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(?) Curey (M)

     He married Alice Miller.


Elizabeth Curl (F)

     Elizabeth Curl married Alexander West.

Child of Elizabeth Curl and Alexander West
Samuel West+ b. 1815

Frances Curl (F)

     Frances Curl married Jacob E. Simon, son of George Simon and Cecelia Reger, in 1873 at Adair Co., Missouri. Frances was listed as Jacob E. Simon's wife on the 1880 Census at Jacson, Sullivan Co., Missouri.


Children of Frances Curl and Jacob E. Simon
Nancy "Nannie" Belle Simon b. 4 Nov 1874, d. Dec 1971
Edward Michael Simon+ b. 9 Sep 1875, d. 7 Mar 1939
Stella G. Simon b. 7 Jun 1877, d. 18 Sep 1879
Grace Mae Simon b. 18 Dec 1878, d. 5 Aug 1973
Harry Albert "Dick" Simon b. 25 Jul 1882, d. Nov 1980
Susan E. Simon b. 7 Jun 1884, d. 10 Apr 1888
Eva Lena "Lavena" Simon b. 1 Feb 1886, d. 10 Jan 1887
Mary Acelia Simon+ b. 12 Jun 1888, d. 2 Jan 1929
John Reger Simon b. 4 Oct 1890, d. 14 Sep 1983

Bryant H. Curlee (M)
b. 1881
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bryant H. Curlee was born in 1881. He was the son of Laura J. Houck.

Charlotte May Curlee (F)
b. 26 December 1885
Pop-up Pedigree

     Charlotte May Curlee was born on 26 December 1885. She was the daughter of Laura J. Houck.

Rachael Elizabeth Current (F)
b. 8 December 1865

     Rachael Elizabeth Current was born on 8 December 1865 at Vermilion Co., Illinois. She married Isaac Newport Bowman, son of William Bowman and Mary Elizabeth Wiggins, on 9 December 1883 at Vermilion Co., Illinois.


Children of Rachael Elizabeth Current and Isaac Newport Bowman
Mary J. Bowman
Harry M. Bowman
Ruth M. Bowman
William I. Bowman+ b. 17 Feb 1889, d. May 1971
George Newport Bowman b. 2 Nov 1902, d. 6 Apr 1984

Morris "Cotton" Duvall Currie (M)


William B. Currie (M)

     William B. Currie married Ruth Keever, daughter of George Leroy Keever and Lochie Ella Byrd, on 19 May 1936.


(?) Curry (M)
b. 1 July 1877, d. 10 April 1878
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) was born on 1 July 1877. He was the son of Samuel Clabaugh Curry and Martha B. Hemphill. (?) died on 10 April 1878 at age 0. His body was interred in April 1878 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana, at Rose Hill Cemetery.


(?) Curry (M)
b. after 1778
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Curry was born after 1778. He was the son of Stafford Curry and Mary (?).


Child of (?) Curry
William Curry+ b. 16 Jan 1815, d. 10 Dec 1870

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