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Henry Cooper (M)


Child of Henry Cooper
Nancy T. Cooper+

Howard Milton Cooper (M)
b. 27 June 1903, d. 31 October 1973

     Howard Milton Cooper was born on 27 June 1903 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. He died on 31 October 1973 at Bettendorf, Iowa, at age 70.


James S. Cooper (M)
b. 19 October 1862, d. 24 December 1936

     James S. Cooper was born on 19 October 1862 at Dickinson Twp., Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. He married Anna Mary Hollinger, daughter of Rev. Jacob Hollinger and Mary Ann Schaeffer, circa 1883. James S. Cooper died on 24 December 1936 at Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania, at age 74.


Children of James S. Cooper and Anna Mary Hollinger
Earl Lewis Cooper+ b. 27 Sep 1884, d. 13 Jan 1970
Sara K. Cooper b. 1898, d. 1976
Florence Cooper+ b. 1903

Kathryn Margaret Cooper (F)
b. 14 December 1904

     Kathryn Margaret Cooper was born on 14 December 1904. She married Paul William Parsons, son of Jesse W. Parsons and Josie M. Mohler, on 12 August 1923.


Lizzie Cooper (F)

     Lizzie Cooper married James Madison Craig, son of Robert G. Craig and Mary Erwin Scott, at Wilcox Co., Alabama.


Mary Jones Cooper (F)
b. 17 June 1840, d. 20 November 1874

     Mary Jones Cooper was born on 17 June 1840. She married Thomas Jefferson Craig, son of Robert G. Craig and Mary Erwin Scott, on 17 January 1861 at Dallas Co., Alabama. Mary Jones Cooper died on 20 November 1874 at age 34.


Nancy T. Cooper (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nancy T. Cooper was the daughter of Henry Cooper. Nancy T. Cooper married Samuel Kirkpatrick Gaston, son of Hugh Gaston Jr. and Mary Kirkpatrick.


Child of Nancy T. Cooper and Samuel Kirkpatrick Gaston
Henrietta Gaston

Rosanna Cooper (F)
b. 23 March 1742, d. 14 January 1817
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rosanna Cooper was born on 23 March 1742. She was the daughter of Daniel Cooper and Grace Runyon. Rosanna Cooper married Robert Gaston, son of Joseph Gaston and Margaret (?), on 15 May 1762. Rosanna Cooper died on 14 January 1817 at age 74.


Children of Rosanna Cooper and Robert Gaston
Grace Gaston+ b. 25 Nov 1764, d. 14 Mar 1838
Joseph Gaston+ b. 19 Nov 1766, d. 18 Apr 1834
Margaret Gaston+ b. 17 Dec 1768, d. 10 Sep 1807

Sara K. Cooper (F)
b. 1898, d. 1976
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sara K. Cooper was born in 1898. She was the daughter of James S. Cooper and Anna Mary Hollinger. Sara K. Cooper died in 1976.


Sarah Elizabeth Cooper1 (F)
b. 19 April 1881, d. 15 November 1958

     Sarah was born at Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, on 19 April 1881. She married James Garfield Leibhart at Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, on 15 October 1902. Sarah died on 15 November 1958 at Broken Bow, Custer Co., Nebraska, at age 77.


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