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Tidbits from Warrick County, Indiana

Several years ago I ordered GAR records from the Indiana State Library here are the ones I received.


While in the Clerk's Office today [10 December 2008 I found a shuck containing the September Term of the 1824 Court, I am including the images below. Pages in this file are set up with a left and right side. I have placed the images in pairs. The first set with the dark page is the outer page of the folded up docket with the notation "Dockett for court Sept Term 1824" the dark page is the inside of the folded pages. These pages were so badly creased it was difficult to obtain a good copy.



Here are two old wills found among the records in the Warrick Co., IN Clerk's Office.  Both wills were originated from Kentucky counties and this makes me wonder if the copies were sent to Warrick County because family members were living in the area. The first will is in tatters and is a bit difficult to read as the writing was also very faint.


1 December 1858 letter from Sarah C. Fuller at Philadelphia to her brother in Boonville.

Interesting bits of data from years gone by.

AOUW is Ancient Order of United Workmen and article on Lodge elections.


While at Willard Library searching for materials, I found this in the Evansville paper, concerning a death of a Boonville boy. I hope this can be of help to someone. I will continue to add articles I find on Warrick County to this page. Also, found in an old Warrick Democrat 1859 death notices.


 Many times when researching families some young folks seem to just disappear. At times these were troubled youths who did not conform to the expected norms of society. Often times these boys ended up in the House of Refuge or in Reform School. Here are the census records for those institutions. These are all in the state of Indiana.


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