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Creek Indian Records

Creek Indian Records

 A collection of records and links for those researching their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors.

Last updated 2 Oct. 2020.   What's new or upcoming!  [This is now an archived Rootsweb site which will not be updated after 2023.]
General Creek and other tribes:

BIA Inventory (Oklahoma area)

BIA Inventory (Wash., D.C. area)

National Archives Microfilm - Indian Rolls

Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs & BIA

Creek Nation Tribal Records

Creek Nation, OK - tribal town map
(no date, some names clarified)

Enrollment Records:

Search the Dawes databases - 1899-1907+

Creek "Enrollment Cases" Index - 1899-1907+

Creek "Memorandums" & Creeks "Not Entitled" - 1899-1907+

Census & Pay Rolls:

Creek Nation Census Rolls - List.

1832 Creek Nation Census - Alabama

1857 Creek Pay Roll @ Ancestry

1858 Creek Pay Rolls @ Ancestry

1859 Creek Pay Rolls @ Ancestry

1860 Creek Nation Census - Oklahoma (free & slave owners)

1867 Creek Nation Census - Started Aug. 25, 2013.

1860 Census & 1867 Census of the 1832 Creek Orphans

1870 Payroll & 1883 Payroll to the 1832 Creek Orphans

1882 Creek Nation Census

1890 Creek Nation Census - Authenticated Roll  Aug 25, 2013.

1843 Creek Census - summary only.

Emigration records:

Emigration Records - Emigration rolls and letters

1857 "Old Settlers" Roll

1870-71 "Self-Emigrant" roll

1886 Stidham Roll of "Self-Emigrants"

Special File 207 - Index to claims of property lost and services rendered during the Creek Emigration, 1827-38. [LDS]

Special File 285 - Creek Self-emigration claims (Stidham roll).

War related records:

Creek Indians who served in the "Indian Wars" - 1817-1840s.

A list of heirs of Creek soldiers who died during the Seminole War, 1836-7.

Bounty Land - A list of some Creek Indians who applied for Bounty Land for service in various Indian Wars.

1st Regiment Indian Home Guards - Civil War

1863 Refugee Creek Indian Census

1870 Loyal Creek Abstract

Miscellaneous records:

Reserves: A few records regarding Creek Indian reserves in Alabama and Oklahoma.

A few records of white traders, citizens, and intruders in the Creek Nation, Alabama. Also claims.  

A few lists of Creek Indian claims from the Creek Civil War and other events.

List of Creek Town kings (or miccos) - 1847.

Claims against the Osage Indians for depredations against Creeks, Cherokees and others in the 1830s.

A list of persons vaccinated in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1832.

Fort Smith, Arkansas criminal case files

Seminole & Negro Records:
Seminole and Apalachicola Indians - Emigration rolls, letters, and a few miscellaneous records.

Negroes in the Creek & Seminole Nations.
See also Negro and Freedmen Links below.

Special File 284 (Loyal Creek payments, slaves not entitled)
Miscellaneous History:
Indian Pioneer History Interview - Origins of some Creek towns in Alabama.

"Columbus Sentinel" account of hostile Creek Indian disturbances near Cuwaggee (Cowikee) Creek in Alabama, Feb. 1837. See also this letter.

Fort Gibson - A brief history

Memorial of the Western Creeks - 1856

Congressional Records:
Serial Set Indexes, 1st-57th Congresses (1789-1903).     More about the Serial Set.

House Report 101. - Report concerning compensation to friendly Creeks, 1824.

Senate Doc. 222. - Treaty with the Creeks at the Indian Springs, 1825. See also next.

Senate Doc. 249. - Proceedings in relation to a Creek Treaty, 1825.

House Report 65. - Memorial on behalf of sundry Creek Indians, praying for assistance from the Government, 1832.

Senate Ex. Doc. 55. - A list of those who died in the Seminole War, 1836-37, compiled 1848.

House Ex. doc. 66 - Report concerning 185 unsold Creek Reservations in Alabama, 1848.

House Ex. doc. 234 - A Bill for the relief of the Alabama, Cooshata, and Muscogee tribes of Indians in Texas, 1873.

Misc. House doc. 38 - Petition of Delegates of the Creek Nation regarding Loyal Creek claims, 1878.

Senate Ex. doc. 198 - Claims of Creek Self-emigrants (Stidham roll), 1888.

House Ex. doc 238 - Payments to 129 self emigrant Creeks.

Senate doc. 420 - Memorial presenting Loyal Creek claims, 1902.

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Creek Nation, Oklahoma cemetery surveys:

This site is a collection of genealogical/historical records and links to help those researching their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors.   I hope this site helps someone discover more about their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors.

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