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Rachel Childress1,2,3,4,5 (F)

     She married Moses Dellinger at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 7 April 1825.


Children of Rachel Childress and Moses Dellinger
Adam Dellinger+ b. 1825, d. 1865
Peter Franklin Dellinger+ b. 25 Aug 1826, d. 19 Sep 1864
John H. Dellinger+ b. 9 Jan 1828, d. 21 Mar 1892
George Dellinger b. 1832
Charles Dellinger b. 1832
Moses Pinkney Dellinger b. 12 Jan 1834, d. 17 Apr 1908
David Dellinger+ b. 16 Jan 1837, d. 9 Jun 1916


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Sarah Childress (F)

     She married James Knox Polk at Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., Tennessee, on 1 January 1824.


Gus Childs1 (M)

     He married Susan Carpenter.



  1. [S69] Henry George Dellinger, Randy Dellinger.

(?) Chipman (M)

     (?) Chipman married Alta Grace Nicodemus, daughter of Adam F. Nicodemus and Lizzie Lambley.


Martha Lucy Chipman (F)

     She married Russell Roe McClish.


(?) Chisholm (M)
b. 1866
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) was born in 1866. He was the son of William M. Chisolm and Mary Brice.

Andrew Albert Chisholm (M)

     Andrew Albert Chisholm married Sarah Jane (?).


Child of Andrew Albert Chisholm and Sarah Jane (?)
William George Chisholm+ b. 8 Oct 1900

Elizabeth Chisholm (F)
b. 20 June 1829, d. 6 April 1900
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth was born on 20 June 1829. She was the daughter of Thomas Chisholm and Rachel Coleere. She married Andrew Strong in 1853. Elizabeth was listed as a household member living with Andrew Strong in the 1860 Census at Chester Co., South Carolina. Elizabeth was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census at Chester Co., South Carolina. 1870 South Carolina, Chester Co. page 66: Elizabeth Strong, age 41, born in South Carolina; Rachel, age 18, born in South Carolina; Thomas, age 10, born in South Carolina; Rachel Chisholm, age 82, born in South Carolina.. Elizabeth died on 6 April 1900 at age 70. Her body was interred in April 1900 at Chester Co., South Carolina, at Hopewell ARP Cemetery.


Children of Elizabeth Chisholm and Andrew Strong
Rachel Catherine Strong+ b. 8 Oct 1854, d. 9 Nov 1926
Jane Blain Strong b. 19 Mar 1857, d. 19 Jan 1862
Thomas Chisholm Strong+ b. 25 Nov 1859, d. 27 Jan 1910
Andrew Blain Strong b. 19 Aug 1864, d. 3 Jul 1965

Florence Eulalia Chisholm (F)
b. 30 November 1859, d. 9 February 1946
Pop-up Pedigree

     Florence was born at Alabama on 30 November 1859. She was the daughter of William M. Chisolm and Mary Brice. She married James W. Voltz at Dallas Co., Alabama, on 3 October 1877. Florence died on 9 February 1946 at Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama, at age 86.

Children of Florence Eulalia Chisholm and James W. Voltz
Charles Franklin Voltz+ b. 1878, d. 8 Sep 1920
Lois Eulalia Voltz b. 1880
William Voltz b. 1882
Mary Otiola Voltz b. 1884
James W. Voltz+ b. 1886
Kate Voltz b. 1888
Cecil S. Voltz b. 1890

J. William Brice Chisholm (M)
b. 11 June 1864
Pop-up Pedigree

     He married Betty Daniels. J. was born on 11 June 1864. He was the son of William M. Chisolm and Mary Brice.


Child of J. William Brice Chisholm and Betty Daniels
William Chisholm b. 1894, d. 1912

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