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Trinity Cemetery Tombstones
Wolfe Island
(Only partially photographed!)

Photos taken July 12 2004 by Chris Morrell.
BIG BIG Thank you's to Chris!
Some photos submitted by others-these noted with the photo.
General layout photos by Jen Wylie July 12 2004.

34 photos taken at the cemetery.
4 of the general layout.
Comparing with 1973 transcription book so far there are:
15 of 208 identified tombstones (some with multiple sides and photos), 3 stones only partially photographed (sides missing),
3 photos of tombstones that weren't transcribed!

Concession VI, Lot 3 in Marysville, Wolfe Island.

Exit right from Kingston ferry on to Rt 96 West. At intersection of Rt 95, continue straight on 96W and slightly up hill to fork in road. Take left fork past Trinity Church, the one with the pointed steeple. Take next left onto Allen Lane, past white house on your right to a dirt road and a clearing in the field ( a very short distance). Look left for Trinity Church Cemetery or continue right to Sacred Heart Church Cemetery.

Thank yous to Fern Small and Ken Collins for their transcriptions in 1973, as it was referred to occasionally when stones were hard to read. Some errors in their transcriptions were found. Some transcriptions we could not find stones for, they are likely the transcriptions of the badly broken and faded stones, or stones now missing for other reasons.

If Iíve made any errors in transcription please drop me an email to let me know. Please feel free to send in any photos of stones that arenít here. Go ahead and download to your computer any of these photos for personal use.

General Set up of Cemetery

A plot map wasn't done, however from the following hopefully you can get a general idea of the cemetery layout. Click on the below photos for larger versions.

Trinity Cemetery Vault
The vault is huge ...with lots of shelves...kind of gives a little
insight to the mortality levels they must have had during the winters.
Submitted by Bruce Devine

Photo taken from cemetery road entrance end of the cemetery.

Taken from far end of the cemetery, from the positioning of the stones, apparently the 'front' end. This shot is the right side (the side closest to the church.)

Taken from far end of the cemetery, from the positioning of the stones, apparently the 'front' end. A center shot.

Taken from far end of the cemetery, from the positioning of the stones, apparently the 'front' end. The left side.

Pages of Tombstone transcriptions and photos

Click on stone name to view photo.
Photos may be slow to load.
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Transcriptions and photos Index
Index to names in the following pages.
To be completed when cemetery fully transcribed.

Transcriptions and photos Page 1 Stones 01 to 10
Transcriptions and photos Page 2 Stones 11 to 18

Trinity Anglican Cemetery on Find A Grave

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