History Record [second Orphans Home Register] 1910

The Tie That Binds               

1 January 1910 a new register was put into  use for documentation on the orphans admitted to the Warrick County Orphans' Home. These are the images of that book. The records are recorded across two pages in this ledger type book.

I found it difficult to follow the information across two pages and accurately determine who took the children. I have cropped the pages and joined them to make it easier for me when researching the children.

I cropped the left hand page right after the child’s 'Date of Birth column' and cropped the right hand page right before the 'Religion of the Parents' column. Now when one looks at the images of the pages one can easily determine where the children went when they left the home. Be sure to look for the child to return to the home and leave a second or third time.
See the cropped images below.

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