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St. Lawrence Cemetery Tombstones
Wolfe Island

From back of cemetery facing sideroad.

Photos taken May 13 2003 by Jen Wylie and Chris Morrell.
104 photos taken at the cemetery, 2 photos from submissions;
64 identified tombstones (some with multiple sides and photos),
14 unidentified tombstones, 26 transcriptions with no stone,
8 photos of the general layout.

Concession XVIII, Lot 9.
Turn left off of ferry onto Hwy, go through village and stay on main road. Lots of corners! If you have a copy of the 1878/80 tenants map you will see the church on Con XVIII, lot nine on the property of Wells Bamford. Driving, the cemetery is on the right hand side of the road, and not too far from the main road, it is on one of the many corners. It is on 17th line. In a right turn corner is 17th line rd to the left (North). At the next corner (left turn) is the sign for 17th line rd to the right(towards the bay). There is a house just past the cemtery, which is on the left side of the side road.

The lily patch approx in center of cemetery. Side road is to right of photo.

There is an old wire fence around the one side and back of the cemetery, and piles of refuse etc along the water side. The front just has a metal railing across it. Is easy to get into, lots of places to park.

The cemetery itself was in fair condition. There were some badly damaged stones, and a few I could not read. Some stones are slowly sinking and being covered by sod. If anyone has older photos of these damaged stones please send them in!

Thank yous to Fern Small and Ken Collins for their transcriptions in 1972, as I referred to this book occasionally when stones were hard to read. I did find some errors in their transcriptions. Some transcriptions I could not find stones for, they are likely the transcriptions of the badly broken and faded stones.

If Iíve made any errors in transcription please drop me an email to let me know. Please feel free to send in any photos of stones that arenít here. Go ahead and download to your computer any of these photos for personal use.

General Set up of Cemetery

We didn't do a plot map, however between the multiple photos above and the following, hopefully you can get a general idea of the cemetery layout, and perhaps even locate your family stones. Click on the below photos for larger versions.

Taken from side road church is on, general cemtery, furthest right corner.

Back area of cemetery. Stones under the tree in below pic.

Taken from side road facing the top left corner, note lily patch.

Taken from side road church is on, general cemtery, further left.

Taken from side road church is on, general cemtery, further left.

Taken from side road church is on, general cemtery, further left.

Pages of Tombstone transcriptions and photos

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Transcriptions without stones and stones without transcriptions
Please take a peek and see if you can help!

Transcriptions and photos INDEX
Index to names found in below 9 pages.

Transcriptions and photos Page 1 Stones 01 to 08
Transcriptions and photos Page 2 Stones 09 to 16
Transcriptions and photos Page 3 Stones 17 to 24
Transcriptions and photos Page 4 Stones 25 to 32
Transcriptions and photos Page 5 Stones 33 to 40
Transcriptions and photos Page 6 Stones 41 to 48
Transcriptions and photos Page 7 Stones 49 to 56
Transcriptions and photos Page 8 Stones 57 to 64
Transcriptions and photos Page 9 Stones 65 to 71

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