WCSupMar 1884-1885

The Tie That Binds                               

Warrick Co., IN Supplemental Marriage Records
1884 - 1885
Compiled by
Virginia L. Aldridge

Records for 1884 and 1885 were the only years found. These were loose records having no particular order. The records were copied, scanned, and digitally enhanced. They are alphabetized under the groom's surname. There is a groom's and a bride's index. If you only have the bride’s name you can find her groom listed with her in the bride’s index. Then go to the groom’s index to find the image. These images are in alphabetical order.

Every effort has been made to correctly interpret the handwriting of the time period. The various clerks who recorded the information misspelled the names, often the spelling of the name is written differently for the parent. Example: Applicant – Reeb; Parent – Reed. The name of the Applicant is most likely Reed, not Reeb. However, I included the name, spelled as the clerk spelled it, in the index.
The letter L in the handwriting of the period looks very much like the letter S does today. Often names starting with the letter L are indexed incorrectly, as the letter S, by persons working with records in the present time period.

Groom's Index

Bride's Index

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