
2. Cornelia * 2-2-1860 Texel
3. Johanna * 25-10-1862 Texel
4. Klaasje * 8-2-1865 Texel
5. John
6. Adrian

They emigrated together with the family group in 1866. Philippus and his family lived in the northern part of New Jersey, in Lodi.

IIb. Johannes de Blok * 18-8-1834 Stellendam, son of Daniel de Blok and Johanna Moelaard, laborer, x 28-4-1859 Texel Antje Hoogheid, * Texel, daughter of Cornelis Hoogheid and Neeltje Krijnen.
1. Johanna * 22-11-1859 Texel
2. Cornelis * 30-3-1861 Texel, laborer, x 7-8-1887 Texel Leentje Knol, born Texel, daughter of Klaas Knol and Hendrika Wetsteen
3. Neeltje * 7-9-1862 Texel, x 9-4-1885 Hendrik Plavier, * 1863, son of Klaas Plavier and Martje Geus, carpenter.
4. Daniel * 10-11-1863 Texel
5. Gerdina * 5-5-1866 Texel
6. Sipkes * 8-10-1867 Texel
7. Leendert * 23-3-1869 Texel
8. Jan * 26-3-1871 Texel
9. Grietje * 10-4-1873 Texel
10. Leendert * 10-9-1874 Texel
11. Johannes * 30-4-1877 Texel
12. Jacob * 27-9-1879 Texel
13. Philippus * 17-2-1881 Texel

The second daughter Neeltje emigrated in March 1887 with her husband and their two small children. In September the rest of the family followed, but the oldest daughter Johanna stayed in the Netherlands as far as I know.

IIc. Leendert de Blok * 28-7-1838 Stellendam, son of Daniel de Blok and Johanna Moelaard, laborer, x 11-9-1862 Texel, Maria van Houten, * 14-1-1841 Texel, daughter of Jan van Houten and Aaltje Jans Visser
1. Daniel * 27-2-1863 Texel, laborer, x 16-10-1884 Texel Geesje Buis, * Barsingerhorn, daughter of Abraham Buis and Geertje Visser
2. Jan * 7-2-1866 Texel
3. Johannes 21-7-1869 Texel
4. Aaltje * 10-4-1872 Texel, † 28-11-1880
5. Johanna * 4-2-1876 Texel, † 5-5-1878
6. Elco * 19-10-1879 Anna Paulowna

This family moved to the Anna Paulowna-polder, and back to Texel. In May 1888 they emigrated. Leendert opened a grocery store in Paterson in 1894.

Another familymember John de Block, born on Texel, arrived June 10, 1885 at the port of New York. In June 1899 he applied for the citizenship of the United States. At that time he was 32, a grocer, residing at no. 157 Temple street, city of Paterson, New Jersey. The carpenter Johan de Block, residing in the city of Manchester, New Jersey was one of his witnesses.
Sources: "The De Block Family in America", Staat van Landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880", "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870", Passaic common pleas. With thanks to Mel de Block, Peter DeBlock, AnnMarie Freeman and Albert Buys.

Albert Jakobs de Boer was born in Texel 16-3-1834. He worked as a farm hand in Dijkmanshuizen, near De Waal. Albert was a member of the mennonite church. The Dutch Reformed Arendina Catharina van Houten married him 3-5-1860 Texel. Together they got seven children: Jakob (born 3-5-1861), Jan (born 3-9-1862), Doortje (born 5-11-1865), Hendrik (born Oct. 1867), Aaltje (born Jan. 1871), Albert (born 25-10-1873) and Trijntje (born 20-8-1876).

In 1888 their daughter Dorothea emigrated, a year later followed by another daughter Aaltje. In April 1890 Albert and Arendina moved to the USA, with the rest of their children. Their son Hendrik de Boer married 29-11-1893 in Paterson, New Jersey. His bride Maria Elizabeth Kamp came originally from Den Helder. Hendrik worked in America as a textile engraver. He also maintained a rather large garden for personal use and raised chickens. Maria Kamp worked part time as a domestic, for a very wealthy family. Both Hendrik and Maria were very active in the Reformed Church. Hendrik served on the Consistory and Maria was a Sunday School teacher.
Sources: "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", Doopsgezind lidmatenboek, civil registration of Texel. With thanks to Bert and Shirley Troast.

