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Mary Churchill (F)

     Mary Churchill married John Jarman, son of Tobias Jarman and Elizabeth Reynelles; At least one source states that John and Mary were married on 29 Dec. 1742, however that was approximately 64 years after their daughter, Elizabeth was born. So there is obviously an error in either the marriage date or the birth date of their daughter.


Children of Mary Churchill and John Jarman
Mary Jarman
John Jarman
Abraham Jarman
Anne Jarman
Thomas Jarman
Margaret Jarman b. 1664
Elizabeth Jarman+ b. 1678, d. a 1731

George Churchman (M)

     He married Hannah James.


Katherine Churich (F)

     Katherine Churich married Daniel Clark Shenk, son of Daniel Martin Shenk and Sarah Ann Hollinger, on 16 April 1927 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co, California.


(?) Chyle (M)
b. 1926, d. 1926
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) died in 1926. (?) was born in 1926. He was the son of Millard Chyle and Leha Bumpus.


Carlene Chyle (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Carlene Chyle was the daughter of Millard Chyle and Leha Bumpus. She married Roy Lack.


Millard Chyle (M)

     He married Leha Bumpus.


Children of Millard Chyle and Leha Bumpus
Carlene Chyle
(?) Chyle b. 1926, d. 1926

Sarah Cidle1 (F)

     Sarah Cidle married Reuben Fravel Wilkin, son of Jacob Wilkin and Mary Catherine Fravel.1



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Felix Anthony Cieslak (M)
b. 26 February 1913, d. 5 February 1984

     BURIED: Body was cremated. Felix was born at Poland on 26 February 1913. He married Katherine Hartley at St. Louis, Missouri, on 6 August 1945. Felix died on 5 February 1984 at Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri, at age 70.

Harry Cilley (M)

     Harry Cilley married Eva Fries.


Child of Harry Cilley and Eva Fries
Julia Mary Cilley+

Julia Mary Cilley1,2 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Julia Mary Cilley was the daughter of Harry Cilley and Eva Fries. She married Earl Britman Burg.


Child of Julia Mary Cilley and Earl Britman Burg
Mark Joseph Burg b. 1946, d. 1963


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