The Islands: Immigration

Island Immigration

Our Island ancestors came from many
different countries for varying reasons.
Some of the first settlers on the islands were
voyageurs of Lower Canada .
Others came fleeing the Irish famine of 1845.
Some later came from England and the USA.

If you have information to share please email me!
Please (when possible) list name, age, birth place, immigration
year, ship, ports (departure and/or arrival) and SOURCE.

NEW! Passanger/Ship List Records

Howe Island 1901 Census Immigration info

Early Wolfe Settlers


Emigration from the Ards peninsula to Amherst Island, Canada according to the list by Catherine Anne Wilson in Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild, Subscribers Interest List, No. 9, 1986, by date of approximate arrival at Amherst Island:
1824. William (1794/7- ) and Mary (1806/10- ) Gibson.
1824. John Gibson (1791-1879) and Jane McKee (1807-1898).
1838. John Gibson (1801- ) and Hanah (Baird) (1799- ) from Kircubbin.
1860s. Robert (1805-1881) and Mary (1810- ) Gibson.

I now have this book-please email me for a lookup to see if your name is there.


Young Immigrants to Canada
Children from the Catholic Childrens Protection Society
Some children listed placed on Amherst, Howe, or Wolfe Island

Young Immigrants to Canada
Gordon Boy's Home
England to Amherst Island

Young Immigrants to Canada
Poor Law Unions
Amherst Island see 1865

Ships List
Kingston Immigration Agent's Records of 1862
includes people with destinations of Wolfe, Amherst and Garden Islands

NEW! BOOK (I don't have this one)
"Ulster and North America" edited by H. Tyler Blethen and Curtis W. Wood, Jr. There is one chapter written by Catherine Anne Wilson entitled "The Scotch-Irish and Immigrant Culture on Amherst Island, Ontario".

BOOK ( I DO have this book! Email me for lookup!)
"A New Lease on Life", "Landlords, Tenants and Immigrants in Ireland and Canada" Catherine Anne Wilson, Published by McGill-Queen's University Press ISBN 0-7735-1117-2
- deals with Irish immigration from the United Parishes of St-Andrews, Ards Peninsula, Co.Down and various family groups who came to be Tenant farmers on Amherst Island, Ontario.

BOOK(I don't have this one)
Inquisiton: County Down / PRONI T856 [FHL 0258596] The history of an emmigration of some 200 Scots-Irish families from the United Parishes of St.Andrews, Ards Peninsula, Co. Down, 1829-1860, to Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada. The book also has full references and includes many maps, landlord and tenant family names, as well as lists of contact people for various surnames.
**CORRECTION:2005 from G. Stevenson- "Enquireland (a genealogist from Kirkcubbin, County Down) has advised me that "Co. Down Inquisition The PRONI reference for this is T.856/1. (The document was called for and it was) found to be a bound volume of Title Deeds dating from the 17th. and 18th. century. It appears that these are transcriptions of the original Deeds as they are all in the same handwriting. Unfortunately, there is no index in this volume, so it would be necessary to examine each entry to note the personal names and place-names to find out if there was any relevance to the enquiry in hand." So it would appear that this is not a book which was published, but instead it is a collection of government records."

Anthony B. Hawke Papers
"These records, which date from 1831-1892, were mainly compiled by Anthony Bowden Hawke and his successor J. A. Donaldson...While the records originate mainly from the Toronto and Kingston emigrant offices, records of arrivals and destinations pertaining to other locations are also included. Some registers document the arrival of young children, including "Barnardo's Boys", who were among the more than 100,000 British Home Children sent to Canada between 1870 and 1940." For more information see link.

The Islands: Immigration

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