Willem Bok was a notary on the island of Texel in the nineteenth century. He sent his son Willem J. Bok to the private French school in the village of Den Burg. From the teacher "monsieur" P. W. Verberne he learned the French, German and English language. Willem J. Bok became also a notary, in the nearby Den Helder. He speculated with his clients money, and lost so much that he was not able to pay his debts. In a hurry he fled to England. There he waited for his wife and their two sons Willem and Edward. Together they emigrated to the US. Willem J. Bok became a translator in New York, working for the Western Union Telegraph Company.
His son Edward (1863-1930) made a success of "The Ladie's Home Journal". He was proud of his Dutch origin, and wrote chauvinistic about the Netherlands. In his autobiography he romanticized the homecountry, and wrote nonsense about Texel. For example: "On this island once lived a group of men who, as each vessel was wrecked, looted the vessel and murdered those of the crew who reached the shore. The government of the Netherlands decided to exterminate the island pirates, and for the job King William selected a young lawyer." He got a Pulitzer Price for this book, but his information about Texel is absolutely rubbish!
Sources: " 't Lant van Texsel", "Edward W.Bok, de ideale immigrant" by Hans Krabbendam, published in the periodical "Spiegel Historiael" 1995.

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Willem Willems Bosland was born in Ouddorp in 1834. With his wife Johanna Michiels de Graaf he lived on a farm in De Cocksdorp. In 1886 they emigrated with their seven children.
Source: "Boerderijenboek"

The family Breen originally came from Ouddorp. Paulus Paulusz Breen and his wife Nellie van der Sluis moved around 1836 to the new polder Eierland. This couple stayed on the island Texel, but several descendants emigrated to the US.

I. Paulus Paulusz Breen, * 3-2-1789 Ouddorp, son of Paulus Breen and Cornelia Rademaker, † 15-5-1858 Texel, x 24-5-1816 Ouddorp with Neeltje van der Sluis, * 4-11-1793 Ouddorp, † 26-9-1872.
1. Cornelia * 1816 Ouddorp, x 7-4-1839 Texel with Dirk Verhage
2. Evert * 1819 Ouddorp
3. Cornelis * 16-4-1821 Ouddorp, see IIa
4. Paul * 1824 Ouddorp
5. Krijn * 1827 Ouddorp
6. Krijna * 1830 Ouddorp, x Pieter Kalf (see the chapter Kalf)
7. Paul * 1831 Ouddorp
8. Krijn * 6-11-1833 Ouddorp, see IIb
9. Pieter * 3-11-1838 Texel, see IIc

IIa. Cornelis Paulusz Breen * 16-4-1821 Ouddorp, x(1) Elisabeth List, x(2) 25-10-1860 Texel with Pieternella Bakelaar, * 1829/30 Melissant, daughter of Aart Bakelaar and Jannetje Spronk.
Children from the first marriage:
1. Jacob * 29-4-1850 Texel, † 12-8-1931 x 29-4-1880 Texel Maartje Buijs, * 9-11-1849, daughter of Jacob Buijs and Maartje Portegies, † 20-6-1934
2. Evert * 1859 Texel, † 1917
Children from the second marriage:
3. Aard * 11-8-1861 Texel
4. Aart * 20-7-1862 Texel
5. Krijn * 18-3-1864 Texel

Krijn Cornelisz Breen emigrated in 1888 together with the family of his aunt Krijna Breen. He arrived December 15, 1888 at the port of New York. In September 1899 he became a US-citizen. He worked at that time as a labourer, and resided at no. 71 Beckwith Avenue, city of Paterson, New Jersey.

IIb. Krijn Paulusz Breen * 6-11-1833 Ouddorp, † 28-5-1925, x 30-6-1859 Texel with Nellie Visser, * 24-2-1835 Vlieland, daughter of Olphert Reijersz Visser and Trijntje Kromhout, † 28-5-1916
1. Paul * 1-12-1859 Texel, † 18-6-1941 Grand Rapids, Michigan, x 14-4-1884 Allegan County, Michigan, Mary Oosdyke
2. Alfred, died before the family emigrated
3. Evert * 5-1-1863 Texel, † 15-1-1921, x Antonia De Fouw
4. Trijntje (Jennie) * 12-12-1864 Texel, † 4-8-1923, Zeeland, Ottawa County, Michigan, x Albert Smitter * 1853, † 1941
5. Cornelis * 1-2-1867 Texel, † 19-12-1945
6. Alfred * 7-6-1869 Graafschap, Michigan, US, † 8-10-1904, x Susan Smitter
7. Nellie * 31-3-1871 Graafschap, MI, † 27-12-1939, Zeeland, Ottawa County, Michigan, x Herman Miller, * 7-9-1867, son of Harm Miller and Stella Smith, † 17-1-1948, Zeeland, Ottawa County, Michigan
8. Grace * 8-12-1872 Graafschap, MI, † September 1941, x(2) mr. Jacobusse
9. Peter * 19-11-1874 Graafschap, MI, † 5-5-1953, x Minnie Hunderman
10. John * 28-10-1876 Graafschap, MI, † 31-12-1971, x Jenny De Poorter, † June 1972
11. Ralph * 11-8-1879 Graafschap, MI, † 11-5-1967, x Anna Schansema

