The Family Tree of Roger Dellinger

The Family Tree of Roger Dellinger
Climbing the branches of my family tree

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This is just the start of what I envision as being a large involved web site detailing the various branches of my family tree, along with families that I might not be directly related to, but those families are associated in some manner with my ancestors and their many descendants.  I have collected a large amount of data on various Dellinger lines, some related, some not.  I have also collected information on numerous families that originally settled in South Carolina, but later moved to Monroe Co., Indiana around the same time as some of my ancestors, and while they are not necessarily related to me, they appear to be closely connected in faith, community and background to my ancestors.  

I started climbing the branches of my family tree about 32 years ago when I was 12 years old.  My Great Aunt Minnie Mikesell had sent some information to my family.  This information was concerning the Loughmillers, Horners and Stipps - all of whom are on my mother's paternal side of the family.  I don't remember why we received this information, but that was the start of a journey that has yet to be finished.  Along the way, my Uncle Thomas B. Dellinger and his daughter Rebecca forwarded along information on the Dellingers, Hartleys, Spanglers and Baynes.  Since then I have acquired much more information on those families and many more through research on my own and other people's research that they have shared with me or through books or internet sites that they have published.

On my father's paternal side of the family, I am mostly German.  On this side of the family the names include - Dellinger - Spangler - Keller - Wolheim - Schaffer - Gossner.  All of which are of German origin and mostly Lutheran in religion, and Hartley, which is likely of German origin but the name has likely been anglicized.  All of these families came over to America before the American Revolution and settled in Lancaster or York Counties of Pennsylvania.

On my father's maternal side, I am mostly English and Welsh.  This side of the family includes the following names - Baynes - Humphreys - Sellers - Wynne - Powell and those names are all either English or Welsh, with perhaps a bit of Scotch thrown in.  And they are all Quakers.  These families mostly came over in the 1680's and settled in either Philadelphia or Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.  The Baynes family arrived in the 1820s. 

My mother's paternal side of the family is mostly German, but has some English mixed in.  These families include such names as - Shigley - Stipp - Loughmiller - Mauck, all of which are German.  This side of my family line includes the Franklin and Rakestraw surnames, which are English, and then there is the Horner family which probably is German but could also be English.  All of these families came over from the old country prior to the American Revolution and either settled in Pennsylvania, Virginia or New Jersey.  And they were either Lutheran, Methodist or Quaker.

My mother's maternal side of the family is mostly, it not all, from the Presbyterian Scotch-Irish stock.  Family names on this side of the family include - Reed - Sample - Strong - Moffatt - Simonson - McKee and Chesnut.  With the exception of the Reed and Sample families, all of these families came to America in the early 1770's and settled in Chester Co., South Carolina.  The Reeds and Samples came to the United States and settled in Monroe Co., Indiana somewhere around the 1850's. The Reeds and Samples are the johnny-come-latelies of my family. These families probably all originated in Scotland and them immigrated to Co. Antrim, Ireland in the early 1700's where they remained for at least a couple of generations before immigrating on to America.

So that is the ancestral overview of my family tree.  In the pages to be added in the future I will detail those families, as well as other associated families in much greater detail.  Much of this information comes from a variety of sources, some of which I have been able to verify through birth or baptism records, marriage records, land and census records and from tombstones or death certificates.  However the greater part of the information on the following families I have not been able to verify, so when using this information you should not take it at face value, so use this information as a starting point of your own research and try to verify as much of it as you can.  While I say that I haven't been able to verify this information, I am fairly confident that the greater part of it is accurate. And I am constantly trying to add to this information, and correct any errors that might be discovered.

At this time I'd like to take the opportunity to thank those have been very helpful in my quest to find more of my ancestors and their descendants.  First I'd like to thank my late Great-Aunt Minnie Shigley Mikesell for sparking my interest in my family tree.  Without her early communications and her work on the Shigleys, Stipps, Loughmillers and Horners I doubt whether I would have been interested in pursuing genealogy as a hobby.  In additional I also like to thank my Mom's cousin, Virginia Shigley Jenkins for also supplying me with the initial spark.  My Uncle Thomas B. Dellinger has been very helpful in my early pursuit of my father's side of the family.  As I delved further into my Dellinger family I've had help from Don Billet, Paul Dellinger, Randy Dellinger, and all of the members of the Dellinger family email group at Marie Waters was very helpful with the Shigley family origins.  Thomas Weir, Dave Strong and Dorothy Chance have been a great assist in helping find out my Scotch-Irish ancestors who first immigrated to South Carolina in the 1770s.  I am sure that I have forgotten to mention others by name, but I'd also like to thank all of those who have helped me over the years whether with just a little tidbit of information, a wealth of information or just pointing me in the right direction.  And sometimes telling me that I'm going in the wrong direction was very helpful as well.

Several books that I have found very beneficial are:

"The Chronicles and Genealogy of the Jacob Dellinger Family of York County, PA" by Edward A. Dellinger and Donald F. Billet, published 1993

"Prugh Genealogy, 1705 - 1973" by Robert N. Feicht, 1974

"Nicodemus Notes In America", 1995 and "Nicodemus In Germany", 1998, both by Ivan J. Nicodemus

"Descendants of George and Jacob Dellinger" by Paul Dellinger, 1995

"Thomas Powell In Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1682 and Some of his Descendants" by Dawn Powell Cartwright, 1991

"Annals of the Families of Caspar, Henry, Baltzer and George Spengler" by Edward W. Spangler, 1896

A manuscript by Lois Myer entitled "Descendants of Dr. Alexander Rosborough and Mary Hemphill in Chester County, S.C., Descendants of James Strong and Elizabeth of Chester Co., S.C., Descendants of James Brice and Jane Wilson of Antrim Co., Ireland and Fairfield Co., S.C., Descendants of Andrew Hemphill and Isabelle McKeown of Chester Co., S.C., Descendants of William Maffatt and Barbara Chesnut of Chester Co., S.C., Descendants of James Knox and Elizabeth Craig of Tennessee, Descendants of William Gaston and Miss Lemon of Clough Water, Ireland and Chester Co., S.C.., and More Roseborough and Gaston Family Records."

If you have any comments, corrections or additions to this family I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  I can be reached via email at Roger Dellinger

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