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Mary Elizabeth Coleman (F)
b. 30 March 1904, d. 26 June 1907
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born on 30 March 1904. She was the daughter of David Andrew Coleman Dr. and Elizabeth Clowney. Mary died on 26 June 1907 at age 3.

Robert H. Coleman (M)

     He married Sarah Ellen Chesnut.

Thomas Coleman (M)
b. circa 1869
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas Coleman was born circa 1869 at Warren Co., Virginia. He was the son of John Coleman and Helen Stickley. Thomas Coleman married Elizabeth M. Hoffman, daughter of Isaac Hoffman and Sarah Helen Robinson, on 26 November 1899 at Waterlick, Warren Co., Virginia.


Children of Thomas Coleman and Elizabeth M. Hoffman
Helen Coleman
Elizabeth Coleman
Warren Coleman

Warren Coleman (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Warren Coleman was the son of Thomas Coleman and Elizabeth M. Hoffman.


William Coleman (M)

     William Coleman married Hallie Potter, daughter of John M. Potter II and Molly Stout.

William Coleman (M)

     William Coleman married Lucinda Sturm, daughter of William Sturm and Nancy Riley.


William O. Coleman (M)

     He married Hattie Linduff at Norman, Cleveland Co., Oklahoma, on 7 February 1893.


Mary Winston Coles (F)
b. 14 October 1743, d. October 1807

     Mary Winston Coles was born on 14 October 1743 at Cole's Hill, Hanover Co., Virginia. She married John Payne. Mary Winston Coles died in October 1807 at Clarksburg, Harrison Co., Virginia.


Children of Mary Winston Coles and John Payne
George Payne
Walter Payne b. 15 Nov 1762, d. c 1785
William Temple Payne b. 17 Jun 1766, d. Dec 1794
Isaac Payne b. b 1768
Dorothea Dandridge "Dolly" Payne+ b. 20 May 1768, d. 12 Jul 1849
Lucy Payne b. Nov 1769
Anna Payne b. 1779
Mary Coles Payne+ b. 1781, d. 13 Feb 1808
John Coles Payne b. 1782
Philadelphia Payne b. 1787

Beatrix Colescott (F)
b. 9 February 1883, d. 8 August 1971
Pop-up Pedigree

     Beatrix was born at Howard Co., Indiana, on 9 February 1883. She was the daughter of Wesley Colescott and Rebecca Crabtree. She married Pearl B. Miller on 18 December 1909. Beatrix died on 8 August 1971 at West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, at age 88.


Wesley Colescott (M)
b. 20 February 1848, d. 31 March 1905

     Wesley was born at Caroline Co., Maryland, on 20 February 1848. He married Rebecca Crabtree on 20 February 1880. Wesley died on 31 March 1905 at Howard Co., Indiana, at age 57.

Child of Wesley Colescott and Rebecca Crabtree
Beatrix Colescott b. 9 Feb 1883, d. 8 Aug 1971

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