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Orva Leibert Cook (M)

     He married Anna Sweetland.

Pauline Cook1 (F)
b. circa 1878

     Pauline Cook married Oscar Oliver Eugene Rhyne, son of James Alexander Rhyne and Mary Elizabeth Hardy.1 Pauline Cook was born circa 1878.1



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Pembroke Somerset Cook (M)
b. 1840, d. 1904

     Lived in Frederick, Maryland. Pembroke Somerset Cook was born in 1840. He married Catherine Bowman. Pembroke Somerset Cook died in 1904.


Ruff Cook1,2 (M)

     He married Nettie Boyd.


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Salome B. Cook (F)
b. 28 July 1804, d. 1 March 1892

     Salome was born at Belchertown, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, on 28 July 1804. She married Silas Gilbert Pierson on 2 November 1830. Salome died on 1 March 1892 at age 87.

Children of Salome B. Cook and Silas Gilbert Pierson
John Pierson
Harriet Newell Pierson
Frances Moffat Pierson b. 29 Mar 1833, d. 21 Oct 1833
William H. Pierson b. 20 Jan 1841, d. 3 Dec 1842

Thelma Cook1 (F)
d. 6 July 1985

     She married Julius Theodore Lingerfelt Sr.. Thelma died on 6 July 1985 at Catawba Co., North Carolina.

Children of Thelma Cook and Julius Theodore Lingerfelt Sr.
Julius Theodore Lingerfelt Jr. b. 3 Feb 1928, d. 10 Mar 1928
Billy Anderson Lingerfelt+ b. 6 Feb 1934


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Thomas Cook (M)
b. 1776

     Thomas was born at Frederick Co., Maryland, in 1776. He married Elizabeth Baile at Frederick Co., Maryland, in 1801.


William A. Cook (M)
d. 1971

     He married Mabel M. Thomas in 1924. William died in 1971.

Virginia Anne Cooksey (F)
b. 1823

     Virginia Anne Cooksey was born in 1823. She married Nicholas Porter Earp at Hartford, Ohio Co., Kentucky, on 30 July 1840.

Children of Virginia Anne Cooksey and Nicholas Porter Earp
James Cooksey Earp b. 28 Jun 1841, d. 25 Jan 1926
Virgil Walter Earp+ b. 18 Jul 1843, d. 20 Oct 1905
Martha Elizabeth Earp b. 1845
Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp b. 19 Mar 1848, d. 13 Jan 1929
Morgan Samuel Earp b. 22 Apr 1851, d. 19 Mar 1882
Warren Baxter Earp b. 9 Mar 1855, d. 8 Jul 1900
Virginia Anne Earp b. 28 Feb 1858, d. 26 Oct 1861
Adelia Douglas Earp+ b. 16 Jun 1861, d. 16 Jan 1941

Caroline Cookson (F)

     She married John Smith.

Child of Caroline Cookson and John Smith
Mary Smith+ b. 9 Feb 1849, d. 13 Sep 1918

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