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Harry Allen Cunningham (M)

     He married Anna May Strong.


James Cunningham (M)

     James Cunningham married Emma Wampler.


Child of James Cunningham and Emma Wampler
Anna Forest Cunningham+

Jane Cunningham (F)
b. 19 February 1784, d. 20 May 1863
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married John Steele Rev.. Her body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Hopewell Cemetery. Jane was born at Augusta Co., Virginia, on 19 February 1784. She was the daughter of Walter Cunningham Captain and Jane Steele. Jane died on 20 May 1863 at South Carolina at age 79.

Child of Jane Cunningham and John Steele Rev.
Anna Maria Steele+ b. 21 May 1829, d. 9 Jul 1901

Jane S. Cunningham (F)

     She married James S. McMillan.


Child of Jane S. Cunningham and James S. McMillan
Archibald James McMillan+ b. 11 Mar 1835, d. 27 Jan 1916

Jerry Cunningham (M)

     Jerry Cunningham married Trudy (?). Jerry Cunningham lived in January 1999 at Frankton, Madison Co., Indiana.


John Cunningham (M)

     He married Elizabeth Spangler on 17 May 1832.

Children of John Cunningham and Elizabeth Spangler
William Cunningham
George Cunningham
Eli Cunningham
Susan Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham
David Cunningham b. 12 Oct 1839

John Cunningham (M)

     John Cunningham married Mary Eleanor Jackson, daughter of James Madison Jackson and Emma Eleanor Law.


John R. Cunningham (M)
b. circa 1816

     John R. Cunningham was born circa 1816 at Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Caroline Stevenson on 18 December 1850. He resided at Illinois in 1854.


Lillian Cunningham (F)
b. 1899
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lillian was born in 1899. She was the daughter of Thomas Cunningham and Janie Moffatt. She married Paul Kirby Moffatt in 1931.


Malinda Jane Cunningham (F)

     She married Adolphus Adair Brown at Conant, Perry Co., Illinois, on 13 December 1877.

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