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Jerry's Thompson Family Genealogy Site

Jerry Thompson's Genealogy Site

Hello! and welcome to my genealogy site. This site is dedicated to the search for my ancestors. Of particular interest is, of course, the Thompson name, but also included is information I have been able to gather on the other names that have contributed to my family. The major other surnames are Fasig, Shew, Cook, Robertson, Tramblay, and Stewart. Besides just gathering names I have attempted to find as much information about each and every person included and as I can, I will add scanned images of pertinent documents. For each individual the particular place in the history of America, or the country they were born in will be investigated. I want this site to be HISTORY, not just a list of names. Currently there are 596 individuals with 65 surnames represented though this site does not show information about the living. There are MANY inconsistencies here, and I am working through them as fast as I can get to them. If you see something wrong, or data that needs to be added, let me know at the email address below. This site is CONTINUALLY under construction, so come back often!!

Many thanks go out to Judy Riley and Max Shew for their contributions to this site.

Etymology of the Thompson Surname

The adoption of second names or surnames in Europe took place from the 11th Century onwards. Surnames generally fall into four main categories. Occupational names describe the subject's profession. Locational names describe the subject's dwelling or place of origin. Descriptive names distinguish the subject by some physical characteristic or by a mannerism. Patronyms are the adoption of the subject's father's first name as a surname.

The surname of Thompson is a Patronym. It originates from son of Thomas, shortened to Tom. The following is a full list of variations found so far during Michael Thompson's One Name Study:

Tampson, Tampsonne, Tampston, Tamsen, Tamsin, Tamsom, Tamson, Tamsone, Tamsson, Tamssone, Tamsyn, Tempson, Thampson, Thamson, Thomasine, Thomason, Thomasson, Thomazin, Thommssonn, Thomison, Thompson, Thompsone, Thompsonn, Thompsonne, Thomsine, Thomson, Thomsone, Thomsonn, Thomsonne, Thomston, Thomzen, Tomeson, Tomisend, Tompeson, Tompsin, Tompson, Tompsonn, Tompsonne, Tomsen, Tomsin, Tomson, Tomsone, Tomsonn, Tomsonne, Tomsoun, Tomsson, Tomssone, Tumsome.

The distinction between the various spellings may have had little significance until the 19th and 20th centuries and therefore the families may well be heavily interconnected. Many of the variations, such as Tamson, Tamsyn, Thomzen and Tumsome, appear to be United Kingdom West Country variations. It is not uncommon to find the same person spelt in more than one way in the same parish records.

There is a view that Thomson is more generally Scottish and Thompson English or Irish but this may only be evidenced by the numbers of the individual spellings to be found regionally during the last 100 years. It is believed that many Thompsons have their origins in Scotland. One such origin could be from MacTamhais, son of Tammy, stemming from Clan MacTamhais who, when changed from Gaelic to English became MacTavish. After the battle of Culloden in 1746, the clearances took place and Highland clansmen left the Highlands in great numbers to keep their lives, to get employment etc. and as a result, many MacTavishes used the MacTamhais or Thom(p)son variation.

Another origin could be from MacThomas (Gaelic MacThomaidh) which stemmed from Clan Chattan (15th century). By the late 17th century, the MacThomas clan was drifting apart, some going south into the Tay valley changing their name to Thomson or into Angus where they became Thomas, Thom or Thoms. It is likely, however, that many Thompsons will have their origins outside Scotland.

(This information was taken from Michael Thompson's Thompson One Name Study)

Jerry Thompson

Much of this information has come from other people and has no source. Use with caution!

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