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My Family Tree - Person Page 1041

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 1041

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James Blain Chesnut (M)
b. 22 October 1809, d. 31 March 1872
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     James was born at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, on 22 October 1809. He was the son of Daniel Chesnut and Isabella Blain. He married Nancy Ann Truit at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, on 3 March 1835. He married Priscilla Pitt Cole at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, on 23 December 1851. James died on 31 March 1872 at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, at age 62.


Children of James Blain Chesnut and Nancy Ann Truit
Juliet Chesnut b. 10 May 1836, d. 1848
Daniel Chesnut+ b. 30 Dec 1837, d. 19 Mar 1915
Samuel Chesnut+ b. 26 Nov 1839, d. 9 Jun 1898
Rebecca Chesnut b. 22 Aug 1842, d. 20 Aug 1890
Mary Ann Chesnut b. 12 Feb 1845, d. 4 Nov 1903
Isabella Chesnut b. 12 Jan 1848, d. 14 Nov 1884
James Chesnut b. 23 Aug 1850, d. 1850

Children of James Blain Chesnut and Priscilla Pitt Cole
William Nelson Chesnut b. 18 May 1853, d. 27 Jun 1853
Nancy Chesnut b. 2 May 1854, d. 19 Sep 1939
George Mills Chesnut b. Mar 1856, d. 22 Mar 1908
Lucinda Edith Chesnut b. 5 Mar 1858, d. 1 Jul 1872
Asbury Thrimble Chesnut b. 8 Sep 1859, d. 18 Jul 1876
Charles Chesnut+ b. 9 Apr 1861, d. 1932
Philip Sheridan Chesnut b. 3 Sep 1865, d. 23 Apr 1961

James C. Chesnut1,2 (M)
b. 1753, d. 1 September 1822
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     One source gives middle initial as "L." James C. Chesnut was captured by the Tories and sentenced to be hanged as a spy, but before execution, a company of General Washington's soldiers arrived, thereby rescuing him. He married Esther Stormont. James was born in 1753. He was the son of David Chesnut and Jennet Brown. James died on 1 September 1822 at Chester Co., South Carolina. His body was interred in September 1822 at Hopewell, Chester Co., South Carolina, at Moffatt-Strong-McDill Cemetery.

Children of James C. Chesnut and Esther Stormont
James Chesnut
Martha Chesnut+ d. 3 Jan 1860
Jeannette Brown Chesnut+ b. 22 Apr 1790, d. 31 Jul 1864
Esther Chesnut b. 1 Jan 1796, d. 2 Feb 1826


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  2. [S150] Descendants of Alexander Chesnut, online

James C. Chesnut (M)
b. 20 February 1873
Pop-up Pedigree

     James C. Chesnut was born on 20 February 1873. He was the son of Bennett P. Chesnut and Sarah C. Haley.


James E. Chesnut (M)
b. December 1849
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born in December 1849. He was the son of Julius C. Chesnut and Rosannah Hackler.

James Earl Chesnut (M)
b. 26 July 1901, d. 24 June 1986
Pop-up Pedigree

     James Earl Chesnut was born on 26 July 1901 at West Plains, Howell Co., Missouri. He was the son of Thomas Robert Chesnut and Mary Alice Grabeel. James Earl Chesnut married Martha Evelene Thomas, daughter of William Thomas and Delila Sharp, on 20 December 1922 at Morton Co., Kansas. James Earl Chesnut died on 24 June 1986 at Elkhart, Morton Co., Kansas, at age 84. He was buried in June 1986 at Morton Co., Kansas.


Children of James Earl Chesnut and Martha Evelene Thomas
LeEtta Mae Chesnut+ b. 25 Dec 1924, d. 27 Dec 1992
(?) Chesnut b. 1942, d. 1942
Myrletta Carolyn Chesnut b. 5 May 1946, d. 15 Feb 1962

James Erskine Chesnut (M)
b. 1873, d. 1874
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     James was born in 1873. He was the son of David Chesnut and Martha Jane Stitt. James died in 1874.

James Eugene Chesnut (M)
b. 3 May 1921, d. 16 November 1981
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     James Eugene Chesnut was born on 3 May 1921. He was the son of Samuel Edward Chesnut and Daisy Belle Gilbert. James Eugene Chesnut died on 16 November 1981 at age 60.


