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Margaret Cunningham (F)
b. circa 1815

     Margaret was born at Indiana circa 1815. She married Robert Rainey. Margaret was listed as a household member living with Robert Rainey on the 1850 Census at Marion Co., Illinois. Margaret was listed as a household member living with Robert Rainey in the 1860 Census at Marion Co., Illinois.

Children of Margaret Cunningham and Robert Rainey
John Kell Rainey+ b. c 1835, d. 9 Nov 1903
Matthew Rainey b. c 1837
George W. Rainey b. c 1849
Harvey Rainey b. c 1856
James B. Rainey b. 21 Jan 1859, d. 2 May 1866

Martha Cunningham (F)

     She married John Brown.


Child of Martha Cunningham and John Brown
Robert J. Brown+ b. 29 Mar 1836, d. 24 Jul 1913

Matthew Cunningham (M)
b. 12 August 1793, d. 28 May 1877

     His body was interred at Salem, Marion Co., Illinois. CENSUS: 1850 Illinois, Marion Co. lists the following family: Matthew Cunningham, age 57, born in South Carolina; Mary Cunningham, age 58, born in North Carolina; Robert Cunningham, age 17, born in Illinois; Sarah Cunningham, age 15, born in Illinois. BURIED: Walnut Hill Cemetery. He married Mary (?). Matthew was born at South Carolina on 12 August 1793. He married Sarah McClure Gaston. Matthew died on 28 May 1877 at age 83.

Children of Matthew Cunningham and Sarah McClure Gaston
Robert Black Cunningham+ b. 12 Sep 1832
Sarah Cunningham b. c 1834

Maude Cunningham1 (F)

     She married John Layman.


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Miriam Cunningham (F)
b. circa 1816

     Miriam Cunningham was born circa 1816. She married Daniel Poff, son of Johan George Pfaff and Catharina Dellinger.


Noble Cunningham1 (M)

     Noble Cunningham married Louise Ernestine Henrietta Funk.1



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Prudence I. Cunningham1 (F)
b. 1899, d. 1959

     Prudence was born in 1899. She married Jacob W. Billet. Prudence died in 1959. Her body was interred in 1959 at Springettsbury Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at Mt. Zion Cemetery.


Child of Prudence I. Cunningham and Jacob W. Billet
Paul J. Billet b. 15 Mar 1923


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Ray Cunningham (F)

     She married Isaac "Ike" Stipp.


Rebecca Cunningham (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca Cunningham was the daughter of (?) Cunningham. She married William C. Stipp.


Children of Rebecca Cunningham and William C. Stipp
Rebecca Stipp
Sallie Stipp
Henry Stipp
Ray Stipp

Robert Black Cunningham (M)
b. 12 September 1832
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert Black Cunningham married Mary A. McDonald. Robert was born at Marion Co., Illinois, on 12 September 1832. He was the son of Matthew Cunningham and Sarah McClure Gaston.


Child of Robert Black Cunningham and Mary A. McDonald
Robert Reed Cunningham+

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