The whole family emigrated in 1867. Krijn was listed in the "Staat van landverhuizers" as a Dutch Reformed fisherman of 34 years old. They settled dwon in Graafschap, Michigan. The children were enrolled at Fillmore School near Graafschap where they had an 8th grade education. Many of them went to high school in Holland. In 1909 Krijn and Nellie celebrated their golden wedding. The large family gathered on the occasion, and there is a picture preserved of that day.

The seventh child Nellie married Herman Miller. He founded the Herman Miller Company with his son in law Dirk DePree in 1923, and it is now a huge corporation, one of the largest in Michigan. The Herman Miller Company makes office furniture and systems that are sold worldwide.

IIc. Pieter Paulusz Breen * 3-11-1838 Texel, x 13-2-1862 Texel with Jannetje Tanis, * 14-10-1840 Texel, daughter of Paulus Tanis and Johanna Longstraat
1. Neeltje * 13-6-1863 Texel
2. Johanna Catharina * 16-2-1865 Texel
3. Paul * about 1868
4. Cornelis
5. Petertje (female) * about 1876 Illinois
6. a girl * about 1880 Illinois

They went 26-2-1866 to Zijpe, and came in 1867 to America. The family settled in Chicago. Pieter and his wife had five children. Two of the Breen girls died early. Neeltje married a mr. Fieldhouse and died of T.B. at the age of 33. In 1880 they lived in Calumet, Cook, Illinois. Johanna Longstraat was a member of their household. Her surname was spelled Longerstreet by the Census takers, the surname Breen was noted down as Brain.

Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870", civil registration Texel, Passaic common pleas, "The genealogy of Krijn and Nellie Visser Breen", "Werkers uit Goeree-Overflakkee en hun nakomelingen in de Eierlandse polder", online US Census 1880. With thanks to AnnMarie Freeman, Albert Buys, Marcia Londo, Mary Miller and Don Bryant.

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You can find the genealogy of the family Bremer on my Dutch site. Several members of the family emigrated.

Jacob Aries Bremer was a baker in Oudeschild. He married 28-10-1863 Texel Trijntje Teunis Koning. They got nine children. In May 1870 they left the island and emigrated to Chicago to join the family of Meis Teunis Koning, a sister of Trijntje. Meis and her husband Marinus van der Kloot already emigrated in 1868.

The farmer Nanning Pieters Bremer married May 1875 Geertje Klaas Brouwer. They left Texel with their six children. The family traveled to Grand Rapids, like many other Dutch emigrants.

The couple Dirk Arisz Bremer and Antje Jans Trap too emigrated to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1903 with the "Rotterdam". They had eleven children: Aris, Maartje, Jan, Cornelis, Maarten (died as a child), Mary, Cornelia Maria (died as a child), Cornelis, Cornelia Maria, Antje and Dirk. Their eldest daughter Maartje was engaged to Gerrit Vlaming, when they emigrated. Dirk Bremer passed away on 14-6-1926, his wife Antje Trap 12-11-1945. Both are buried in Garfield Park Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
With thanks to Dorita Hanke and Matthijs Bremer.

The carpenter Constantinus Anthonius Henricusz Broekkamp was born in 1827 in Amsterdam. He married in 1854 in Texel Maria Logman, widow of Maarten Zijm and Pieter van Schaarenburg. They got two sons: Constatinus Hermanus and Lodovicus MG. Constantinus jr. married Trijntje Tijs Bakker. Lodovicus married ... de Graaf. In 1888 Lodovicus emigrated with his wife and one child to the US.
Sources: Texelse geslachten, naar Amerika

Hendrik Bruin was a baker in Den Hoorn. He married Naantje Pieters Kuiper, and they got 11 children. One of them was Pieter, born on the 9th of December 1845. Pieter went in 1869 to De Zijpe, to work there as a baker's hand. In May 1870 he married Cornelia Kunst, and became baker in Den Hoorn, Texel. This couple got 6 children: Leendert (1871), Willem Leendert (1873), Anne Cornelia (1874), Nannette Cornelia (1877), Hendrik (1878, died at an early age), Cornelis (1880).

