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My Family Tree - Person Page 1081

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 1081

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Thomas Jefferson Chesnut (M)
b. 4 June 1834, d. 4 November 1911
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas was born at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, on 4 June 1834. He was the son of Alexander R. Chesnut and Mary Ann McCollister. He married Margaret H. Caldwell at Logan Co., Illinois, on 20 March 1860. Thomas died on 4 November 1911 at Logan Co., Illinois, at age 77.

Children of Thomas Jefferson Chesnut and Margaret H. Caldwell
Ella F. Chesnut b. 13 Jan 1861, d. 25 Sep 1941
Charles A. Chesnut b. 2 Oct 1862, d. 30 Jun 1949
Lincoln Chesnut b. 10 Sep 1864, d. 3 Oct 1943
Harry C. Chesnut b. 10 Jan 1867, d. 24 Aug 1868
David N. Chesnut b. 23 Mar 1869, d. 6 Jul 1924
Mary E. Chesnut b. 22 Jul 1871, d. 8 Feb 1872
Albert Bruce Chesnut b. 9 Mar 1873, d. 8 Oct 1911
John Logan Chesnut b. 6 Jan 1876, d. 22 Nov 1954
Benjamin Franklin Chesnut b. 16 Mar 1878, d. 1 Nov 1960
Jessie M. Chesnut b. 20 Jun 1880, d. 18 Mar 1970
Jennette S. Chesnut b. 22 May 1884, d. 10 May 1917

Thomas Robert Chesnut (M)
b. 1 December 1869, d. 23 February 1902
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas Robert Chesnut was born on 1 December 1869 at Washington Co., Indiana. He was the son of James Lyons Chesnut and Sarah "Sallie" Alvis. Thomas Robert Chesnut married Mary Alice Grabeel, daughter of Thomas Grabeel and Susan Chandler, on 13 September 1900 at West Plains, Howell Co., Missouri. Thomas Robert Chesnut died on 23 February 1902 at Howell Co., Missouri, at age 32. He was buried in February 1902 at Blue Mound Cemetery, West Plains, Howell Co., Missouri.


Child of Thomas Robert Chesnut and Mary Alice Grabeel
James Earl Chesnut+ b. 26 Jul 1901, d. 24 Jun 1986

Thomas Union Chesnut (M)
b. 1833, d. 1898
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas was born in 1833. He was the son of William Roseborough Chesnut and Margaret Suzannah Sims. He married Jane (?). Thomas died in 1898.

Thomas Whitaker Chesnut (M)
b. 9 July 1833, d. 12 April 1901
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas was born at Camden, Kershaw Co., South Carolina, on 9 July 1833. He was the son of John Chesnut and Charlotte Ellen Whitaker. He married Helen Muir Taylor on 26 January 1858. Thomas died on 12 April 1901 at age 67.

Tobias Abraham Chesnut (M)
b. 19 December 1850, d. 10 November 1929
Pop-up Pedigree

     Tobias Abraham Chesnut was born on 19 December 1850 at Rockcastle Co., Missouri. He was the son of Abraham R. Chesnut and Sarah Ann Renfro. Tobias Abraham Chesnut married Catherine Andrews on 29 December 1880 at Greene Co., Indiana. Tobias Abraham Chesnut died on 10 November 1929 at Howell Co., Missouri, at age 78.


Children of Tobias Abraham Chesnut and Catherine Andrews
Sallie Ann Chesnut b. 20 Jun 1881, d. 17 May 1966
Lucy Mary Chesnut b. 27 Nov 1883, d. 11 Feb 1982
Bertha Mertle Chesnut b. 10 Oct 1885, d. 17 Aug 1886
Alonzo Arthur Chesnut b. 2 Oct 1887, d. 9 Jul 1973
Wilber Thacher Chesnut b. 14 Jun 1890, d. Mar 1976
Grover Tobias Chesnut b. 25 Nov 1892
Lily Ruth Chesnut b. 14 Aug 1896, d. 26 Dec 1980

Underwood P. Chesnut (M)
b. 1848
Pop-up Pedigree

     Underwood was born in 1848. He was the son of John Chesnut and Ruth Wilson Vance. He married Ollie Morrison.

Children of Underwood P. Chesnut and Ollie Morrison
(?) Chesnut
(?) Chesnut
(?) Chesnut
(?) Chesnut

Verda Fern Chesnut (F)
b. 7 April 1903, d. 3 September 1989
Pop-up Pedigree

     Verda Fern Chesnut was born on 7 April 1903. She was the daughter of Charles Absolom Chesnut and Sara Adelia Long. Verda Fern Chesnut married Wayne Spears on 23 February 1924. Verda Fern Chesnut died on 3 September 1989 at age 86.


Victor King Chesnut (M)
b. 28 June 1867, d. August 1938
Pop-up Pedigree

     Victor was born at Nevada City, Sierra Co., California, on 28 June 1867. He was the son of John Andrews Chesnut and Henrietta King. Victor died in August 1938 at Hyattsville, Prince Georges Co., Maryland, at age 71.

W.A. Chesnut (?)
Pop-up Pedigree

     W.A. Chesnut was the child of Richard Gladney Chesnut and Martha Donaldson.

Walter Franklin Chesnut (M)
b. 1873
Pop-up Pedigree

     Walter was born in 1873. He was the son of Franklin Marion Chesnut and Joyce Josephine Drake.

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