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Mary Cole (F)

     She married Philip Sheridan Chesnut at Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio, on 28 June 1894.


Nancy P. Cole (F)
b. 27 October 1844, d. 8 November 1902

     Nancy was born at Alabama on 27 October 1844. She married William Strong Hayes at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 17 January 1867. Nancy died on 8 November 1902 at Tennessee at age 58. Her body was interred in November 1902 at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, at Prosperity Cemetery.

Children of Nancy P. Cole and William Strong Hayes
Robert Benjamin Hayes+ b. 25 Feb 1868, d. 13 Jan 1935
Mary Gelia Hayes+ b. 21 Jan 1870, d. 16 Jul 1955
Elva E. Hayes+ b. 1872
Walter Melville Hayes+ b. 17 Nov 1875, d. 16 Feb 1943
Magdalene Paralee Hayes+ b. 1877, d. Jul 1918
Maud P. Hayes b. 7 Apr 1881, d. 12 Nov 1904

Nelson Estus Cole Rev. (M)
b. 11 June 1911

     Nelson was born at Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana, on 11 June 1911. He married Alice Helen Hartley at Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana, on 21 September 1940.


Priscilla Pitt Cole (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Priscilla Pitt Cole was the daughter of A. Cole and Josephine Peters. She married (?) Mills before 1851. She married James Blain Chesnut at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, on 23 December 1851.

Children of Priscilla Pitt Cole and James Blain Chesnut
William Nelson Chesnut b. 18 May 1853, d. 27 Jun 1853
Nancy Chesnut b. 2 May 1854, d. 19 Sep 1939
George Mills Chesnut b. Mar 1856, d. 22 Mar 1908
Lucinda Edith Chesnut b. 5 Mar 1858, d. 1 Jul 1872
Asbury Thrimble Chesnut b. 8 Sep 1859, d. 18 Jul 1876
Charles Chesnut+ b. 9 Apr 1861, d. 1932
Philip Sheridan Chesnut b. 3 Sep 1865, d. 23 Apr 1961

Ruth Cole (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ruth Cole was the daughter of John Cole and Mary S. Moffatt.


Rachel Coleere (F)
b. 17 September 1787, d. 26 September 1887

     Rachel was born at South Carolina on 17 September 1787. She married Thomas Chisholm on 9 December 1826. Rachel died on 26 September 1887 at South Carolina at age 100. Her body was interred in September 1887 at Chester Co., South Carolina, at Hopewell ARP Cemetery.


Child of Rachel Coleere and Thomas Chisholm
Elizabeth Chisholm+ b. 20 Jun 1829, d. 6 Apr 1900

Cicero M. Coleman1,2 (M)
b. March 1851

     Cicero was born at North Carolina in March 1851. He married Judy Ann Thompson.

Child of Cicero M. Coleman and Judy Ann Thompson
Lucy Ella Coleman+ b. Jan 1883, d. 1975


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David Andrew Coleman Dr. (M)
b. 11 October 1879, d. 18 December 1918

     David was born on 11 October 1879. He married Elizabeth Clowney at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 15 July 1903. David died on 18 December 1918 at age 39.

Child of David Andrew Coleman Dr. and Elizabeth Clowney
Mary Elizabeth Coleman b. 30 Mar 1904, d. 26 Jun 1907

Eliza Coleman (F)

     She married John F. Arnette.


Child of Eliza Coleman and John F. Arnette
John Coleman Arnette+

Elizabeth Coleman (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth Coleman was the daughter of Thomas Coleman and Elizabeth M. Hoffman.


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