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Hoots Family

The Hoots Family

Note | In June 2020, Dad Hoots (webmaster) began updating the site, including adding pictures and links to sources, redesigning for easier navigation, reorganizing to avoid repetition, and updating incomplete or inaccurate info. The website will remain fully accessible throughout the process, which will probably take a few months. Meanwhile, please bear with any errors and inconsistencies between pages, etc. (And let us know about them.)

This web site is dedicated to the memory of Carl Casper Hoots who spent many years researching the Hoots family and wrote The Descendants of Jacob Hoots, and to Rodney Hoots, Carl's nephew, who continued the research and founded The Hoots Family website.

The Hoots family is unique in that virtually all persons in the United States with the surname Hoots are descended from one man, Jacob Hoots of North Carolina. The identity of the first Hoots to come over from the Old World remains uncertain. However, several certainties can be claimed:

This website follows the path of Jacob Hoots beginning with Johann Michel Huth, possibly his father in Germany, to Jacob Hoots and Margaret Hoots in colonial and post-revolution North Carolina. Check the links page for a guide to more information on other descendants of Jacob Hoots.

If you're new to the Hoots Family story, it will be helpful if you read about the Hoots name and its American origin place, Yadkin County, North Carolina, here: NAMES AND PLACE

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