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Anne Conover (F)

     Anne Conover married Robert Milton Hankins, son of John R. Hankins and Elizabeth Jane Elliott.


Hannah Conoway (F)

     Hannah Conoway married Adam Billhymer.


Child of Hannah Conoway and Adam Billhymer
Leota Ota Billhymer+ b. 1886

Anna Gutha Conrad1 (F)
b. 24 August 1704
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna was born on 24 August 1704. She was the daughter of Johann Jacob Conrad and Anna Margretha (?). She married Johann Adam Nicodemus at Medenbach, Germany, on 25 October 1727.


Children of Anna Gutha Conrad and Johann Adam Nicodemus
Johann Heinrich Nicodemus+ b. 1 Feb 1729, d. 7 Sep 1801
Valentin Erasmus Nicodemus+ b. 22 Mar 1732, d. 18 Jun 1812
Johann Frederick Nicodemus+ b. 24 Feb 1735, d. 26 Oct 1816
Johann Conrad Nicodemus+ b. 26 Oct 1737, d. 1805
Johann Adam Nicodemus b. 1739, d. 1739


  1. [S25] Nicodemus in America, Ivan J. Nicodemus.

Daniel Conrad (M)
b. circa 1778, d. 29 August 1846
Pop-up Pedigree

     Daniel Conrad was born circa 1778. He was the son of Rudolph Conrad and Gartrout Shuford. Daniel Conrad married Hannah Martin on 4 February 1837. Daniel Conrad died on 29 August 1846.

Elvina Agnes Conrad1 (F)
b. 11 December 1878, d. 1 September 1959

     Elvina was born at Harford Co., Maryland, on 11 December 1878. She married Millard Poff at Harford Co., Maryland, in 1898. Elvina died on 1 September 1959 at age 80. Her body was interred on 5 September 1959 at Wrightsville, York Co., Pennsylvania, at Fairview Cemetery.

Child of Elvina Agnes Conrad and Millard Poff
Verna Poff b. 1899


  1. [S22] Poff Family Group Record,

Johann Jacob Conrad1 (M)

     Johann Jacob Conrad married Anna Margretha (?).


Child of Johann Jacob Conrad and Anna Margretha (?)
Anna Gutha Conrad+ b. 24 Aug 1704


  1. [S25] Nicodemus in America, Ivan J. Nicodemus.

Mary Clare Conrad (F)
b. 1724, d. after 1790

     Mary Clare Conrad was born in 1724. She married John Shuford Sr. in 1743 at Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. Mary Clare Conrad died after 1790.

Children of Mary Clare Conrad and John Shuford Sr.
Sarah Shuford d. 8 Apr 1786
John Martin Shuford+ b. 1744, d. 22 Jun 1780
Gartrout Shuford+ b. c 1746, d. 8 Oct 1779
Anna Maria Shuford+ b. 30 Mar 1748, d. b 1788
John Shuford Jr.+ d. 1782
Catreena Shuford+ b. c 1752, d. 1797
George Shuford+ b. 5 Aug 1754, d. 10 Feb 1825
Philip Shuford b. c 1757, d. 28 Apr 1768
Daniel Shuford+ b. 1759, d. 3 Jun 1834
David Shuford+ b. 18 May 1761, d. 28 Aug 1828
Jacob Shuford+ b. c 1765, d. 1828
Mary Magdalene Shuford+ b. 6 Dec 1767, d. 18 Dec 1842

Rudolph Conrad (M)
b. between 1740 and 1745, d. between 1802 and 1803

     Rudolph Conrad was born between 1740 and 1745. He married Gartrout Shuford, daughter of John Shuford Sr. and Mary Clare Conrad, circa 1763. Rudolph Conrad began military service. He married Anna Maria Shell circa 1781. Rudolph Conrad married Christiana Stockinger. Rudolph Conrad died between 1802 and 1803.


Child of Rudolph Conrad and Gartrout Shuford
Daniel Conrad b. c 1778, d. 29 Aug 1846

Lelia Conrey (F)

     She married Ralph Turnbull on 30 August 1927.


Sarah Jane Conrey (F)
b. 6 December 1856, d. 22 February 1916

     Sarah Jane Conrey was born on 6 December 1856. She married Isaac Van Buren Prugh, son of George Washington Prugh and Catherine Roderick, on 15 April 1875 at Williamsville, Illinois. Sarah Jane Conrey died on 22 February 1916 at age 59.


Children of Sarah Jane Conrey and Isaac Van Buren Prugh
Parley Edward Prugh b. 1876, d. Jan 1962
William Isaac Prugh+ b. 26 May 1877, d. 1 Apr 1941
Luella Prugh b. 1879
Julia J. Prugh b. Dec 1880
George A. Prugh+ b. 1883
John L. Prugh b. May 1885
Isabelle Ruth Prugh b. 3 Jul 1893, d. May 1979

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