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Mary Nell Cleveland1,2 (F)

     Mary Nell Cleveland married Eugene Dellinger, son of Barney Bask Dellinger and Nannie B. Hulsey.1,2



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Nancy H. Cleveland (F)

     She married James Dean Ramsey.

Child of Nancy H. Cleveland and James Dean Ramsey
America M. Ramsey+ b. 25 Oct 1827, d. 8 Oct 1866

Bertha Irene Clevenger (F)
b. 23 November 1872, d. 14 May 1959

     Bertha was born on 23 November 1872. She married Andrew Elmer Shigley at Greene Co., Ohio, in September 1895. Bertha died on 14 May 1959 at age 86.


Child of Bertha Irene Clevenger and Andrew Elmer Shigley
Lois Madeline Shigley b. 18 Aug 1896, d. 10 Jan 1949

Margaret Clever (F)
b. 1885, d. 1918

     Margaret Clever was born in 1885. She married Harper Smith, son of Emanuel Spangler Smith and Clara V. Lentz. Margaret Clever died in 1918.


Children of Margaret Clever and Harper Smith
John Smith
Vesta Smith
Raymond Smith
George Smith
Alice Smith
May Smith
Helen Smith

Della F. Click1,2 (F)
b. 1911, d. 1978

     Della was born in 1911. She married Noah Ferdinand Dellinger at Virginia on 6 November 1926. Della died in 1978. Her body was interred in 1978 at Monaghan Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at Filey's Church Cemetery.

Child of Della F. Click and Noah Ferdinand Dellinger
Noah Ferdinand Dellinger Jr. b. 1930, d. 1983


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Alice Clifford (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alice Clifford was the daughter of John (?) and Elizabeth Percy. She married Richard Dalton Sir.


Child of Alice Clifford and Richard Dalton Sir
Alice Dalton+

Rosamund Clifford (F)

     Rosamund Clifford and King of England Henry II Curtmantle FitzEmpress were associated.


Children of Rosamund Clifford and King of England Henry II Curtmantle FitzEmpress
Peter (?)
Archbishop of York Geoffrey Plantagenet b. c 1159, d. 1212
Earl of Salisbury William Longespée+ b. a 1160, d. 1226

Lucinda L. Clift (F)

     Lucinda L. Clift married Joseph Henry Courtney, son of Henry Courtney and Elizabeth Dellinger.


Rebecca Clift1 (F)
d. 1709

     Rebecca Clift married William Rakestraw Jr., son of William Rakestraw and Grace Wyron.1 Rebecca Clift died in 1709.1


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B W. Clifton (M)

     He married Mary G. Gill in April 1840.


Child of B W. Clifton and Mary G. Gill
Elizabeth T. Clifton b. 15 Feb 1841

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