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Cemeteries on Wolfe Island

Christ Church Cemetery

This is an Anglican Cemetery. It is located on Conc. 16, Lot 6. The church was built in 1862.

Horne Cemetery and Point Alexandria Cemetery

This a a United Cemetery. It is located Conc. 8 and 9, Lot 10. The area is locally known as Horne's Cemetery, as Mr. Horne donated land to the existing Point Alexandria cemetery. The church was built in 1858.

Sacred Heart Cemetery

This is a Roman Catholic cemetery. Actually there are two cemeteries, the oldest is located on Conc. 6, Lot 5. The new on Conc.7 Lot 2 & 3. The old cemetery is behind and west of the present day church. The new cemetery is across the road. The old cemetery is rather overgrown. Many of the stones are missing or broken. The new cemetery is in rather good shape. It came into use around 1867.

The next information was sent in by Brian McDonald..The Old Sacred Heart Cemetery is on part of Lot 5 Old Survey. If you look at the 1878 Meacham Atlas, you’ll see it attached to the south corner of the Catholic Church property. The land for it was donated in 1847 by Anne McRae, widow of Dr. John McRae, who died in 1838. She had purchased Lot 5 Old Survey in 1841 after James Hector McRae came to the Island about 1840 and took over her late husband’s farm at Lot 1 Concession 6, NBL. We believe James H. McRae to have been Dr. John McRae’s nephew. The land for Sacred Heart New Cemetery was purchased on 23 Nov 1899 from Catherine [nee Baker] Murphy for $405.00. It is mostly in Lot 2 Old Survey, but also lies partly on Lot 3 Old Survey (see attached 1878 map of Marysville. The cemetery property purchased in 1899 is located on the south side of what was then John McCall (McCaul)’s property. The Baker family operated a store on Wolfe Island for about 130 years. After the last of the Bakers who owned the store died in the 1970’s(?), they left about $200,000 to Sacred Heart parish.

St. Lawrence Cemetery.

This is a United cemetery. It is located on Conc. 18, Lot 9. It is located near the St. Lawrence River on the side facing the USA. It is a small cemetery, many stones are missing or broken. It has not been kept up well. I visited last summer and found it in disrepair, the grass was tall and many stones were tipping. The church opened in 1874. It burned on July 30 1957 when lightning struck the steeple. All records in the church were lost. It was not rebuilt. It is believed that many were buried before the erection of the church. Some are said to have been some of the first settlers, while others were United Empire Loyalists.

Trinity Cemetery

Trinity is an Anglican Cemetery. It is located on Conc. 6, Lot 3. The church was built in 1845. It is located on the Kingston side of the island, on a hill. It is one of the larger cemeteries.

The Islands: Cemetery: Wolfe Island Cemetery Info
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