James Evan Chesnut (M)
b. 17 August 1799, d. 20 May 1893
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Bullitt Co., Kentucky, on 17 August 1799. He was the son of John Chesnut Jr. and Elizabeth Blake. He married Nancy Burton at Lawrence Co., Indiana, on 22 August 1822. James died on 20 May 1893 at Duck Creek, Buxton, Wilson Co., Kansas, at age 93. Obituary from the Alliance Herald, Fredonia, Kansas, Friday, May 26, 1893:

"Drowned While Fishing, James Chestnut, of Buxton, Finds a Watery Grave in Duck Creek
An old man named James Chestnut (commonly called Grandpa) age 96 years and 10 Months, was drowned in Duck Creek one mile southwest of Buxton, last Saturday, May 20th.
The old gentleman left home in the morning about nine o'clock and went to the creek fishing. He did not return home at the expected time, and searching the creek found him about 4:30 PM. By the appearance of his fishing poles and bait he had evidently selected his place to fish and went to sit down and fell, he being so old and having poor action.
He was laid to rest the following day in the Maple Grove (Bachelder) cemetery. Mr Chestnut has lived a long life and his death is greatly mourned in this vicinity."
Obituary from the Buffalo Advocate, Buffalo, Kansas, June 1, 1893:
"James Chestnut, said to be about 98 years old, and the oldest man in the county, was accidently drowned near Buxton, last week, while fishing. It is supposed the bank gave away with him, from having been undermined by high water.". His body was interred on 21 May 1893 at Fredonia, Wilson Co., Kansas, at Bachelder Cemetery.

Children of James Evan Chesnut and Nancy Burton
Samuel Chesnut b. c 1824
John Lowery Chesnut+ b. 13 Dec 1825, d. b 31 May 1882
Elizabeth Jane Chesnut b. 14 Feb 1827
James Ewing Chesnut+ b. 7 Apr 1833, d. 17 Jan 1918
Sarah Ann Chesnut+ b. 21 Apr 1835, d. 29 Mar 1905
Isabel Chesnut b. 27 Apr 1837
Nancy Chesnut b. 1 Sep 1841
Serana Chesnut b. 20 Jan 1842
Elisha Albert Chesnut+ b. 14 Oct 1844, d. 26 Jul 1900

James Ewing Chesnut (M)
b. 7 April 1833, d. 17 January 1918
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Kentucky on 7 April 1833. He was the son of James Evan Chesnut and Nancy Burton. He married Lydia Ann Douglas at Sullivan Co., Indiana, on 17 December 1857. James served in the military on 9 August 1862. James Chesnut enlisted 9 August 1862 during the Civil War with enlistees from Sullivan and Shelbourn Counties. He was with the 71st Indiana Infantry, and returned home three years less 40 days later, 1 July 1865, after 15 or more major battles. He was with General Sherman on Sherman's March to the Sea.. He migrated in 1879. James died on 17 January 1918 at Bartlesville, Washington Co., Oklahoma, at age 84. From the Bartlesville Examiner, January 18, 1918

Chesnut - James E. Chesnut, age 84 years, died yesterday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. G.R. McKinley, 1001 Jennings Avenue. Mr. Chesnut's death was due to cancer. The body will be taken to Fredonia, Kans., for burial. The funeral party will leave here this morning. Mr. Chesnut, is survived by five children, two sons, W.E. (William Eli) Chesnut, of Fredonia, and S.E. (Samuel Edward) Chesnut, of Lafontaine, and three daughters, Mrs. J.S. (Mary Alice) Bollinger, of Shelburn, Ind; Mrs. J.C. (Emma Rosella) Barbour, of Chanute, Kans, adn Mrs. G.R. (Nancy A.) McKinley, of Bartlesville. He had been a Mason for more than forty years, and the local lodges sent beautiful floral offerings to the home.
From the Fredonia Weekly Herald, 25 January 1918
J.E. Chesnut Dead
James E. Chesnut died at the home of his daughter at Bartlesville yesterday morning. The body arrived in Fredonia this afternoon over the Santa Fe and was taken to the Wilson Undertaking parlors. The funeral will be from the Wilson chapel Saturday morning at 11 o'clock, conducted by Rev. G.W. Burch. Burial will be in the Bachelder cemetery, beside his wife, who died March 7, 1912.. His body was interred in January 1918 at Fredonia, Wilson Co., Kansas, at Bachelder Cemetery.

Children of James Ewing Chesnut and Lydia Ann Douglas
Mary Alice Chesnut b. 16 Oct 1858, d. 1933
Sarah A. Chesnut b. c 1860
William Eli Chesnut b. 8 Jan 1861, d. 30 Nov 1943
Nancy A. Chesnut b. 1867, d. 30 Nov 1943
Emma Rosella Chesnut b. 15 Apr 1870, d. 7 Aug 1963
James M. Chesnut b. Apr 1871, d. 4 Sep 1871
Samuel Edward Chesnut+ b. 14 Nov 1874, d. 26 Jan 1954

James F. Chesnut (M)
b. 27 September 1855
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Rockcastle Co., Kentucky, on 27 September 1855. He was the son of William Peaslie Chesnut and Amezetta Jones.

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