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Stone 41
(1 side of 3)
Loving memory
John Dennee
Jan. 7 1925
Aged 78 years
His wife
Mary Jane
Dec 23 1923
Aged 84 years.
Gone till we meet again
Submitted by Mildred King

Stone 42
John Born 1859- died 1924
His wife Jane Dennee
Born 1877- Died 1960
Submitted by Mildred King


Submitted by Catherine Richards

John 1844 - 1923

Adeline Jane McGuinness 1840 - 1917

Wife of John Richards

Henry O. Richards 1880 - 1927

(Henry was one of their sons)

(other side)

William Richards 1872 - 1949

His Wife

Catherine Jane Wemp 1875 - 1951

Alice Richards 1902 - 1902

Stella Richards 1909 - 1917

E. Blanche Richards 1906 - 1983

H. Orliff Richards 1904 - 1990

(Note from Catherine:William was a son of John and Adeline. He and his wife Catherine were my grandparents.
They had five children.
Alice died of heart failure within less than 24 hours of her birth.
Stella died of pneumonia at the age of 7.
Ella Blanche lived most of her adult life in the Syracuse, NY area.
Henry Orliff Richards, my father, lived most of his adult life in Palmyra, NY.
[Their brother, Cecil Clifford Richards (1899-1967), is buried in a Batavia, NY cemetery.]


P. Augustus 1883 - 1969

Wife of Royal Monroe 1855 - 1938

(Note from Catherine:Prentice Augustus "Gus" Richards was also a son of John and Adeline.
Rachel Richards Monroe was Gus' aunt; she was the sister of his father, John.
I grew up in Palmyra, New York. We took several trips to Amherst Island
as children -- until the homestead burned down in a Christmas Eve fire.
I now live in California. I took these photos on my last trip to the Island in 2009.
After researching my ancestors a lot the past year, I am eager to once again get back
to the Island and would like to search Glenwood and Pentland for other graves of ancestors.
These two tombstones were the only ones we ever visited,
but now I know of so many more ancestors.
The ancestor I know least about is Adeline.
There doesn't seem to be much available.
The only way I found out the names of her parents was from her marriage license.
Her father is listed as William McGinness.
Her mother is listed as Maria Berdan.
On the two census records I was able to find,
Adeline was living with different female McGinness relatives,
not her parents. I wish I knew her story.

The Islands: Amherst Island: Tombstones: Glenwood Cemetery pg 5
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