1883 Creek Orphan Payroll

[Oklahoma Historical Society microfilm, CRN 6]

1883 Payroll to the 1832 Creek Orphans

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Excerpt from Senate Report, no. 599, 46th Congress

  " The Treaty of March 24, 1832 provided twenty sections of land in Alabama to be divided and sold for the benefit of orphan children of the Creeks as a trust fund. "The President directed this land to be sold under provision of the act of March 3, 1837 and the proceeds, $106,713.82, were invested in stocks."

  Later the President "ordered two payments made to the Creek orphans, to wit, August 26, 1868, $106,543.12, and July 1, 1870, $24,291.63. There was expended out of this trust fund, and without the consent of the orphans... the following sums $69,956.29 (for general purposes of the tribe) and $106,799.68 (for support of the Loyal Creek refugees during the Civil War). There was invested, in violation of law, $74,300.00, in non-bearing State stocks. These three items amounting to $251,055.97, constitute the claim of the Creek Orphans."

  On April 6, 1872 the Department of the Interior decided that the "Creek orphans were entitled to the sum of $251,055.97, illegally invested in stocks or diverted to other purposes. "

See also a letter from the Principal Chiefs of the Creek Nation to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, regarding the Creek Orphan fund.

   Part of this Creek Orphan trust fund was paid out in January-March 1883 to approximately 573 Creek orphans (or their heirs). Each orphan was entitled to $532.32. Given that most of the original orphans had died by the time this payment was made the majority of the money was divided to their heirs. The following is transcription from the 1883 Creek Orphan Payroll reproduced on Oklahoma Historical Society microfilm CRN 6. Listed are the claim number, orphan's name, heir's name, and heir's age. If the payment was not signed for by the orphan (or their heir) the person who did sign for it is listed, usually their legal guardian (g). Each heir is numbered. Heirs listed with the same number in front of their name are an heir of the original heir (ie. grandchildren). Keep in mind that the heir could also be a niece or nephew. This 1883 payroll is arranged by tribal town. (The town names of Towarsar, Osoche, and Hutchechuppa only appear on the 1870 roll but have been added to this 1883 transcription.) The heir index is indexed by first name only.

1883 Creek Orphan Payroll

Part 1, Orphans 1-166
Part 2, Orphans 167-314
Part 3, Orphans 315-463
Part 4, Orphans 464-573
  • Part 5, Orphans 125, 387, 401, 551, and 555.   A few payment made 1885-1889.

Index to Heirs (by first name only):
A-An ... Ar-Ch ... Ch-Di ... Eh-Ha ... Ha-Hu ... Il-Jo ... Jo-Ko ... Ko-Lo ... Lo-Ma ... Ma-Na ... Na-Po ... Po-Sa ... Sa-Si ... Si-Ta ... Ta-To ... To-Wo ... Wo-Yu