The Islands: Island Researchers


Listing researchers of Amherst Island,
Garden Island, Howe Island and Wolfe Island.


This is the main page for the Island Researchers Section.
Each island will have its own page. If you are researching
a family name on multiple islands, submit to each.

How to Submit Your Island Surnames:

Information to be submitted:
Island Name, Surname, Your Name, Your Email

I will add your info as soon as possible.

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Amherst Island Researchers Garden Island Researchers
Howe Island Researchers Wolfe Island Researchers
NEW! Simcoe Island ResearchersNEW!

To view the researchers for each island, click on the island name.

Emails from researchers

Don't forget to post in the Island Forum, add your web
page to the Links, sign the Guestbook and see if there
is any info missing on these pages that you can provide.

The Islands: Island Researchers
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