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Amanda (?) (F)
b. 14 July 1847, d. 20 May 1865

     Amanda (?) was born on 14 July 1847. She married Emanual Axe, son of Peter Axe and Mary Leah Smith. Amanda (?) died on 20 May 1865 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 17. She was buried in May 1865 at East Prospect Cemetery, East Prospect, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Amanda (?) (F)
b. circa 1846

     Amanda (?) was born circa 1846 at Virginia. She married Simon T. Dellinger, son of Philip D. Dellinger and Sarah (?). Amanda was listed as a household member living with Simon T. Dellinger on the 1870 Census at Ashby Twp., Shenandoah Co., Virginia.


Children of Amanda (?) and Simon T. Dellinger
Sarah E. Dellinger b. c 1868
Rebecca J. Dellinger b. c 1869

Amanda E. (?)1 (F)
b. circa 1858

     Amanda was born at Greene Co., Tennessee, circa 1858. She married John Stephen Lonas.


Children of Amanda E. (?) and John Stephen Lonas
Nerva M. Lonas b. c 1879
Rol Lonas b. c 1881
Joseph Lonas b. c 1883
Samuel Lonas b. c 1885
Charles Lonas b. c 1887
Myrtle Lonas b. c 1889


  1. [S36] Dellinger - Andrick Family Group Sheet, Grimm, Robinson & Turley.

Amanda J. (?) (F)

     Amanda J. (?) married Joseph Wood.


Child of Amanda J. (?) and Joseph Wood
Gran J. Wood b. c 1848

Amanda Jane (?) (F)
b. 7 August 1831, d. 26 August 1908

     Amanda Jane (?) was born on 7 August 1831 at Tennessee. She married John A. Gouldy, son of Andrew Gouldy and Sarah Loughmiller. Amanda Jane (?) died on 26 August 1908 at age 77.


Children of Amanda Jane (?) and John A. Gouldy
Oregon Gouldy+ b. 21 Jan 1852, d. 15 Jul 1883
James C. Gouldy b. c 1854
Mollie Gouldy b. 31 May 1855, d. 16 May 1867
John Gouldy b. c 1857
Alice Gouldy b. 15 Oct 1859, d. 12 Apr 1925
Joseph L. Gouldy b. c 1861
David Miller Gouldy+ b. 7 Apr 1864, d. 12 Dec 1925
Susan Gouldy b. c 1866
Robert Gouldy b. 27 Jul 1869, d. 12 Jan 1921

Amanda M. (?) (F)
b. 1833, d. 1905

     Amanda M. (?) was born in 1833. She married David Dellinger, son of Joseph Dellinger and Susannah Smith. Amanda M. (?) was buried in 1905 at East Baseline Baptist Cemetery, Bloom Twp., Seneca Co., Ohio. She died in 1905.


Amelia (?) (F)
b. circa 1804

     Amelia was born at Ireland circa 1804. She married Benjamin Baxter Jr.. Amelia died at Monroe Co., Indiana. Her body was interred at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana.


Children of Amelia (?) and Benjamin Baxter Jr.
Eliza Baxter b. 16 Dec 1833, d. 13 Feb 1868
Robert Baxter b. c 1836, d. 20 Aug 1862
John Baxter b. c 1840
Rachael Baxter b. c 1842
Mary Baxter b. c 1844
Thomas Baxter b. c 1846

Amelia S. (?) (F)

     Amelia S. (?) married Madison Bruce Jackson, son of Ulysses Jackson and Caroline Wilson. Amelia was listed as Madison Bruce Jackson's wife on the 1920 Census at Denver Co., Colorado. Amelia was listed as Madison Bruce Jackson's wife on the 1920 Census at Hemet, Riverside Co., California.


Countess of Gloucester Amicia (?) (F)

     Countess of Gloucester Amicia (?) married Earl of Hertford Richard de Clare, son of Earl of Hertford Roger de Clare and Maud de St. Hilary, circa 1180.


Children of Countess of Gloucester Amicia (?) and Earl of Hertford Richard de Clare
Richard de Clare
Matilda de Clare
Earl of Gloucester Gilbert de Clare+ b. 1180, d. 1230

Amnesta (?)1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Amnesta (?) was the daughter of Gruffydd (?). Amnesta (?) married David Lloyd, son of David (?) of Llanuwchllyn and Gwenhwyfar (?).


Child of Amnesta (?) and David Lloyd
Robert Lloyd+


  1. [S175] Howard William Lloyd, Lloyd Manscripts by Howard William Lloyd, published in 1896..

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