Barnett Funeral Home Records

The Tie That Binds                               

Barnett Funeral Home Boonville, Indiana

Burial-Transit Permits and Other Documents 1938 to 1965

Compiled by
Virginia L. Aldridge

Burial-Transit Permits are required to move a corpse from the place of death to the place of interment. These records may contain a great deal of information about the deceased. Most of these records contain the date and place of death, cause of death and place of interment. These images vary in size.

Barnett Funeral Home's burial-transit permits have been in storage at Willard Library, in Evansville, Indiana, for many years. No one knows exactly when they were donated to Willard Library, but they are listed as item number 50 in the library's manuscripts index. The files contain more than burial-transit permits. I found several death certificates and one funeral memorial card among the permits. Occasionally there are duplicate permits; in this case if the permits are exactly the same only one is included. However, if there was any difference, no matter how slight, I included both copies. There are 1755 images in this record group. They have been divided into alphabetical groups. These images are not in alphabetical order within their alphabetical group. I added images in bulk instead of one at a time and the system did not keep them in alphabetical order. Place your cursor over an image and the name will appear in your status bar at the bottom of the page. If you have questions you may contact me at the email address below.

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