A. M. Phelps Newburgh Store

The Tie That Binds   

On 1 October 1830 Abraham M. Phelps opened his store in Newburgh, Warrick Co., Indiana. This is documented on page 98 of the "Four Histories of Warrick County, Indiana"; Evansville, Ind.: Unigraphic, 1976 . For several years I have had copies of a ledger for this store covering the time frame of 3 June 1841 to late April 1842. The pages of this ledger are badly damaged, edges are tattered and pages are water stained.  I am placing this ledger online to assist folks in their research of this area of southern Indiana. It appears that each man had an account number, as there is the same number listed by each purchase for a man and his family. Note when wives, children or others made purchases for the person, they are listed "by lady"; or "by son or by brother" when the other person  picked up items at the store. Folks from surrounding areas made purchases at the store in Newburgh. These images are often of poor quality. I scanned the photocopies of the ledger. These pages are the result of those scans. I hope you find this a help in your research of your ancestors who may have lived in the southern Indiana area.

I would recommend you read the biography of Abraham M. Phelps included in this file from the,”Four Histories of Warrick County, Indiana”. His thriving business was not just the store represented in this ledger.

Abraham M. Phelps   Newburgh Store Ledger    Pages 1 - 50  Pages 51 - 100  Pages 101 - 150  Pages 151 - 200  Pages 201 - 232

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