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John G. Cox1 (M)

     He married Emma E. Dellinger on 5 June 1910.



  1. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

Joshua Cox (M)
d. before 1896

     Joshua Cox is the lineal descendant of Sir Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely, who died in 1581, and of Gustavus Hamilton, a member of the Privy Council of James II, and distinguished himself at the battle of Boyne. Gustavus Hamilton was descended from Sir Frederick, youngest son of Claude I., Lord Paisley, ancestor of the Duke of Abercorn. He married Charlotte Barnitz in 1819. Joshua died before 1896.


Child of Joshua Cox and Charlotte Barnitz
Charlotte Ellen Hamilton Cox+

Layra Ann Cox (F)

     She married Luther Scott Kitchen. Previously married to a man named Foster.


Mary Cox (F)

     She married Joseph Handy.


Children of Mary Cox and Joseph Handy
Minerva Handy
Charlotte Handy
Ann Handy
Danley Handy
Theodore Handy Sr.+ b. 1827, d. 7 Sep 1854

Mary Bowes Cox (F)
b. 22 March 1775, d. 13 March 1864
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was a neighbor and friend of Nelly Custis, a daughter of Martha Washington.

As a girl of fourteen, Mary Cox was one who strew flowers before General Washington at the reception given him by the people of New Jersey at Trenton Bridge, just before he was made President, 29 April 1789.

She was appointed vice regent for South Carolina of the Mount Vernon Association in April 1860. Mary was born at Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, on 22 March 1775. She was the daughter of Colonel John Cox and Ester Bowes. She married James Chesnut at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, on 20 September 1796. James and Mary met while James was a student at Princeton.

On their bridal journey from Philadelphia to Camden they drove a cream colored coach with four horses and out riders.. Mary died on 13 March 1864 at Bloomsbury, Camden, Kershaw Co., South Carolina, at age 88. Her body was interred in March 1864 at Camden, Kershaw Co., South Carolina, at Knight's Hill Cemetery.


Children of Mary Bowes Cox and James Chesnut
Esther Serena Chesnut+ b. 29 Sep 1797, d. 27 Oct 1822
John Chesnut+ b. 23 Dec 1799, d. 19 Dec 1839
Mary Chesnut b. 8 Apr 1801, d. 23 Jul 1801
Mary Cox Chesnut+ b. 29 Aug 1802, d. 10 Feb 1899
Sarah Chesnut b. 1 Aug 1803, d. 13 Sep 1803
(?) Chesnut b. 1 Aug 1803, d. c Sep 1803
Sarah Chesnut b. 13 Mar 1805, d. 13 Sep 1805
Sarah Chesnut b. 23 May 1807, d. 8 Aug 1808
Harriet Serena Chesnut+ b. 7 Jan 1809, d. 2 Dec 1835
Elizabeth Chesnut b. 3 Apr 1810, d. 30 Jun 1810
Sarah "Sally" Chesnut b. 29 Jul 1813, d. 9 May 1889
Emma Chesnut b. 11 Aug 1813, d. 9 Apr 1847
James Chesnut Jr. b. 18 Jan 1815, d. 4 Feb 1885
Flora McRae Chesnut b. 19 Dec 1819, d. 19 Apr 1820

Mary Catherine Cox (F)

     Mary Catherine Cox married Elisha Little Snodgrass.


Child of Mary Catherine Cox and Elisha Little Snodgrass
Susan Josephine Snodgrass+ b. 7 Jan 1852, d. 24 Sep 1937

Mercy Cox (F)

     Mercy Cox married William Ellis, son of Benjamin Ellis and Ann Swaffer.


Children of Mercy Cox and William Ellis
William Cox Ellis b. 5 May 1787, d. 13 Dec 1871
Anna Ellis b. 7 May 1791, d. 26 Jan 1858

Nancy Cox (F)

     She married Jehu P. Weaver at Gallatin, Daviess Co., Missouri, in 1873.


Children of Nancy Cox and Jehu P. Weaver
Oliver F. Weaver
Ernest L. Weaver
Sabina Weaver
Evaline Weaver

Norman Cox (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Norman Cox was the son of S. B. Cox and Lois Mai Moore.


Percy Cox1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Percy Cox was the son of Binkley Cox and Mary Moffatt.



  1. [S12] The Moffatt Family, James S. Moffatt.

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