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Historical Committee

The Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists has had its official relationship to the Church of the Brethren through the Historical Committee. The four members of the Historical Committee are appointed to four year terms, one expiring each year. William Kostlevy, as the Brethren Historical Library and Archives director, serves as the secretary and staff liaison for the Committee.

Their responsibilities are to:
1) Stimulate interest in Brethren history.
2) Give direction to publications on Brethren history by means of counsel with the book and Messenger editors.
3) Encourage historical research and suggest subjects to researchers.
4) Encourage the study of Brethren history by students and others.
5) Initiate and conduct historical research on behalf of the church.
6) Approve general policies for the operation of the Brethren Historical Library and Archives.
7) Serve as advisory/consultative group for the BHLA director.

The above list is taken from the section on The Role of the Brethren Historical Committee in the 1990 edition of one of the free brochures published by the Brethren Historical Committee titled Brethren Historical Library and Archives. Other brochures are Guide to Research in Brethren History, Guide for Local Church Historians, and Guide to Research in Brethren Family History, and may be obtained by writing to the Brethren Historical Library and Archives or to Thomas Liby. Please include a self-addressed stamped business sized envelope (SASE) to facilitate sending one of these brochures or a number 11 size envelope with appropriate postage for the second ounce for all four.

William Kostlevy
Brethren Historical Library and Archives
1451 Dundee Ave
Elgin, IL  60120-1674

Thomas Liby
1120 Lancaster St
Bluffton IN  46714-1628


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