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My Family Tree - Person Page 1217

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 1217

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Floyd Couch (M)

     Floyd Couch married Beda Wiggans, daughter of Joseph Phillip Wiggans and Mary Lou Ausbourne.


James Couch (M)

     He married Elizabeth Powers.


Children of James Couch and Elizabeth Powers
Elizabeth Barber Couch+ b. 21 Apr 1803, d. 29 Jan 1881
Polly Couch+ b. 12 Jun 1818, d. 1 Nov 1875

Jane Couch (F)
b. 1848, d. 14 July 1887

     Jane Couch was born in 1848. She married John Franklin Gohn, son of William Gohn and Susan Stiver. Jane Couch died on 14 July 1887 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was buried in July 1887 at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Ontario, Canado.


Children of Jane Couch and John Franklin Gohn
Frances Ada Gohn b. 1878, d. 20 Aug 1965
George Arthur Gohn b. 1879, d. 19 Feb 1955
Lillian May Gohn b. 1881, d. 19 Oct 1942
Edwin Gohn b. 1887, d. 1 Apr 1887

Polly Couch (F)
b. 12 June 1818, d. 1 November 1875
Pop-up Pedigree

     Polly was born at Illinois on 12 June 1818. She was the daughter of James Couch and Elizabeth Powers. She married Newton A. Gaston at Randolph Co., Illinois, on 19 September 1837. Polly Couch was census 1850 - free in 1850 at Perry Co., Illinois; 1850 Illinois, Perry Co. lists the following family:

Polly Gaston, age 30, born in Illinois;
Mary Gaston, age 11, born in Illinois;
Betsy Gaston, age 8, born in Illinois;
Wm. A. Gaston, age 5, born in Illinois. She married Alexander Huey at Perry Co., Illinois, on 27 March 1851. Polly died on 1 November 1875 at age 57.


Children of Polly Couch and Newton A. Gaston
James C. Gaston b. 10 Oct 1838
Mary Jane Gaston+ b. 6 Nov 1839
Elizabeth McBride Gaston+ b. 4 Jan 1842, d. 8 Nov 1875
Millinton Couch Gaston b. 6 Feb 1844
William Alexander Gaston b. 4 May 1846, d. 1852

Child of Polly Couch and Alexander Huey
John Newton Huey b. 17 Mar 1852

Jean Louis Couchaud (M)
b. 3 April 1902

     Jean Louis Couchaud was born on 3 April 1902. He married Virginia Mae Ryman, daughter of John Ryman and Rosanna Miller, on 12 August 1936.


Crawford Cougler (M)

     He married Margaret Heacock.


Child of Crawford Cougler and Margaret Heacock
Sarah Cougler

Sarah Cougler (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Cougler was the daughter of Crawford Cougler and Margaret Heacock.


Sylvia Coulsin (F)
d. 16 October 1976

     Sylvia Coulsin married Harper Smith, son of Emanuel Spangler Smith and Clara V. Lentz. Sylvia Coulsin died on 16 October 1976.


Children of Sylvia Coulsin and Harper Smith
Margaret Smith
Ralph E. Smith
Mary Ann Smith
Arlene Smith
Leroy Smith
Robert Smith
Erma Smith
Marvine Smith
Bertha K. Smith

Carla Coulson1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Carla Coulson was the daughter of Robert Coulson and Greta Willis.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Grace Naomi Coulson (F)
b. 9 December 1886, d. 1987

     Grace Naomi Coulson was born on 9 December 1886 at Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. She married Samuel Schroll, son of Samuel Schroll and Mary Ellen Abel, on 23 October 1904 at Manchester, York Co., Pennsylvania. Grace Naomi Coulson died in 1987.


Children of Grace Naomi Coulson and Samuel Schroll
Mervin L. Schroll b. 13 Mar 1905, d. 26 Sep 1988
Samuel Lawrence Schroll b. 18 Feb 1908
Elwood Schroll+ b. 23 Oct 1911, d. Dec 1998

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