Probably the business was not prospering, because their house was sold in 1881 to Jacob Dirksz Bruin for f 1160,-. Pieter Bruin, his wife Cornelia and their five children emigrated in the same year to Michigan. On board the youngest child Cornelis died. Pieter worked in a furniture factory in Grand Rapids. Later his name was changed to Peter Brown. His son Leendert worked in the same factory, while Willem worked at Grand Rapids Refrigerator Comp. Cornelia Kunst and her daughter Nannette were dressmakers. Nannette married Jerry Knapp and lived with her husband in Miami, Florida. According to Willem Kikkert she visited Texel around 1950, where she stayed at the house of his grandmother Neeltje Bruin. He is describing her as a handsome older lady in a light colored dress with a flower dessin.

Several members of this family are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Pieter Hendriksz Bruin died 8-11-1923, his wife Cornelia died 4-6-1921. Their sons Leendert and Willem died respectively 1-6-1962 and 10-5-1946. As far as known, there are no descendants alive nowadays. Leendert left behind his widow Helen C. and a stepson named John F. Clark.

With many thanks to Arthur Kok.

Klaas Reijersz Daalder was born 22-2-1844 in the village De Waal. He married Cornelia Jans Trap. They left Texel in 1883 with their six children and emigrated to Montague, Michigan. Another two children were born there. Klaas Daalder worked in the Netherlands as a carpenter, and in Montague he was a house builder. In 1888 the family moved to Grand Rapids. Much more detailed information is available on the site of Gerard Dalder.

There was also a family Daalder who moved to Paterson. Dirk Daalder and his wife Antje Schagen moved first to Den Helder, and in May 1900 the family emigrated to the US.

Dirk Daalder, * 3-12-1853 Oosterend, son of Jan Maartensz Daalder and Fijtje Feddes Valk, 12-4-1911 Paterson, carpenter, x 27-9-1877 Texel Antje Willems Schagen, * 15-12-1854 Oudeschild, daughter of Willem Alberts Schagen and Neeltje Jonas Visman, 12-12-1938 Paterson.
1. Jan Dirk Daalder (Oudeschild 1878-Passaic 1904), x 1900 Grietje Hendriks Keijzer (1882-Passaic 1949), daughter of Hendrik Jan Keijzer and Maria Hendriks Bakker. They got three children.
2. Willem Daalder (Oudeschild 1880-Malawan, New Jersey 1965), x 1913 Laura Ottes Koettgen (1879-1960), daughter of Otto Koettgen and Johanna Sommers. This couple did not have any children.
3. Fedde (Oudeschild 1883-Den Helder 1886)
4. Pieter (Den Helder 1886-Paterson 1932) x 1916 Lima Ohio Jennie Susan Tierson (1885-Paterson 1965), daughter of Abraham Tierson and Petrinella ... They got four children.
5. Fedde (Den Helder 1888-Neptune New Jersey 1967), x 1928 Janna Cornelia Aries Struik (Melissant 1892), daughter of Arie Mosesz Struik and Jacoba Aries van der Mast. They had no children.
6. Tetje (Den Helder 1893-Paterson 1934), x 1912 Klaas Kramer (Urk 1886).
7. Neeltje (Den Helder 1895-Den Helder 1897)
8. Dirk (Den Helder 1895-Den Helder 1896)

Sources: Civil registration Texel, "Het geslacht Daalder".

The well-to-do Willem Dalmeijer left Texel in March 1867 with his wife Engeltje Plavier and three children. He was a stock-farmer. Willem died December 12, 1884, Engeltje died February 9, 1901. Both were buried on the North Holland Cemetery in Michigan. Their daughter Antje was married with the carpenter Willem Moojen. This couple emigrated also in March 1867, accompanied by their child.

Jan Hendriksz Dalmeijer (1850-1915) married in 1873 with Dieuwertje Dirks Tuinder. In 1902 he went to America with his youngest son Dirk (1876-1925). Both died in Los Angeles, California. The eldest son Hendrik (1874-1915) lived in 1899 in Pretoria, South-Africa and later on he was administrator of a sugarfactory on Java, Indonesia.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", periodical of the Historical Society Texel, Online records of the North Holland Cemetery on the site of Luann Hughes DeVries.

The painter Simon Dekker married in 1825 in Texel Vrouwtje Visser from Vlieland. This couple lived at the time of the 1830 Census in Den Burg, on the corner of the Hogerstraat and the Stenen Plaats. One of their sons was Teunis Dekker, born on December, 2 1840. Teunis worked as skipper. In 1870 he married Jannetje Leenderts Bakker. Teunis and Jannetje got eight children. The couple Dekker-Bakker emigrated from Texel to the USA in October 1887 with five children. Unfortunately it is unknown where they settled down.
Please contact me if you know anything about this family.
Sources: "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", civil registration Texel, Census 1830 Texel. With thanks to Esmeralda Loos-Dekker.

