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Richard Dalton Sir (M)

     He married Alice Clifford.


Child of Richard Dalton Sir and Alice Clifford
Alice Dalton+

(?) Daly (M)

     He married Eliza Spangler.


Howel Van Daly1,2 (M)
b. 2 August 1909, d. 3 July 1962

     Howel Van Daly was born on 2 August 1909.1,2 He married Mary Elizabeth Dellinger, daughter of Charles Sidney Dellinger and Pearl Bruffet.1,2 Howel Van Daly died on 3 July 1962 at age 52.1,2



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Walter Daly (M)

     Walter Daly married Nellie Stipp, daughter of Joseph M. Stipp and Mary (?) 1867, in 1929.


William Frances Daly (M)
b. 30 May 1912, d. 8 February 1961
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Frances Daly was born on 30 May 1912. He was the son of Ida Mae Powell. William Frances Daly died on 8 February 1961 at age 48.

Elizabeth Dambach (F)

     Elizabeth Dambach married George Hartley, son of Jacob Hartley and Catherine Becher, on 9 November 1837; George and Elizabeth were married by the Rev. J.J. Strine.


Hallie Damery (F)
b. 11 February 1929, d. 9 December 1986

     Her body was interred at Chenoa, McLean Co., Illinois. Hallie was born on 11 February 1929. She married Willis Warnick Moffett on 9 July 1947. Hallie died on 9 December 1986 at age 57.

Child of Hallie Damery and Willis Warnick Moffett
Iris Louise Moffett b. 18 Nov 1948, d. 18 Nov 1948

Melvina Damon (F)
b. circa 1830, d. 27 May 1858

     Melvina Damon was born circa 1830. She married George Parker. Melvina Damon died on 27 May 1858.

Children of Melvina Damon and George Parker
William Parker
Sarah Parker b. c 1848
Margaret Parker+ b. 12 Apr 1855, d. 11 Dec 1922

Roger Damory Baron of d'Amory (M)
d. 1322

     He married Elizabeth de Clare in 1317. Roger died in 1322.

Florence Violet Damuth1,2 (F)

     She married Reuben David Desenberg.


Child of Florence Violet Damuth and Reuben David Desenberg
Kathryn Ellen Desenberg+ b. 1 Mar 1903, d. 13 Nov 1981


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