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I need help getting this database on the internet. PLEASE!

Structure for database: C:\TTCDATAV\TTC.DBF

Number of data records: 63270

Maximum No. of charectors per record 275

Date of last update : 03/11/02

Fld#1, name: U, 1 Character, This

is multi purpose field used in aplications

Fld#2, TTC_NO, 15 Characters, my #, 112131315 each digit = a

generation the digit value is the approx. birth order.


TTC_NO 1, first child of id# 0

TTC_NO 11, first child of id# 1

TTC_NO 112 second child of id# 11

TTC_NO 1121 first child of id# 112

TTC_NO 11213 third child of 1121

TTC_NO 112131 first child of 11213

TTC_NO 1121313 third child of 112131

TTC_NO 11213131 first child of 1121313

TTC_NO 112131315 fifth child of 11213131, etc.

Fld#3, FIRST_NAME, 20 Characters, Subject's first and middle name or initial.

Fld#4, LAST_NAME, 15 Characters, Subject's Last name.

Fld#5, EVENT, 9 Characters, Born, mrd#, served, census, died, buried, etc.

Fld#6, AG, 3 Characters, Age at time of event.

Fld#7, DAY, 2 Characters, Day of month of event.

Fld#8, MTH, 3 Characters, Month of year of event.

Fld#9, YEAR, 4 Characters, Year of event.

Fld#10, CITY, 14 Characters, City of event.

Fld#11, LOCATION 17 Characters, County, outfit, etc.

Fld#12, STA, 2 Characters, State name abrevation

Fld#13, CEMETERY, 17 Characters, Name of cemetery where subject is buried.

Fld#14, X, 1 Character, Sex of subject (m/f).

Fld#15, SP, 1 Character, Spouse number of subject.

Fld#16, NOTES_2, 60 Characters, Misc. notes regarding event or subject.

Fld#17, CHILDREN, 2 Characters, Number of children born to this marriage.

Fld#18, SOURCE, 9 Characters, The Tubb Connection's source of this record.

Fld#19, NOTES_1, 40 Characters, Misc. notes regarding event or subject.

Fld#20, UT, 2 Characters, Utility field used set record sequence for subject.

Fld#21, SUB, 2 Characters, The subject's birth state as shown in the census.

Fld#22, PA, 2 Characters, The subject's father's birth state per census.

Fld#23, MA, 2 Characters, The subject's mother's birth state per census.

Fld#24, C, 1 Logical fld, Did this information come from a census record?(y/n)

Fld#25, SPOUSE, 30 Characters, Name of spouse in subject's marriage record.

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