Dijker is a very old Texel surname. The first known generations of the family are listed on my Dutch site. The genealogy starts with Maarten Jacobs Dijker, mayor of the village of Oosterend in Texel, who died in 1618. In the nineteenth century a lot of residents of Texel moved to Den Helder for economic reasons. One of them was Nicolaas Aldertsz Dijker, born 1802 in Oudeschild. His grandson Augustinus Wilhelm Dijker was born in 1878 in Den Helder. Augustinus married Clara Catharina Maria Liedmeijer. They moved several times and lived in Amsterdam, Zaandam, Nijmegen and Chicago. Their son John Dijker was born November 15 1907 in Chicago. His mother Clara traveled from Chicago to Amsterdam with the two-year old child. In May 1910 she returned with the "Noordam" to her husband. Their second son Charles was born a year later in Chicago, November 1 1911.
Sources: Population Registration Amsterdam, Online Ellis Island records, Civil registration Den Helder.

Hendrik Pietersz Dijt was born in 1847 in the hamlet Zuidhaffel, Texel. He was a son of Pieter Simons Dijt and Petronella Verberne. In 1875 he married Naantje Jans Zijm (Den Burg 1852-USA 1920). They left Texel in 1888 with six children: Pieter, Klasina, Jan, Simon, Willem and Petronella. Another two children were born in the USA, Cornelius and Catherine.
Sources: Stamboom van 't geslacht Zijm, Boerderijenboek.

In 1809 Pieter Hertjesz Dogger married his cousin Dieuwertje Jacobs Dogger. Pieter became the owner of a farm in the polder Waalenburg. They got six children: Neeltje(1811), Jacob(1813), Pietertje(1815), Hertje(1817), Trijntje(1822) and Sakom(1824). Pieter Dogger died in 1832, but his widow continued the farming. After her death in 1847 their son Hertje was one year the owner, but in 1848 the son-in-law Paulus Jansz den Bleijker got the farm (see also the chapter Den Bleijker). Sakom Pietersz Dogger, also a son of the couple Pieter and Dieuwertje Dogger, became the tenant for a short period. In 1850 all properties were sold, because a large familygroup left the island on board of the "Catherine".

Paulus den Bleijker was the initiator of the emigration of the group to Michigan. He was married with Neeltje Pieters Dogger, the eldest daughter of the couple Pieter Hertjesz Dogger and Dieuwertje Jacobs Dogger. Jacob Dogger, a brother of Neeltje Dogger, was also on board with his wife Meis Hendriks Groot, and their little son Pieter Dogger. Another sibling Trijntje Pietersz Dogger joined the group with her spous Albert Siersema and their two children. Sakom Dogger was the youngest child of Pieter Dogger and Dieuwertje Dogger. He was newly wedded, and went also in 1850 to Michigan, with his wife Fijtje Jans Kuiper.

The couple Sakom and Fijtje Dogger was listed in the Census of 1860 as Jakob and Fietje Dogger, and in the Census of 1870 as Salomin and Janny Dogger. Their six sons were all born in Olive, Michigan: Pieter, Jan, Jacob, Gerrit, Cornelis and Hendrik (Harry). Sakom was a farmer, who managed to obtain his own property. In 1870 lived in their home a Jacob Dogger,70 years old, who was listed in the Census records as his father. This was definitely another person, because his father Pieter Dogger died in 1832 in Texel!

According to the 1880 US Census the four sons Peter, Jacob, Gerrit and Harry who lived at home were all doing farm work. Sakom died in 1906, and his wife Fijtje in 1899. They were both buried on the North Holland Cemetery in Michigan, like their oldest son Pieter (1852-1896).
Sources: Online passengerslist "Catharine", Census 1829 Texel, "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870", "Texelse geslachten", "Boerderijenboek", Online records of the North Holland Cemetery on the site of Luann Hughes DeVries.

Trijntje Dros left the island in 1866 with her six children. Their destination was North America. She was listed in the "Staat van landverhuizers" as a Dutch reformed, needy, female labourer. Trijntje was born in 1818 in the village of De Waal, as a daughter of Gerbrand Dros and Antje Boon.

The baker Cornelis Dros left Texel in March 1880 with his wife Martje Kuijper and eight or nine children. They traveled with the "Amsterdam" of the Netherlands-American Steam Navigation Company from Rotterdam to New York, where they arrived on the 15th of April. According to the US Census of 1880 they lived in Paterson, New Jersey.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, census 1829 Texel, US Census 1880 on the site of Familysearch, "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests", " naar Amerika"

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