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Malakiah Cummings (M)

     Malakiah Cummings married Susan McBride.


Child of Malakiah Cummings and Susan McBride
Joseph Cummings+ b. 23 Dec 1817, d. 1 Dec 1895

Mary L. Cummings (F)

     Mary L. Cummings married John Waltman, son of B. Franklin Waltman and Susanna Rineer.


Mary Wakona Cummings (F)
b. 14 May 1866
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Wakona Cummings was born on 14 May 1866. She was the daughter of Charles Cummings and Mary Wakona Spelman. Mary Wakona Cummings married Edwin Clement Ray on 15 April 1884.


Child of Mary Wakona Cummings and Edwin Clement Ray
Clement Ray+

Nellie Cummings (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nellie Cummings was the daughter of George McClellan Cummings and Nora Iris Hunter.


Sylvester Cummings (M)

     He married Ruby Vivian Mitchell at Bryantsville, Lawrence Co., Indiana.


Elizabeth Cummins (F)
b. 8 January 1719/20, d. 1825

     Elizabeth Cummins was born on 8 January 1719/20 at London, England. She married John Jackson on 4 July 1755 at Cecil Co., Maryland. Elizabeth Cummins died in 1825 at Clarksburg, Harrison Co., West Virginia. She was buried in 1825 at Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, Cecil Co., Maryland.


Children of Elizabeth Cummins and John Jackson
George Jackson+ b. 9 Jan 1757, d. 17 May 1831
Colonel Edward Jackson+ b. 1 Mar 1759, d. 25 Dec 1828
John Jackson Jr. b. 1760, d. May 1821
Mary Elizabeth Jackson+ b. c 1762, d. c 1862
Sophia Jackson+ b. 11 Sep 1763, d. 10 Mar 1836
Mary Sarah Jackson b. 1768, d. c 1791
Samuel Jackson+ b. 10 Dec 1772, d. 1842
Henry Jackson+ b. 10 Jul 1774, d. 24 Feb 1852

Merry Dennis Cummins (M)

     He married Dortha Fox.


Robert Cummins (M)

     Robert Cummins married Alta A. Nicodemus, daughter of George McClellen Nicodemus and Clara Belle Richards.


Denny Cumpston (M)

     Denny Cumpston married Myrtle Olive Spencer, daughter of James Whitney Spencer and Melinda Jane Franklin, on 4 July 1899.


(?) Cunningham (M)

     He married an unknown person .


Children of (?) Cunningham
Rebecca Cunningham+
Sallie Cunningham+

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