What Became of the Children

The Tie That Binds               

What Became of the Children?

I have researched various children, who resided in the Warrick County Orphans' Home in Boonville, Indiana, since the year 2002.

These children are found in the census, birth, death and marriage records of Warrick and surrounding counties.  Many children listed in the earliest register have no parent information listed for them.

Three important resources:

Register of the Inmates of the Orphans'Home Warrick County, Indiana

Articles of Apprenticeship

History Record January 1, 1910 [second Orphans Home Register]

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Name of child Name of person to whom they were bound out from the orphanage:

Alma Cummings - David G. Voyles

Minnie Birchler - Thomas E. Benton

Rosa Marie Birchler - August Hirschelman

Bertha Birchler - Tom Dillingham

Conrad Birchler - Leonard Hartman

Katherine Birchler - David E. Kauffman

Rufus Julian - William F. Fark

Elza Hogan - Arthur C. Perigo

Michael Andrew Grill - Christopher C. Caswell

Joseph C. Grill - James Grant

Katherine Grill - David E. Dickey

Richard Earl Nicholson - William L. Nicholson

Luther V. Crow - Monroe Roberts

Flora and William Allen - John Klein

Birt Berch - James Barnett

Pearl Berch - Thomas Ringham 

Rob Fish - G. Jacob Roth

Joe Fagway - Colton Wiggens

Ethel VanBibber - sent to Poor Farm at age 13

Olive E. VanBibber  - Adam Maurer

Martha Mary VanBibber - John and Nancy Ellis family 2 miles north of Chrisney, IN

Raymond J. VanBibber - William E. Murphy

Shirley Augustus Smith - Joseph Cook

Minnie Isabell Smith - J.R. Huffman [Spencer Co., IN]

Sidney Barton Smith - Charles Gladden [taken by his uncle]

Charles Smith - died at age 9 months




This is a works in progress. If you have a child you know was in the Warrick County Orphans' Home and want further information about them, please send me an email at the address below.


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