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Island Cemeteries

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Transcriptions & photos of islanders stones when they were buried off island.
Where there are many islanders buried in a cemetery, it may have it's own page.
This page organized by Provence & Country, then Cemetery.

Amherst Island

- St. Bartholomew Transcriptions with images

- Wemp Cairn Transcriptions (no images)

- SOME Glenwood Transcriptions (no images)
- Glenwood Transcriptions with Images page 1
- Glenwood Transcriptions with Images page 2
- Glenwood Transcriptions with Images page 3
- Glenwood Transcriptions with Images page 4
- Glenwood Transcriptions with Images page 5

--NEW! Glenwood Transcriptions with Images from Deb 1

--NEW! Glenwood Transcriptions with Images from Deb 2

--NEW! Glenwood Transcriptions with Images from Deb 3

- SOME Pentland Transcriptions with photos

A list of Amherst Cemeteries from OCFA:
TOWNSHIP: Amherst Island
KG 2413 1 Amherst Island Roman Catholic
KG 9074 2 Fleming Farm
KG 2413 2 Glenwood
KG 9074 3 Morrow Farm
KG 2413 3 Pentland
KG 9074 4 Wemp Cairn
If anyone has transcriptions/ photos please email me.

Note for Fleming Farm:
Reference K G 9074 2 Fleming farm listed as lot 76 Con #3 Amherst Island

" I was raised on this farm & remember the original deed in my fathers posession , to mrs Fleming That deed made no mention of any cemetary lot ,that I remember & there was no indication of any from my parents , James Francis Fleming & Marion ." Email Donald Fleming 2004
Further email adds: "Further on the burrial scene , Con 3 Lot probably 71 maybe East side of lot 70 there is a burrial site for some Baker family members . It is in the field nearest the road . I remember my parents calling attention to it as they would be distant relations of ours."
If anyone has more information please email me.

OFFSITE! Kristy's Website: Wilson stones (photos and transcriptions)
Stones in Glenwood, Pentland and Willowbank
Please note new site Oct 2006!

Garden Island

No known cemeteries. Please email if you know of persons buried on family plots etc.

Howe Island

-All St. Philomena Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

-All Abandoned Cemetery (Walker Cemetery) Photos and Transcriptions

Simcoe Island

From Cemetery Addresses of Ontario from Upper Canada Genealogy:

Peter Rogers writes (April 2005): "When I was there in 1999 visiting my Eves cousins, Sidney Eves pointed out to me where some of the Eves family were buried in the Simcoe Island graveyard. In fact, only 2 Eves are buried on the island, George, who died in 1910 at age 49, and his son Sydney, who died in 1899 at age 16. There is a headstone and they're buried on the family farm in an area that George Eves set aside as the Simcoe Island grave. However, no more Eves were buried before the cemetery laws were changed to prevent burial in unregulated areas. Most now would be buried over on Wolfe Island, or in Kingston I suppose...Info on Simcoe Island cemeteries .. was in book "Simcoe Island: A Chronology of the Island and Its People" by the late Sanford Sydney Eves"

Wolfe Island

- All Sacred Heart OLD Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

- All Christ Church Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

- All St. Lawrence Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

NEW! - All Horne & Point Alexandria Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

NEW! - Trinity Transcriptions with Images-partial cemetery

Map showing location of Sacred Heart Cemeteries

- Sacred Heart new cem Transcriptions with Images page 1
Contains surnames: Dawson, Foley, Hogan, McAllister, Rodgers, O'Reilly, O'Brien, Finn, Hulton, Thompson, Hawkins, Flynn

- Sacred Heart new cem Transcriptions with Images page 2
Contains surnames: Fargo, O'Brien, Hawkins, O'Reilly, Hulton, Troy, Mosier, Bioef, Ryan, Murphy, Davis, Monahan, Conley, Donnelly

- Sacred Heart new cem Transcriptions with Images page 3
Contains surnames:Connolly, Conley, McAllister, McDonald, McKenna, Finn, Dillon, Lawlor, Dawson, Mace, Cunningham, McRae

-Wolfe Island Cemetery Information
Brief information on all of Wolfe Islands Cemeteries

-1996 Wolfe Island cemetery article

-All Wolfe Island Cemetery Transcriptions Online- OFFSITE
All of Wolfe Islands cemeteries have been transcribed and put online!

Fern Small and Ken Collins have transcribed all Wolfe Island cemeteries and they are available to purchase from the Kingston Genealogical Society.

The Islands: Island Cemeteries
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