1832 Creek Nation, Alabama census

1832 Creek Nation (Alabama) census

(Last updated July 18, 2003)

" By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. "

Reproduced on microfilm T275, roll 1.

The first part (upper Creek towns) was taken by Benjamin S. Parsons and the second part (lower Creek towns) was taken by Thomas J. Abbott. They were certified on May 1st and May 13th, 1833.

This transcription is taken from Senate document 512, 23rd Congress, 1st Session, and corrected against images of the original records on microfilm. Many errors were made in the transcription of the Senate document which were subsequently repeated in a published transcription. In the original record the syllables in the names were separated by a space or comma and the division of individual words was usually done with a dash. These spaces are necessary to determine correct pronunciation of the Creek names. In the Senate document and subsequent published transcription the syllables were combined and thus this information was lost.

In this transcription the original syllable spacing was preserved and separate words are started with a capital letter. Where the interpretation of certain syllables are unsure there is a question mark added. Where the interpretation of several syllables or a whole word are unsure two question marks are added. Common words such as "E marth lar, Fix i co, Har go, Har jo, Mic co, and Yo ho lo" were collapsed to "Emarthlar, Fixico, Hargo, Harjo, Micco, and Yoholo" for the sake of clarity and recognition.

The names are index by "first" name only because "last names" don't apply. Persons with surnames were culled and are most likely non-Indians or mixed Indians.

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Upper Creek Towns

The tribal town and the number
of heads of families therein:


Lower Creek Towns

The tribal town and the number
of heads of families therein:

Original index, image 1  2   |  Original Index, image 1  
Principal Chiefs   | Principal Chiefs  
Arbiccooche 107 |  
Autauga 54 |  Broken Arrow (Thlakatchka 1)122
Chattoksofke 143| Chehawah 92
Chearhaw 80 | Cholockoninne (Thlakatchka 4)108
Chehaw 29 |  
Chockolocko 109 |  Coweta 1 (Koochkalecha Town)88
Clewalla 101| Coweta 2 (on Toosilkstorkoo Hatchee)28
Conchartetie 55 | Coweta 3 (on Warkooche Hatchee)11
Coosawda 32 | Coweta 4 (on Hallewokke Yoaxar Hatchee)68
Corn House 33 |  Coweta 5 (at Cho lose parp Kar)94
Cubihatcha36 | Cowyka (a branch of Sowokcolo)45
Ekundutskie 47 |  
Emarhe 58 | Cussetaw 1 (on Little Euchee Creek)69
Ufaula (aka Eufaula)145 |  Cussetaw 2 (on Tolarnulkar Hatchee)144
Fish Pond 111 | Cussetaw 3 (on Opillikee Hatchee, Tallassee Town)56
Hatchchechubba 62 | Cussetaw 4 (on Chowwokolohatchee)32
Hatchet Creek 81 | Cussetaw 5 (at Secharlitcha)76
Hickory Ground 67 |  Cussetaw 6 (on Osenubba Hatchee)96
Hillabee 123 | Cussetaw 7 (near West Point)147
Hitchopartarga 48 |  
Kialege166 | Euche (on the waters of the Chattahooche)103
Kiamulga 54 |   
Kohomutkigartskar123 | Eufaula 1 229
Luchipoga 165 | Eufaula 2 (on Chowokolo Hatchee)49
Oakchoy39 |  
Oaktawsarsey 34 |  Hatcheechubba 30
Oselarneby 45 | High Log (Euchee)17
Ottise90 | Hihagee (a branch of the Hitchetee)95
Pochishachcha 31 | Hitchetee 108
Pockentallehasse 76 |  Horse Path Town (or Thlakatchka 4)27
Rabbit 75 | Hotallehoyarnar 82
Sockopartoy 64 | Oswichee (on the Chattahooche River)  
Sowgahatchcha 60 | Oswitchee (on the waters of Opillike Hatchee)86
Tallasse Hatche 79 |  Pahlochokolo 21
Talledega 92 | Sowoccolo 56
Tallipsehogy 19 | Talowarthlocko (a branch of Paklochokolo)47
Tallisee 190 |  
Talmachussa 48 |  Thlakatchka 1 (or Broken Arrow) & Wetumka122
Tawwarsa30 | Thlakatchka 2 17
Thlobthlocco 1 81 | Thlakatchka 3 (Koteofar)28
Thlobthlocco 2 66 | Thlakatchka 4 (Cholockoninne, or Horse Path Town)108
Toakpafkar126 |  Thlakatchka 5 (and Okefuska Echee Se Hogee
Town, on the waters of the Tallapoosa.)
Tuckabatcha 386 |  
Tuskeega 68 | Wetumka (and Thlakatchka 1)122
Weogufka 103 |  
Wewoakkar 100 |  

[Summary of Upper Towns population.]


[Summary of Lower Towns


Letters regarding the taking of the census: