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If you've come to this page you want to email me for some reason...

Please read the guidelines below.

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!! All Islands related emails please send to [email protected] NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!
If you have problems with this email then do try my yahoo one (given below).

[email protected]


If you would like to submit something to the page I would be delighted to hear from you! If you are sending text please send as a Word or notepad document, or put the text in your email body.
A note: I cut and paste the information you send into my webpages, so please check spelling. Because of this color, bold, italic, font sizes etc are lost. If you want to accentuate something but it in all CAPTIALS.

If you would like to submit photos or scanned maps/documents etc. Please have them in jpg format, or as gifs (jpg is preferable). I reserve the right to crop, touch up or shrink any photos you may send in. It is preferable for a photo to be 100 KB or smaller, however this can differ depending on the content of the photo.

Please at least include a title for the photo. Please send in as much information as you like for each photo- there is NO LIMIT on photo descriptions. The more information describing the photo the better.

ALL submissions will have "submitted by YOUR NAME" or something similar with them UNLESS YOU STATE OTHERWISE. If you don't want your name with them you must tell me so. If you want an email link I will do this but you must specifically ask for one.

It is preferable for you to transcribe obits, etc to send to me, as I normally do not put up images of these so I would have to transcribe them. However if you don't want to, do send the scanned documents.

If you have information you would like to mail by post to me, either text documents or photos please email me at either email address to discuss this. I generally to not reimburse for copying and postage unless I ask for whatever is being mailed. Photos etc will not be returned unless a SASE is included or sufficient funds for return. Also you must include a note that all, or some is to be returned.
I am not responsible for lost mail. I will email you when package is received.


If you are emailing me for a lookup- please see my Lookups page for instructions. I am serious when I say that if you don't follow the instructions I probably won't reply to you. LOOKUPS


If you are emailing me because you think we have a family connection please see my online gedcoms to make sure of this. I would love to hear from you!! I hope you will share what you have on the family with me.


To report a broken link- please tell me the page the link is on- even better highlight and copy the page address and include that, then what link specifically is not working. I have A LOT of pages and A LOT of links and if you aren't specific I"ll have no idea where to look to fix it. The same goes for corrections to any of the island pages.

Why haven't I answered your email?

Didn't get a reply? Here are some possible reasons...
1)Email never reached me,make sure the address is correct!
2)I deleted it thinking it was spam (I get a LOT of spam) Please make sure you put either the island name or ISLAND somewhere in the subject line.
3)I'm away. About once a month I go visiting for a week and often don't have email access.
4)I deleted your message because it made no sense, was rude etc. I do get emails that are so garbled I can't read them. Please state clearly your question, message etc. Punctuation is also nice. Please don't use all capital letters-that's like shouting. If you were rude or nasty- be happy I didn't email you back.

If you don't hear from me in one week please try again!!

Thank you for following these guidelines.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Also see the Disclaimer on the islands main page (bottom)
I hope you enjoyed your visit to THE ISLANDS.

[email protected]

Jen Wylie nee Hoeltzel

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