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Sacred Heart OLD Cemetery Tombstones
Wolfe Island

Photos taken October 18 & 19 2003 by Neil Connolly.
BIG BIG Thank you's to Neil!

126 photos taken at the cemetery.
2 of the general layout.
Comparing with 1976 transcription book:
104 of 121 identified tombstones (some with multiple sides and photos), 18 transcriptions with no photo,
12 photos of tombstones that weren't transcribed!

Be sure to also see the Sacred Heart Church Register online-see vital record birth, marriage, death sections.

Concession VI, Lot 4.
Approximatly 1000 yards behind and to the west of the church.
According to the Sacred Heart cemetery transcription by Fern Small and Ken Collins 1976 "The cemetery had been abandoned because of a rock ledge which gradually slopes forward until it is just below the surface of the ground. The stones utilize about one-quarter of the cemetery area."

Exit right from Kingston ferry on to Rt 96 West. At intersection of Rt 95, continue straight on 96W and slightly up hill to fork in road. Take left fork past Trinity Church, the one with the pointed steeple. Take next left onto Allen Lane, past white house on your right to a dirt road and a clearing in the field ( a very short distance). Look left for Trinity Church Cemetery or continue right to Sacred Heart Church Cemetery.

Thank yous to Fern Small and Ken Collins for their transcriptions in 1976, as I referred to this book occasionally when stones were hard to read. I did find some errors in their transcriptions. Some transcriptions I could not find stones for, they are likely the transcriptions of the badly broken and faded stones. 12 stones were missed. They were likely found in the later clean up of the cemetery.

If Iíve made any errors in transcription please drop me an email to let me know. Please feel free to send in any photos of stones that arenít here. Go ahead and download to your computer any of these photos for personal use. I have high resolution copies of these photos as well if you would one for better printing. Please email me- please be specific that you want a High res copy of a Sacred Heart old cemetery photo- give photo number.

General Set up of Cemetery

A plot map wasn't done, however from the following hopefully you can get a general idea of the cemetery layout. Click on the below photos for larger versions.

Note from Neil: Photographs were taken in sequence as they sit in the cemetery starting in the South Western corner and following the rows.

Pages of Tombstone transcriptions and photos

Click on stone name to view photo.
Photos may be slow to load.
Use back button to return to this page, and from photo to transcription page.

Transcriptions without tombstone photos
Please take a peek and see if you can help!

Transcriptions and photos Index
Index to names in the following 12 pages.

Transcriptions and photos Page 1 Stones 01 to 10
Transcriptions and photos Page 2 Stones 11 to 20
Transcriptions and photos Page 3 Stones 21 to 30
Transcriptions and photos Page 4 Stones 31 to 40
Transcriptions and photos Page 5 Stones 41 to 50
Transcriptions and photos Page 6 Stones 51 to 60
Transcriptions and photos Page 7 Stones 61 to 70
Transcriptions and photos Page 8 Stones 71 to 80
Transcriptions and photos Page 9 Stones 81 to 90
Transcriptions and photos Page 10 Stones 91 to 100
Transcriptions and photos Page 11 Stones 101 to 110
Transcriptions and photos Page 12 Stones 111 to 116

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