The Tie That Binds                               

Register of the Inmates of the Orphans’ Home Warrick County, Indiana

This large volume is a two page ledger, each page measures 17 X 20 inches. I have photographed this volume three times and still find some images are not as sharp as I would prefer. I photographed the two pages together and then photographed each side in hopes of having sharper images. If you find an image in which you are interested you may contact me at the email address below and I will see if I can find a sharper image for you. To request a specific page note the name of the page including the IMG_ number, that tells me where to search in the file for the extra images associated with that page. After the IMG_ and number is the page number, month and year of the image. Usually the Matron made documentation every quarter, but sometimes when the Matron changed there are images of the new Matron's notations that she has assumed the position.

This earliest volume has sketchy information on the children who resided in the home and poorly documents whom they were bound out to and if or when they were returned to the home. There is no documentation in the register from 21 March 1883 until 22 December 1886 when a new handwriting begins. I believe this handwriting to be that of Elizabeth Barnett who states, in a newspaper article, “I took charge of the Home four years and four months ago.” Elizabeth Barnett gave a much better accounting of the events of the home during her time as Matron.


 pages 51 - 93 

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