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Minnie B. Crawford (F)
b. 30 November 1869, d. 16 September 1913

     Her body was interred at Lincoln Co., Tennessee. BURIED: Prosperity Cemetery. Minnie was born on 30 November 1869. She married Frances M. "Frank" Allen at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 8 July 1896. Minnie died on 16 September 1913 at age 43.

Children of Minnie B. Crawford and Frances M. "Frank" Allen
George E. Allen b. 17 Oct 1897, d. 20 Apr 1900
Francis G. Allen b. 10 Aug 1899, d. 6 May 1900
Mary B. Allen b. 17 Jun 1901, d. 18 Jul 1922
Buford Allen b. 1904
Allene C. Allen b. 31 Jul 1908, d. 16 Apr 1911

Rachel Isabel Crawford (F)
b. 24 January 1860, d. 8 February 1939
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rachel was born on 24 January 1860. She was the daughter of James Crawford and Jane Wilson. She married William Alexander Grier on 8 November 1877. Rachel died on 8 February 1939 at age 79. Her body was interred in February 1939 at Steele Creek, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, at Steele Creek Cemetery.


Children of Rachel Isabel Crawford and William Alexander Grier
James Pringle Grier b. 25 Oct 1878, d. 7 Oct 1959
James Wilson Grier Rev.+ b. 22 Jul 1881
Thomas Franklin Grier Rev.+ b. 27 Oct 1885
Willis Boyce Grier b. 28 Sep 1887, d. 9 Apr 1888
Robert Ralph Grier+ b. 7 Sep 1889
William Crawford Grier b. 30 Aug 1892

Richard Crawford (M)
b. 1863
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     Richard was born at Louisiana in 1863. He was the son of (?) Crawford and Nannie Isabelle Cathcart.

Robert W. Crawford (M)
b. 31 May 1861, d. 29 October 1881
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     CENSUS: Listed with his widowed mother in the 1880 South Carolina census, age 18. DIED: At Davidson College. BURIED: Cedar Shoals Cemetery. His body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. Robert was born at South Carolina on 31 May 1861. He was the son of Robert W. Crawford Lt. and Sarah J. Ingram. Robert died on 29 October 1881 at North Carolina at age 20.

Robert W. Crawford Lt. (M)
b. 2 December 1838, d. 7 November 1862
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     Served in Co. D, 1st Regiment and died during the Civil War. Robert was born at South Carolina on 2 December 1838. He was the son of Charles Pinkney Crawford and Jane Gaston. He married Sarah J. Ingram in 1858. Robert died on 7 November 1862 at Staunton, Augusta Co., Virginia, at age 23.

Children of Robert W. Crawford Lt. and Sarah J. Ingram
Mamie Crawford b. c 1860
Robert W. Crawford b. 31 May 1861, d. 29 Oct 1881

Robert William Crawford (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert William Crawford was the son of Robert Williams Crawford and Mary Elizabeth Spengler.


Robert Williams Crawford (M)

     Lived in Strasburg, Virginia. He was by profession a Civil Engineer. Was in the Confederat Army for 4 years of the war, in General J.E.B. Stewart's command. He was a 2nd Lieut. of Co. A, 1st Virginia Cavalry. He served during the war from April 1861 to April 1865 and at the battle of Bull Run had his horse shot out from under him. He was a descendant of Dr. David Jamison, who commanded the Third Battalion of York Co., Pennsylvania, Militia during the American Revolutionary War. He married Mary Elizabeth Spengler on 2 November 1870.


Children of Robert Williams Crawford and Mary Elizabeth Spengler
Anna Searles Crawford
Mary Roberts Crawford
Robert William Crawford

Sallie Crawford1 (F)
b. circa 1863
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sallie was born circa 1863. She was the daughter of John W. Crawford and Emily Layman.


  1. [S50] Don & Jeanine Hartman, FamilyHart Web Page.

Velma Crawford (F)
d. 29 October 1991

     Velma Crawford married Jesse Brian Nicodemus, son of George McClellen Nicodemus and Clara Belle Richards. Velma Crawford died on 29 October 1991.


Children of Velma Crawford and Jesse Brian Nicodemus
Gail W. Nicodemus+ b. 24 Dec 1927, d. 27 Jul 1973
Marcella Elaine Nicodemus+ b. 29 Sep 1930, d. 21 Mar 1993
Jay Edward Nicodemus b. 17 Aug 1933, d. 17 Aug 1940

Violet Ann Crawford (F)
b. 30 January 1849, d. 9 October 1925

     BURIED: Old Cemetery. Violet was born at Deerfield Twp., Morgan Co., Ohio, on 30 January 1849. She married Isaac Wesley Brian at Ohio on 30 January 1868. Violet died on 9 October 1925 at Ethridge, Lawrence Co., Tennessee, at age 76. Her body was interred on 11 October 1925 at Ethridge, Lawrence Co., Tennessee.

Children of Violet Ann Crawford and Isaac Wesley Brian
Willmont Leanides Brian b. 9 Apr 1869, d. 1960
Eden Selvey Brian b. 4 Oct 1870
Daisy Alma Brian b. 29 Aug 1872
Charlotte Brian b. 18 Jun 1878, d. 26 Oct 1879
Isaac Mitchell Brian+ b. 19 Feb 1880, d. 9 Jul 1958
Hamor Gilbert Brian b. 17 Apr 1882
Reuben Arthur Brian b. 10 Dec 1884, d. 11 Feb 1977
Zelda Brian b. 1887, d. 1895
Dora Ann Brian b. 13 Apr 1888, d. 18 Jun 1934
Bertie Ethel Brian b. Apr 1893, d. 11 Mar 1894

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