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Abandoned Cemetery

( Supposedly Quaker or Prodestant)
Also known as the WALKER cemetery.
Howe Island

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Photo of Walker Cemetery 2000

Photos taken July 8 2003 by Jen Wylie. 19 photos taken at the cemetery; 7 identified tombstones (some with multiple sides and photos), 4 markers, 7 of the general layout.


South side of Island, Bottom left corner of Lot 11 SR
On 1880 tenants map is shown on Pason Walkers land.
Could not find on 1861 tenants map.
This cemetery is on the corner of Howe Island Drive (South side) and Lower Side Road (formerly Big Hill Road). It is visable from both roads.

There is an iron fence around 2 of the stones.
There are a number of trees on the lot.
I visited the cemetery in late Aug. 2000 and then July 2003. It was well kept, though there were not many stones visable, but those in good contition.
There were some stones with no text visable.
The transcription book done in 1975 by Small and Collins lists a number of stones that were broken and illegible which I did not find.
Of the 7 stones in the transcription book all were found, only one could not be read at all.

General Set up of Cemetery

I didn't do a plot map, however between the photos above and the following hopefully you can get a general idea of the cemetery layout, and perhaps even locate your family stones. Click on the below photos for larger versions.

From north end of cemetery.

From north end of cemetery.

Facing side road from east end of cemetery.

Facing side road from east end of cemetery.

Facing side road from east end of cemetery. Fenced area.

Facing east, taken from side road.

Pages of Tombstone transcriptions and photos

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Transcriptions and Photos Index
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Transcriptions and Photos page 1 Stones 01 to 07
Marker stones Markers 01 to 04
(blank or have one name or intitials)

Walker Cemetery on Find A Grave

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