1863 Census of Creek & Euchee Indian Refugees in Kansas, Dec. 30, 1863

[M234, roll 835, frames 553-57, 565-588]

1863 Refugee Creek & Euchee Indian Census

This is a census of the Refugee Creek and Euchee Indians, located on the Sac & Fox Reservation in Kansas under the charge of Geo. A. Cutler, U. S. Indian Agent, dated Dec. 30, 1863.   For more information about the Refugee Creek Indians see Senate Doc. 420

The original record was written at one time and in the same hand indicating it was compiled from other source records.  It is noted that common words such as "fixico", "harjo", "e marthla", and "thlocco" that are spelt similarly in other historical documents are listed here as "jix e coh/koh", "har goh", "e ma sla/cla", "sla/cla slo/koh".  It is also noted that town names such as "Tulwa..." and "Cowetah" are misspelled as "Tulna..." and "Conetah", the "w" clearly being misinterpreted as "n".

The name index does not index the Euchee Indians or the 12 miscellaneous families.  On the Euchee Indian census the letters n, u, and w are difficult to distinguish from each other.

Name Index:   Names A-G ... Names H-K ... Names L-N ... Names O-S ... Names T-Y .... Euchee Indians (by name)

Town Index:

Abikah Fish Pond Tul ma fus se To to ka gee Euchee Indians
Hat cha ju bar Ho ga hof koh Sla slo kul ga As se nub be
Ah ge na ha ge We wo ker Ho ge ha bo for Ta fo la 12 misc. families
Al ge na ha gee Con e tah Pa kon tul la hos see Al a bam a
Kos si tah Lo cha po ker Wa ko ki ye (1) Wa ko ki ye (2)
Ak fas kas kih Tok pof ka Green Leaf Es tu lus te  
New Yorker Tul na thloc ko Tos ke geh O gee ha po ger
Cle nah le Tul cel Hil lub be Tuck a ba che
Ah bi ko gee Ot ter ce Ko was sa te Ka li gee

[M234, roll 835, frame 173]

Census of the Southern Refugee Indians in Kansas, as taken by the various Agents within the Southern Superintendency on the 1st day of April 1863. Viz.

Creeks at the Sac & Fox Agency 3290
Chickasaw at the Sac & Fox Agency 170
Cherokees at the Sac & Fox Agency 250
Seminoles at Neosho Falls 901
Whichitas and other affiliated Tribes at Belmont 1789
Quapaws, Senecas and Senecas & Shawnees (at Ottawa Reservation)    690
Total Number 7090

Office Supt. Ind. Affs.
Leavenworth Kansas
April 9th, 1863

[M234, roll 835, frame 231]

Census of the Southern Refugee Indians in Kansas and the Cherokee Nation, as follows, viz.

Names of Tribes Number
Cherokees 2070
Euchees 370
Chickasaws 225
Kickapoos 218
Whichitas & other affiliated Bands    1892
Quapaws 404
Senecas  167
Senecas & Shawnees 240
Seminoles 728
Creeks 3078
Wyandotts 192

Office Supt. Indn. Affairs
Leavenworth, Kansas, June 6, 1863